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Layout Pencil General Pencil

General's Layout Pencil is a soft, ebony-black, thick, versatile graphite sketching pencil for artists of all levels. A favorite tool used by animators, illustrators, cartoonists, and artists since the 1930s. General's Layout cores are bonded to the wood with their exclusive "Carbo-Weld" bonding process for added strength and reliability.

Use it to draw preliminary sketches, to "layout" drawings before painting over them, or to add intense blacks and shading to detailed drawings. To sharpen, use General's Little Red All-Art sharpener. To erase, use General's Tri-Tip eraser, a white vinyl eraser such as the Factis ES-20, or a Factis plastic eraser.

Handcrafted with responsibly harvested, sustained yield incense cedar wood to ensure smooth sharpening and strength.

Handcrafted in the USA.

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Layout Pencil
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Drawing / Sketching Pencils / Layout Pencil
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