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Blackwing Pencils Blackwing

The legendary Blackwing pencil brand was revived in 2010 by Charles Berolzheimer, whose family’s roots in the pencil industry date back to the mid 19th century. They feature California Genuine Incense-cedar and premium Japanese graphite. The pencil has drawn rave reviews from users and national media attention.

Blackwing Volumes Pencils Blackwing

Volumes is a quarterly, limited edition program featuring new, never before seen Blackwing pencil designs inspired by cultural icons and events. Each box contains 12 pencils.

Technalo RGB Water Soluble Graphite Pencils Caran d'Ache

The Technalo RGB water soluble graphite pencil – named after the famous Red, Green, Blue coding system – fuses the power of graphite with the magic of color to create exceptional effects. A 2-in-1 tool that combines the qualities of a color pencil with water-soluble lead and a graphite pencil to meet the discerning requirements of artists and creative professionals.

Technalo Water Soluble Graphite Pencils Caran d'Ache

Water-soluble graphite pencils for the same techniques as Grafwood graphite drawing pencils, but also allowing you to use brush strokes. Ideal for preparatory work or mixed techniques. Each pencil is made from Premium FSC certified cedar wood and has a water-soluble, hard to soft, 3mm diameter lead.

Sketching & Drawing Pencils Conte

Permanent carbon is ideal for sketching, architectural drawing and photo-retouching.

Monolith Woodless Graphite Pencils Cretacolor

These graphite pencils have thick leads and a thin lacquer coating for clean handling and a quality feel. They're available in five degrees of hardness and can be sharpened like a regular pencil. A high degree of light-fastness and high pigment density make these pencils an indispensable tool for any artist. Suitable for expressive shading of extended areas.

Ebony Pencil Design

Round shaped pencil with a black polished wood casing. It features a very black, large diameter lead that is soft, smooth and strong.

Graphite Aquarelle Faber-Castell

These water-soluble graphite pencils are of the highest artists‘ quality. The 3.8mm leads are especially resistant against breakage. Ideal for rough sketches of water-color drawings and watercolor techniques using only graphite. Available in five grades of hardness and on a blister card with brush.

Flat Sketching Pencils General Pencil

These pencils feature flat bodies with rectangular leads. Ideal for broad flat strokes, lettering and sketching.

General's Draughting Pencils General Pencil

General's Draughting Pencils feature smooth, thick core, extra-soft, 2B graphite lead. They are great for sketching, layouts, drawing, shading, highlighting and detailing. The blister-carded pack contains two round pencils.

Layout Pencil General Pencil

General's Layout Pencil is a soft, ebony-black, thick, versatile graphite sketching pencil for artists of all levels. A favorite tool used by animators, illustrators, cartoonists, and artists since the 1930s. General's Layout cores are bonded to the wood with their exclusive "Carbo-Weld" bonding process for added strength and reliability.

Gioconda Aquarelles Graphite Pencils Koh-I-Noor

These graphite pencils are made with fine Hardtmuth graphite. They are ideal for drawing, sketching and portraits. They can be used wet or dry. Each box contains 12 pencils.

Wolff's Carbon Pencils Wolff's

Carbon, being a pure element, doesn't contain the resins and by-products created by the heating process used to make charcoal. Since these pencils are made of carbon, they have a fine grain with consistent texture, produce nice soft lines, and have no shine when laid down on paper.

Academy Sketching Pencil Sets Derwent Special Order Only

These sets include a comprehensive range of quality sketching and drawing pencils for the intermediate artist. The soft pencils (B - 6B) are best suited to sketching and blending. The harder pencils (HB - 5H) are ideal for straight line and detailed work. The 6-Pencil Tin Set includes one pencil each in grades 3B, 2B, B, HB, H and 2H. The 12-Pencil Tin Set includes one pencil each in grades 6B, 5B, 4B, 3B, 2B, B, HB, H, 2H, 3H, 4H and 5H. The tin sets are housed in a protective metal storage tin. The 12-Pencil Pod Set includes the same pencils as the 12-Pencil Tin Set plus a ruler, pencil sharpener and plastic eraser in a plastic pencil pod.

Complete Graphic Set Derwent Special Order Only

This 24-piece graphite pencil set contains a large variety of grades- enough to satisfy the needs of the designer and draftsperson. Includes: two each of grades HB, 2B, 4B and 2H; and one each of the remaining sixteen grades (from 9B to 9H). The convenient tin keeps the pencils orderly for rapid selection.

Graphic Designer Pencil Set Derwent Special Order Only

This convenient set contains designers' favorite sketching pencils- one each 2H, HB, 4H and 2B Derwent graphic pencils.

Graphic Pencil Sets Derwent Special Order Only

These sets contain twelve each, specially selected Derwent graphic pencils. The Design Set contains twelve degrees with a majority of soft graphite (6B through 4H). The Sketching Set contains a complete selection of soft graphite (9B to H). The Technical Set contains twelve degrees with a majority of hard graphite (B through 9H).

Graphic Pencils Derwent Special Order Only

Graphite pencils designed for designers and draftspeople. They are made of the highest quality Cumberland graphite and the purest clays to produce a smooth texture. Non-toxic.

