Clip-On Studio Lamps Daylight

Designed for artists, restorators and photographers working with medium to extra-large size paintings, internal walls sections or other large objects, this lamp features a bright energy-saving Daylight LED bulb (1800 lumen, 6500°K, 80+ CRI) that creates ideal working circumstances for optimal color rendering. This comfortable light eases eye strain, and the lamp has wide shade with reflective coating for maximum light spread. The stable tripod stand can be adjusted to 7 ft. high and can support up to four lamps. The clamp-lock system keeps the lamp firmly attached to the pole, even when adjusting the 5" flexible arm to direct the light in a specific direction. It also has a 10 ft. cord for optimal freedom.

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16W Daylight LED Light Bulb
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Artist Studio Lamp + Stand
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