Custom formulated Niji Oil Pastels offer the qualities you expect from professional grades- exceptional blending, a wide selection of color and a creamy texture that holds up to a variety of techniques. The metallic colors are great on light or dark papers, and the fluorescents can be mixed with standard colors to make them pop. The sets are in convenient packages that are reusable for storing your pastels.

Niji Oil Pastels
Item No. Description List Sale Availability
YONOP12 12-Color Set $2.45 $2.45 Special order
YONOP24 24-Color Set $4.70 $4.70 Special order
YONOP36 36-Color Set $7.15 $7.15 Special order
YONOP6F 6-Color Set - Fluorescent $5.20 $5.20 Special order
YONOP6M 6-Color Set - Metallic $5.20 $5.20 Special order