Graphic Sketching Pencil Set Derwent Special Order Only

This set contains one each HB, 2B, 4B and 6B Derwent sketching pencils.

Graphitone Sketching Pencils Derwent Special Order Only

These solid graphite woodless pencils are great for all types of sketching and drawing. Each can be used upright as a classic pencil or on its side for extended coverage.

Sketching Pencil Set Derwent Special Order Only

This handy economical set contains one each HB, 2B, 4B and Water-Soluble 8B pencils.

Sketching Pencils Derwent Special Order Only

These round pencils feature specially formulated graphite designed for quick drawings and sketches. Three different grades offer a great range of effects. The cedar wood cases have a black matte finish.

Water-Soluble Sketching Pencils Derwent Special Order Only

Truly unique graphite pencils that can be used to achieve a wide range of effects from line to wash drawings. Available in 8B, 4B, HB- three grades that provide subtle gradations from black to gray. Extremely versatile, these sketching pencils can be used in combination with watercolors, pen & ink and colored pencil.

Creative Studio Graphite Sketch 6-Pencil Set Faber-Castell Special Order Only

Made of finely ground graphite and clay for smooth, consistent lay-down, these versatile graphite pencils are ideal for art and drafting. The full length of the lead is glued to the wood casing of the pencil to strengthen the lead and prevent breakage, which allows for better sharpening and produces a fine point. This set includes six pencils in grades 2H, HB, B, 2B, 4B and 6B in a protective tin.

Faber Castell 9000 Jumbo Graphite Pencils Faber-Castell Special Order Only

These pencils feature an ample graphite tip that offers a wide variety of line widths, while five different hardness grades provide many tones of gray. The leads are encased in a comfortable, oversized barrel that is finished with an environmentally friendly, water-based varnish.

PITT Woodless Pencils Faber-Castell Special Order Only

Made from fine graphite, these rich, smooth premium woodless pencils are perfect for drawing and sketching with a bold line. Each pencil has a protective plastic coating that helps keep artists' hands clean.

Carbon Sketch Drawing Pencil General Pencil Special Order Only

The blackest and richest drawing pencil by General Pencil. Lays down smooth like graphite, but is black and dark like a charcoal. The cedar wood encased pencils can be used in combination with charcoal, pastels or graphite.The 2-pencil set includes a sharpener.

Sketch & Wash Pencil General Pencil Special Order Only

An outstanding tool for any artist, this pencil can be used to achieve a wide range of effects from washes to line drawings. It can render shades from gray to black, and it works great with other media such as watercolor, colored pencil and pen and ink.

Magnum Black Star Large-Lead Pencils Koh-I-Noor Special Order Only

These fat, creamy 9mm soft graphite layout pencils are great for sketching, drawing and illustrating. Constructed from the finest Hardtmuth graphite, they are smooth, soft, deep black graphite pencils that produce stunning effects. Two pencils per pack.

Triograph Graphite Pencil Set Koh-I-Noor Special Order Only

These three-sided triangular pencils are thick for comfort and provide good grip. They have thick 10.5mm artist-grade lead that marks smoothly. Made with sturdy stained cedar wood casings, they are easily sharpened with a large hole pencil sharpener. This set contains three pencils in three grades of hardness, 2B, 4B and 6B.

Triograph Graphite Pencils Koh-I-Noor Special Order Only

These extra thick, three sided pencils are ergonomically designed for ease and comfort of use. Their triangular shape fits the hand well, and the over-sized, 10.5mm Hardtmuth graphite artist-grade lead provides an extremely smooth laydown. Sharpened easily with a large-hole pencil sharpener.

Keep N' Carry Sketching Sets Royal Brush Special Order Only

Keep your art supplies safe when in transport with these portable art sets. The 16-piece set includes 12 graphite pencils, a sketching pad, an eraser and a sharpener housed in a 6" x 10-3/4" customized, zippered carrying case that protects the art supplies for storage and travel. The 46-piece set includes 12 colored pencils, 12 graphite pencils, a sketching and drawing beginner's guide booklet, an artist sketching pad, three blending tools, a sandpaper block, a white eraser, a kneaded eraser and a sharpener in a zippered carrying case.

Wolff's Carbon Pencil Multi-Pack Wolff's Special Order Only

Rich black matte tones are achieved with these velvety textured carbon pencils. The dramatic characteristic of charcoal meets the sharp lines of graphite for the best of both worlds. Perfect for rapid and expressive sketches, drawing and tonal work, one each of four grades- B, 2B, 4B and 6B- come in the multi-pack.

Wolff's Graphite Sketch Pencil Set Wolff's Special Order Only

Wolff's pencils are known for their smoothness and consistency. This specialized graphite pencil set includes one each of graphite pencils: HB, B, 2B, 4B, 6B and 8B. Void of hard spots, they make line drawing effortless. Also included are, one Wolff's Broad Carbon Stick, a soft eraser and a metal pencil sharpener. Use them in conjunction with the graphite pencils to add texture and dimension to your drawings. In a metal case.