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859 Scotch Clear Removable Mounting Squares 3M

Clear and discreet, Scotch mounting squares do not harm objects, are photo safe, leave no oily residue and are easy to apply and remove. The double stick adhesive is perfect for projects that require a temporary hold such as posters, banners and for attaching objects to foamboard. They hold objects weighing up to one pound. Mounting squares measure 11/16" and are available in packs of 35. Use in place of adhesive mounting putties that stain and damage walls.

Command Hooks and Clips 3M

Command hooks feature a revolutionary clean adhesive that's as easy to remove as it is to apply. To use, apply adhesive strip to the back of the hook and press firmly for 30 seconds. Wait one hour before using. To remove, slide the hook cover up, grab the tab and slowly stretch it down. Only the adhesive comes off, not the paint or wallpaper. They are great for decorating glass block, plaster, ceramic tile and wood cabinets. Also ideal for closets, lockers, offices, kitchens, laundry rooms, dorms, campers and more. Mini hooks come six hooks per pack. The small size will hold up to 1 lb. and the medium size will hold up to 3 lbs., and both come in packs of two hooks. The large size will hold up to 5 lbs. and come one hook per pack.

Command Picture Hanging Strips 3M

These interlocking fasteners with Command adhesive hold firmly where placed. The fasteners can be separated and reattached. When removed, they come off cleanly without surface damage. The medium size holds up to 3 lbs. per set, and the small size holds up to 1 lb. per set.

Command Poster Hanging Strips 3M

Ideal for multiple uses, these adhesive strips allow you to display photos or artwork in your living room, pictures or favorite memorabilia in your dorm room and personalize your office by hanging your diploma or awards. They can be easily removed without damaging the wall or hanging surface. 48 small strips per package.

Scotch Mounting Squares and Tape 3M

Strong, high-density foam squares and tape with double-coated adhesive for mounting photos and artwork to walls. The foam evens out the irregular surfaces of the wall and makes a permanent bond.

Scotch Mounting Tape 3M

This roll tape is self-sticking on both sides to make mounting fast and easy. Wall-mount pictures and decorations or attach felt. Size: 1" x 50".

Scotch Removable Mounting Squares 3M

These foam squares are double-coated for perfect mounting of light-weight objects; they can be used for paper craft projects, scrapbook pages and presentations. They can be used on wood, ceramic tile, gloss and semi-gloss painted walls, glass or refrigerators.

Scotch Reusable Mounting Sheet, Strips & Tabs 3M

These tabs, strips and sheets are pre-cut squares of clear, reusable and removable adhesives. They can be used for mounting photos, posters, artwork or papers on walls, office cabinets, refrigerators, windows and more. They are photo safe and will not stain walls like putties.

Wall Mount for Wire Backed Picture Hangers 3M

Use these wall mounts for hanging pictures with wire hangers. They will hold pictures up to five pounds and with Command adhesive won't damage wall surfaces when removed.

Wall Mounts for Saw Tooth Picture Hangers 3M

For holding up pictures that have saw tooth hangers on the back of their frames, use these unique wall mounts. They hold pictures weighing up to five pounds and won't leave holes or marks on walls when removed because of the Command adhesive formula they employ.

Gummed Linen Hinging Tape Lineco/University Products

This acid-free tape is extra-strong British linen cloth that has been coated with a neutral pH acrylic adhesive of archival quality. Its lack of fillers and high thread count are well suited to mat hinging, or as book or spine hinging repair material.

Gummed Paper Hinging Tape Lineco/University Products

This pH neutral, gummed paper tape adheres well to paper, cardboard and wood. Designed to create a dust barrier between the back of the frame and backing board, or as for use a hinging tape. Size: 1" x 130 ft.

Mounting/Hinging Tissue Lineco/University Products

A fast and safe alternative for hinging prints, photos or other artworks in mounting. The strong, translucent tissue sports a permanent pressure sensitive archival adhesive that is removable with common mineral spirits. Size: 1" x 35'.

Mulberry Hinging Paper Lineco/University Products

Ideal for making conservation hinges for a wide variety of art. High quality, strong, weight (52 gsm), Japanese paper offered in convenient rolls of 1" × 100 ft. For use with wheat/rice starch or methyl cellulose homemade paste. For a non-adhesive mounting method, paper slings or paper photo corners are simple to make and adhere with archival tapes.

See-Thru Mounting Strips Lineco/University Products

Made from clear polyester with an instant self-adhesive backer, these strips work superbly for hingeless mounting of artwork onto mats. Holds a print or photograph safely in place by simply attaching strips to the backer-board of the mat. Packaged in 4" lengths, the strips are easily cut to smaller sizes.

