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Replacement Erasers Blackwing

Blackwings have always been known for their iconic, replaceable, square erasers. To replace your eraser, slide the eraser and clip out of the ferrule, remove the clip from the old eraser, place the new eraser into the clip, and insert the new eraser and clip into the ferrule.

Eraser Pencils Faber-Castell

Ideal for fine-point erasing of black-lead, color pencils and charcoal.

Kneaded Erasers Faber-Castell

These kneaded erasers work great for lightening and correcting charcoal, pencil and pastel works. They can also be used to clean film and layouts. The erasers are easy to knead, absorbent and leave no residue. Small kneaded erasers come in a plastic protective case.

Wave Erasers Faber-Castell

A high quality white vinyl eraser with a stylish forest green plastic cover. The cover keeps the eraser clean and protected. This versatile eraser also has a hole in it so it can be attached to a lanyard and worn around the neck.

Factis BM-2 Mechanical Eraser General Pencil

This pen-style eraser features a retractable holder and a latex-free eraser. Ideal for precise, fine detailed erasing. Soft, non abrasive plastic eraser.

Factis Jumbo Egg/Stone Eraser General Pencil

Your mistakes won't be gathering any moss as you roll over them with this jumbo egg/stone (shaped) eraser. It is soft, smooth and easy to hold. The unique shape is appealing for art and craft projects, kids' projects and around the office.

Magic Black Soft Eraser General Pencil

Magic Black Soft Erasers are latex free erasers for charcoal and pastel. They are soft and gentle on fine paper, yet strong enough to erase straight and fine lines. Erase marks on fine art work, watercolor papers, textured papers and memory book pages. Conforms to ASTM D4236 and is made in the USA.

Tri-Tip Eraser General Pencil

This soft, triangular shaped eraser is perfect for detailed erasing and highlighting on pastel, charcoal and graphite. It's non- abrasive, making it ideal for fine papers.

Mars Plastic Erasers Mars/Staedtler

Thoroughly removes graphite lines from paper, vellum and drafting film without ghosting. It leaves anti-static strings that can just be brushed away, instead of the powdery dust of conventional erasers. Measures 2-1/2" x 7/8".

Extra-Soft 5020 Plastic Erasers Milan

These extra-soft plastic erasers have a great adsorption power. They erase without leaving shavings and are recommended for erasing the strokes of soft pencils.

Flexible Synthetic Rubber Erasers Milan

These beveled synthetic erasers are both flexible and abrasive which increases their ability to successfully remove media. The flexibility of this eraser prevents breakage, while the beveled edge allows for the removal of graphite in more precise detailed lines. These erasers are a good choice for use with sketching.

Master Gum 1420 Eraser Milan

This eraser has been specially designed for fine art purposes. It is made of synthetic rubber that has a high capacity for the adsorption of charcoal and graphite. It erases easily without exerting pressure on the surface of the paper by forming soft crumbs. It can also be used to erase or blur strokes in charcoal drawings.

Nata Erasers Milan

These white plastic erasers are versatile and good for removing graphite pencil marks on most types of paper. These soft erasers are less abrasive than most other plastic erasers. They will lighten watercolor washes on less textured papers, but are not recommended for heavily textured papers.

Synthetic Rubber Erasers Milan

These soft synthetic rubber erasers are suitable for removing the strokes of most graphite pencils on all kind of surfaces. The various shapes of these erasers assist in preventing breakage, provide comfort or better control when erasing. The giant version of this eraser lends itself as a great tool for creating stamps that can be used in crafts and printmaking. These synthetic erasers come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes.

Tecnik 920 Erasers Milan

These transparent plastic erasers are ideal for use with technical drawings. They are hard erasers but are made from non-abrasive materials. They perform the best removing soft graphite from vellum surfaces.

MOO Professional Artist Erasers MOO

Designed to replace kneaded and art gum erasers these professional quality art erasers can be used to erase pastels, artist colors and vine charcoal without smears or streaks. They lift graphite with less shadow and will not stain or tear paper. Soft and dense, these erasers leave a long roll of used material rather than eraser dust. Available in several sizes.

Clic Eraser for Pro Pentel

This premium eraser a slim, flat shape so it is easy to erase small details. The metal body features a clip with a flat barrel for portability. The 3mm eraser is latex-free (non-PVC) and refillable.

Clic Erasers Pentel

A plastic eraser in a pen-style holder. Features a convenient advance system that extends and retracts the eraser with a touch of a button.

Hi-Polymer Erasers Pentel

These high-quality erasers are specially designed to lift lead markings off paper with very light pressure. Erases cleanly without scratching or tearing paper surface, and leaves no dust! Non-abrasive block eraser will not crack or harden with age, and remains soft and ready to use. Block erasers should be used and stored with protective sleeve.

Hi-Polymer White Eraser Caps Pentel

These white cap erasers were specially designed to lift lead markings off paper with very light pressure. They erase cleanly without scratching or tearing the paper surface, and leave no dust.

SumoGrip Premium Erasers Sakura

SumoGrip Erasers work like ultra-fine sandpaper to get into the small grooves of paper and grab and trap erased graphite. The slick black erasers offer smudge-free performance and never look dirty. The erasures form into strands for easy disposal. Available in 3 block sizes and also in a retractable, refillable stick holder.

MONO Dust Catch Eraser Tombow

Catch eraser dust as you erase with this tacky polymer eraser. Any eraser residue sticks to the eraser preventing small eraser bits being left behind to damage illustrations, designs or technical drawings. A protective paper sleeve with rounded corner edges keeps the sleeve from tearing during use.

