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Volumes is a quarterly, limited edition program featuring new, never before seen Blackwing pencil designs inspired by cultural icons and events. Each box contains 12 pencils.

Volume 223 is a tribute to Woody Guthrie and his immutable optimism. Each pencil features a design inspired by This Land’s “ribbon of highway,” “endless skyway” and “golden valley.”

Volume 651 is a tribute to the legendary Bruce Lee. Both simple and direct, each pencil features a black and yellow striped design that takes its cues from the philosophies of Jeet Kune Do.

Volume 93 is a tribute to Corita Kent and her message to slow down and find gratitude in the everyday. Each pencil features one of the six colorful brushstrokes that make up Corita’s iconic rainbow swash. Commissioned in 1971, the rainbow swash adorns a 140-foot-tall natural gas storage tank along Interstate 93 in Dorchester, Massachusetts. The pencils contain soft graphite and each set includes two of each color design.

Volume 200 is a tribute to coffeehouses and the creative culture the help cultivate. Each pencil features a metallic copper design inspired by classic copper coffee roasting machines found in many coffeehouses during the '50s and '60s. These pencils also feature a firm graphite core that is perfect for finding inspiration in a local coffeehouse.

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Volume 223 (Balanced) BW-105684 $27.95 In stock
Volume 651 (Extra Firm) BW-105782 $30.00 In stock
Volume 651 Reporter Pads (Pack of 2) BW-105782R $14.00 In stock
Volume 93 (Soft) BW-106150 $30.00 In stock
Volume 200 (Firm) BW-106785 $30.00 In stock