Self Adhesive Linen Hinging Tape Lineco/University Products

This self-adhesive linen hinging tape with release liner paper is excellent for hinging window mats to backboards or attaching art. The high thread count linen cloth is flexible and strong. The pressure-sensitive neutral pH acrylic adhesive is non-yellowing and gains strength overnight. Available in black or white.

Transparent Mending Tissue Lineco/University Products

This very thin, strong acid-free tissue is used for repairing tears in paper. Features a non-yellowing adhesive. Size: 1/2" x 50 ft.

2-Hole Flat Keyhole Hangers OOK

These hangers are ideal for hanging mirrors and odd shapes and sizes of art securely to the hanging surface. They are specifically designed to accommodate the unconventional artwork that other frame backs cannot.

4 in 1 Screw Hooks with Level OOK

Self-locating, double-headed, anchorless screws. They are designed to work with keyholes, d-rings, sawtooth hangers or wire for simple mirror and picture hanging. A bubble level is included for accurate hanging. Holds up to 30 lbs. in drywall, 100 lbs. in stud.

Adhesive Hangers & Eyelets OOK

Ideal for hanging lightweight projects on sensitive walls, these self-adhesive hangers have either a hook or eyelet for easy hanging. Nails are not required and the adhesive will not damage walls. Six pieces per package.

Assorted Nails Kit OOK

A collection of 119 nails in various sizes for hanging pictures and more.

Brass Plated Bendless Nails OOK

These brass plated nails will not bend on hard wall surfaces. Ideal for brick and concrete walls.

Concrete & Brick Hangers OOK

Designed with the same engineering elements as Ook Classic Professional Hangers, these hangers are ideal for use on hardwall, concrete and brick surfaces. They use bendless nails that are engineered to go into any hardwall surface without bending. They can accommodate up to 30 lbs. Three hangers per package.

Framer's Wire OOK

OOK Framer's Wire is stainless durasteel wire with a plastic coating. The coating protects your hands and fingers from injury and reinforces the wire for extra holding power. The wire has a 30 lb. weight capacity.

Invisible Hanging Wire OOK

Durable nylon wire good for picture hanging, especially when it is preferable to conceal the wire to the naked eye such as when hanging from ceiling or molding. Great for use in theatre and stage productions.

KidSafe / Tremor Hangers OOK

KidSafe / Tremor hangers are ideal for homes that have small children! The frame will be securely held by clip on hanger lip so that frame does not fall off the hook when bumped. Great in high traffic areas to ensure the ultimate safety of the area. Great for hanging everything from plates to your child's masterpiece artwork. For drywall and plaster wall surfaces. Weight ratings are based on hangers nailed into studs and are for comparative purposes only. Choose a weight rating that greatly exceeds the object to be hung. Pound ratings are not cumulative.

One-Step Hangers OOK

A one-step hanger that won't damage walls. To install, hammer it into the wall until the washer is flush with the surface.

Padded Classic Professional Picture Hangers OOK

Hang pictures, mirrors, plaques and more without damaging your walls. The backs of these hangers are padded to prevent scratches to the wall and also have an adhesive backing making hanger placement easy. The adhesive back will not leave sticky reside on walls. The hooks have a reinforced elbow making the hook 20% stronger, and the Blue Steel nails leave a pin size hole on wall surface and are re-usable.

Plastic Hardwall Hangers OOK

Hang objects on hard surfaces with these hangers. To install, place the flat side to the wall and drive the pins into the base with a hammer.

Professional French Cleats OOK

French cleats provide a simple and secure method for hanging pictures, signs, panels and other objects that need support across the length of the object being installed onto a flat surface. They are an efficient means to hang objects and conceal the hanging hardware. To install, attach the mounting bracket to the back of the item to be hung. Then attach the wall bracket with the supplied screws to the location where the item will be hung. Hang mounting bracket on the wall bracket and adjust left or right for desired placement.

ReadyNail Saw Tooth Hanger OOK

A quick and easy way to hang small or lightweight picture frames. Nail hanger to back of frame. Three hangers per package.

ReadyScrew D-Ring Hangers OOK

These D-Ring hangers have either one or two holes and will attach to the back of wood frames. They allow the object to hang closer to the wall. Screws included.

Screw Eyes OOK

Zinc-plated, short shank 214-1/2 screw eyes ideal for attaching picture wire to the back of picture frames. Five 9/16" screw eyes per package.

Self Adhesive Rubber Bumpers OOK

These round, clear rubber bumpers can be used to protect walls, frames, glass and furniture from damage as a buffer between two surfaces. Eight bumpers per package.