MONO Plastic Erasers Tombow

Soft plastic eraser removes marks cleanly with little pressure and no paper damage. Great for school or art. Protective paper sleeve with rounded corner edges keeps from damaging eraser during use.

MONO Zero Erasers Tombow

Protect artwork and erase in detail with these quality, precision erasers in a pen-style holder. The erasers will not damage paper and are available in two shapes for a variety of erasing options. The eraser advances by clicking the other end of the pen-style holder. The holder includes a convenient clip for erasing on the go. The round eraser is 2.3mm in diameter and the rectangular eraser is 2.5mm × 5mm.

Technik Eraser Caran d'Ache Special Order Only

Superior quality eraser, ideal for technical or artistic use. Non-abrasive, erases pencil, not ink. Phthalate free.

Caramel Fine Art Gum Eraser Cretacolor Special Order Only

The Cretacolor Caramel Eraser leaves absolutely no mark on paper and is an excellent everyday companion for any artist using graphite and color pencils. It is easy to use and offers more control than other gum erasers.

Kneaded Rubber Erasers Design Special Order Only

Excellent for removing and highlighting chalks, charcoals and pastels. Kneads into any shape, removes marks cleanly and leaves surfaces smooth and bright.

Magic Rub Erasers Design Special Order Only

Drafting erasers made of vinyl. Excellent for erasing on drafting films and on delicate drawing or tracing papers.

Colored Kneaded Eraser Faber-Castell Special Order Only

These soft, pliable erasers work well for correcting and lightening charcoal and pastel, and will not leave residue behind. They are bright and colorful making them easy to find when mixed with other art materials in an artist's bag, supply box or studio. The erasers come in red, blue and yellow.

Dust Free Art Eraser Faber-Castell Special Order Only

This high-quality green synthetic eraser provides smudge-free, clean and soft erasing with very little waste.

Art Eraser Set General Pencil Special Order Only

A collection of erasers for all your drawing and cartooning needs. This set includes a soft pink eraser, a soft white eraser and a soft triangular white eraser.

Factis Extra-Soft White Vinyl Eraser General Pencil Special Order Only

This is one of the softest art erasers made. The white vinyl construction is perfect for charcoal, graphite or pastels. Suitable for use on rough watercolor paper.

Factis Magic Black Eraser General Pencil Special Order Only

Ideal for use with charcoal, pastels and more. This black eraser does not smudge, cuts a clean edge and doesn't harm the paper. It doesn't need to be “erased clean” like traditional white erasers. Two erasers per pack.

General's Gum Eraser General Pencil Special Order Only

Rubber gum-type block for pencil erasing. 2"W x 1"D x 1"H.

Jumbo Kneaded Eraser General Pencil Special Order Only

This gray kneaded eraser is primarily used by artists on graphite and charcoal. The extra-large size makes it easier to erase large areas.

Kneaded Erasers General Pencil Special Order Only

This large, gray eraser kneads easily into any shape, erases cleanly, and picks up residue. It's excellent for removing or highlighting pencil, chalk, charcoal, and pastel. Each eraser measures 2-3/8"W x 1"D x 1/2"H.

Pebble Erasers Helix Special Order Only

These ergonomic pebble-shaped erasers are perfect for accurate erasing. They are made of a latex- and PVC-free polymer material that leaves minimal eraser dust. Two erasers per package.

Kneadable Eraser Lyra Special Order Only

An essential tool for the sketching, pastel, and charcoal artist, this kneadable eraser can be kneaded into various shapes and sizes for erasing ease.

Mars Plastic Eraser Holder Mars/Staedtler Special Order Only

This phthalate- and latex-free eraser removes graphite lines from paper and matte drafting film. It has an eraser core sliding mechanism and clip.

Artist Soft Plastic 520 Erasers Milan Special Order Only

These artist erasers are made from a soft plastic and are non-abrasive. They will work great for a broad use of media. There are 20 erasers in each box.

Cleaning Cushion Eraser Milan Special Order Only

This cushion eraser has finely powdered synthetic rubber erasers sewn into a mesh fabric pad that gently removes dirt and smudges without abrading the project surface. It is ideal for cleaning archival documents, finished artwork or photographs that may have collected environmental dust and debris. The eraser measurements are 4.5"l x 2.5"w x 1.3"h.

Kneadable 1220 Eraser Milan Special Order Only

This kneadable eraser is malleable and used to lighten media without completely eradicating color. It is great for a broad range of media on all paper types and works especially well on graphite and charcoal.

Natural Rubber 8020 Dual-Intensity Eraser Milan Special Order Only

Synthetic rubber bevelled eraser: more flexible and hard-wearing. Offers two erasing strengths: the pink eraser is flexible and can be used to erase a wide range of graphite pencil strokes from all varieties of paper and the blue eraser is abrasive, for a stronger erasing power.

PVC Plastic Erasers Milan Special Order Only

These PVC soft plastic erasers work great for erasing hard pencil marks on smooth surfaces such as film and paper.

Soft Black 7024 Erasers Milan Special Order Only

These black erasers are extra-soft and have a great adsorption power. They are suitable for soft pencils and broad media but may be less effective than hard erasers on laid paper. They will not stain paper. There are 24 erasers in each box.

Thermoplastic Erasers Milan Special Order Only

These white thermoplastic erasers are non-abrasive and suitable for removing deep pencil strokes from smooth paper surfaces.

Pink Pearl Erasers Paper Mate Special Order Only

Soft, pink, pliable pencil eraser.