Batik Supplies

Batik Wax Jacquard

One-pound tray of water-soluble batik wax.

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Tjanting Tools Jacquard

Designed by a batik artist, these tools provide supreme control for batik designs. The position of the fill hole and spout allows it to be held upright without spilling hot wax. They consist of a hardwood, varnished handle with a brass spout and barrel silver-soldered together and pressure-tested.

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Tjanting Needles Jack Richeson & Co. Special Order Only

Tjanting needles are used in creating Batik artwork. Traditional Batik is a form of textile art that uses wax as a dye-resist. By pouring hot wax into the needle, this tool allows the artist to draw a pattern directly onto fabric in very fine lines, creating areas on the fabric that will resist dye when applied.

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