T-Pins OOK

The pins have a smooth T-bar head and sharp point. The head on each pin is ½" wide.

The A-Maze-ing Picture Hook Quake Hold

The A-Maze-ing picture hook has revolutionized the way we hang pictures and heavy mirrors. This heavy-duty hanger traps the backing wire in a maze and prevents wall hangings from jumping off the hook.

314 Heavy-Duty Foam Mounting 3M Special Order Only

This double-sided adhesive foam tape is ideal for wall mounting pictures and decorations. Use on most types of walls including ceramic tile and wood surfaces that are clean, dry and smooth.

Command Sawtooth Sticky Nail Hanger 3M Special Order Only

This adhesive hanging system provides the hanging base of a nail without creating a hole in the wall or hanging surface. Ideal for use with sawtooth d-ring and keyhole hangers, it includes a metal hanger, two large adhesive strips and two sets of mini interlocking fastener strips. When removed, it comes off cleanly without surface damage. Holds most frames up to 11" x 17".

Command Wire-Back Sticky Nail Hanger 3M Special Order Only

This adhesive hanging system provides the hanging base of a nail without creating a hole in the wall or hanging surface. Ideal for use with wire-backed pictures & frames, it includes a metal hanger, four large adhesive strips and two sets of mini interlocking fastener strips. When removed, it comes off cleanly without surface damage. Holds most frames up to 18" x 24".

Scotch Removable Poster Tape 3M Special Order Only

This easy to remove tape is double-coated to securely mount posters or other light-weight objects on wood, tile, glass, vinyl, wallpaper and many other surfaces. Size: 3/4" x 150".

Document Repair Tape Lineco/University Products Special Order Only

Widely accepted as a truly archival repair tissue, this tape is a unique combination of very thin, strong acid-free tissue coated with acid-free adhesive. Serves as a non-yellowing, self-adhesive mending tissue. Size: 1" x 400".

Frame Sealing Tape Lineco/University Products Special Order Only

Pressure-sensitive and specifically designed to seal backing board to frames, this long-lasting tape conforms well to irregular or rough surfaces. It has a blue-gray color, foil backing and non-yellowing formulation, plus a permanent acrylic adhesive that can be removed with mineral spirits. Not for direct application onto artwork. Size: 1-1/4" x 85'.

Pure Rice Starch Adhesive Lineco/University Products Special Order Only

A highly purified starch-adhesive used to mount rice paper hinges in traditional museum mounting. Also used to repair book bindings and other paper items. Requires cooking to make paste. Instructions included. In a 2 oz. resealable plastic bottle.

Self-Stick Easel-Backs Lineco/University Products Special Order Only

Self-stick Lineco easel backs are practical for displays and presentations. Made of 10-ply board with a permanent adhesive that will attach to any coated or uncoated surface. Simply remove the protective paper exposing the adhesive strip and apply.

Dual-Drive Point Driver Logan Special Order Only

Unlike other point drivers, which require you to buy separate units to drive different types of points, the front loading Dual-Drive Point Driver gives you the ability to drive both regular (stiff) and flexible points, and provides you with more than 50 free points of both kinds to start with. Easy squeeze trigger operation fires points into both hard and soft wood mouldings. Adjustable firing tension increases thrust when needed. This tool is ideal for securing glass and artwork into the frames.

Frame Fitting Tool Logan Special Order Only

A must have for any do-it-yourself framer, the fitting tool, also known as a point driver, secures mats and mounting boards into the back of wood frames. This tool allows you to drive or remove four different types of inserts without slipping or bending, and adjusts easily to various widths of frames. With its assured proper drive angle, the DIY framer can create a professional appearance to frame assembly with no guessing or special skills required. Starter pack of 50 points is included.

Logan F400-1 Framing Insert Refills Logan Special Order Only

These framing insert refills are for use with the Logan Fitting Tool (F400-1). They are available in rigid and flexible styles.

Logan F500-2 Framing Point Strip Refills Logan Special Order Only

These framing strip refills are for use with the Logan Dual-Drive Point Driver (LOF500-2). They are available in flexible and rigid point strips.

Precision Sander Elite Logan Special Order Only

The F200-2 Precision Sander Elite features a 10" (25cm) sanding wheel to accept up to 3½" (9cm) wide moulding. The Precision Sander Elite sands miter cuts to perfect 45-degree angles both vertically and horizontally for perfect corners with no gaps. Includes squaring and disk cleaning tools. Uses Logan F50 sanding disk (80 grit). The Logan Precision Sander Elite is used to correct the incorrectness of saws to see that each miter cut is sanded to a perfect 45-degree angle vertically and horizontally. The Precision Sander is crucial to getting tight miter joints with no gaps and is a must-have when cutting wood moulding into frames using any type of manual or electric saw.

