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These extra-fine soft pastels are water-soluble and have an unparalleled pigment intensity. Even a gentle stroke delivers a solid, powerful line of brilliant color. They are 100% pure pigment with no clay, binders or fillers, and are lightfast to hold deep, luminous color for centuries.

The 20-color set includes red brown 1, orange 1, vermilion 4, Naples yellow 3, mummy 1, hot brown 2, gray green 3, viridian 2, viridian 4, Prussian blue 2, bright yellow 2, cobalt blue 1, madder carmine 1, ultramarine deep 1, ivory black, white, lemon yellow 4, helios red 2, Chinese vermilion 2 and magenta violet 1.

The 40-color set includes all the colors in the 20-color set plus flesh ochre 3, bistre 3, yellow ochre 2, golden ochre 1, lawn green 1, bronze green deep 4, apple green 1, cerulean blue 1, cadmium yellow light 1, blue violet 3, cobalt blue 4, Van Dyke violet 2, Van Dyke violet 5, Van Dyke brown 4, blue gray green 2, raw sienna 2, lemon yellow 1, sapphire blue 2, nickel yellow 2 and magenta violet 5.

The 80 colors of the Plein Air half-stick set have been carefully chosen for their ability to mix to create the broadest range of landscape colors possible.

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SEN-10-132230 40-Color Set $99.50 $89.55 Out of stock, special order WARNING
SEN-10-132231 20-Color Set $57.75 $51.98 Out of stock, special order WARNING
SEN-10-132235 80-color Plein Air Landscape Set $195.00 $175.50 Out of stock, special order WARNING