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Latex-free white eraser refills for mechanical pencils that cleanly lift graphite lead markings off paper without scratching, tearing, or ghosting.

E10 fits the Side FX, Twist-Erase CLICK, Twist-Erase EXPRESS, and Twist-Erase III.

PDE-1 fits the Quicker Clicker, Jolt, EZ#2, Cometz, Clarius, Forte series, Techniclick series, .e-clic sseries, Cool Lines, Planetz, Carnival, Champ, and Icy.

Z2 fits the Graph Gear (all series), Sharp Kerry, EnerGize-X, Wow! Pencil, Gizmo, Cushi, Hot Shots and Technica-X.

Item No. Description List Sale In Stock
PEN-E10 E10, Pack of 3 $23.40
(12 pieces)
$18.72 Out of stock
PEN-Z2-1N Z2, Pack of 4 $1.49 $1.19 In stock
PEN-PDE-1 PDE-1, Pack of 5 $21.00
(12 pieces)
$16.80 Out of stock, special order