Pro Joiner Logan Special Order Only

A heavy-duty professional style joiner for precise corner joints. It drives two nails at a time into hard or soft woods and is ideal for production joining of duplicate frames using the same molding size. It is extremely precise and versatile, yet compact and economical, and produces professional results. It features V-nail alignment pins, the ability to drive one or two nails at a time, an adjustable nail spacing guide and a sliding nail loading mechanism with a quick-adjust corner clamp. It also can be used on moldings up to 2.5” wide due to its fully adjustable power-driven arm. Includes 400 V-nails and free instructional DVD. Replacement V-nail packs available (LOF15 and LOF16).

Studio Joiner Logan Special Order Only

Produce perfect joined corners with this all-purpose framing joiner designed for light-duty framing. It drives single V-nail, one at a time, into hard and soft woods. It is economical and extremely practical as it joins frames simply and accurately. It features a magnetic nail holder, quick depth setting adjustment, the ability to drive all V-nail sizes and a support spacer for irregular shape profiles. For ease of use, it also includes a quick-adjust corner clamp that can be used on moldings up to 2.5" wide. It has steel post sleeves to prevent flexing, easy-to-use knobs, two adjustable height levelers for joining long moldings and an anti-slip pad that protects the face of the molding. Comes with 100 1/4" and 100 3/8” V-nails for soft wood and an instructional DVD.

V-Nails Logan Special Order Only

V-shaped nails for adjoining corners of frame molding. Designed for use with Logan Studio and Pro Joiners (LOF300-1 and LOF300-2).

Adjustable Precise Hangers OOK Special Order Only

Adjustable hangers for precision hanging. Four per package.

Blue Steel Pro Nails OOK Special Order Only

Ultra-thin hardened blue steel nails with brass collars for easy removal. They are needle pointed and leave only a tiny hole as to not damage walls. They are reusable.

Canvas Clip OOK Special Order Only

This clip easily hangs canvas without additional tools. Simply insert the clip under the bottom edge of the top stretcher bar.

Canvas to Frame Clips OOK Special Order Only

These clips fit standard stretcher bars 1-1/2" to 1-5/8". They lock in tight, providing maximum side pressure. Simply place the clip between the frame and stretcher bar and press top of clip over outer edge of bar. Push the clip down to lock. Four clips per package.

Drywall Heavy Hold Picture Hanger OOK Special Order Only

This heavy-duty hanger holds up to 200 lbs of weight in drywall. No wood or steel stud is needed for hanging. Simply punch a hole into the drywall and insert the hanger. Ideal for heavy mirrors and large artwork.

Durasteel Stainless Hanging Wire OOK Special Order Only

Stainless steel braided wire that is easy on the fingers. It is very easy to tie and long lasting. It can hold up to 100 lbs of weight.

EZ Push Shield Hanger OOK Special Order Only

No tools required for this popular picture hook. Just press into the drywall with the point of the hook and push. The layer of foam behind the hanger acts as a shield to protect your wall. Holds up to 30 lbs.

Frame Back 34-Piece Assorted Set OOK Special Order Only

This 34-piece set includes sawtooth hangers, keyhole hangers, d-ring hangers and large ring hangers. A variety of supplies ideal for attaching to the back of frames to enable hanging.

Frame Straight Pins with Level OOK Special Order Only

These self-adhesive pins can be applied to the back corners of a frame to keep the frame straight after hanging. A level is included for accurate hanging. Four pins per package.

Glazier Points OOK Special Order Only

Used for holding glass in sash or wooden frames. Forty-five points per package.

Heavy Object Hanging Kit OOK Special Order Only

This set includes a variety of hanging supplies designed to hang a heavy object on all types of walls. It contains an assortment of wire, screw eyes, wall hangers and nails.

Medium Brass Triangle Hangers OOK Special Order Only

Use these brass hangers on frames that are not already equipped with hardware. Nails included. Two hangers per package.

Mirror Hanging Cord OOK Special Order Only

Nine feet of braided wire designed for hanging mirrors.

Picture Hook Kit OOK Special Order Only

Fifty pieces of picture hanging hardware to hang a variety of pictures in a variety of ways.

Precise Height Hanger Set OOK Special Order Only

This set contains enough hardware to hang one picture. The ring hanger allows you adjust the wire length for height adjustment of your picture.

Push 'N' Hook Hanger OOK Special Order Only

Hang items up to 35 lbs. in .5" or thicker drywall. Simply pick a hanging location and push the hook in to the wall .25" above that spot. Twist the hanger back and forth while pushing until the hanger fully penetrates the drywall.

ReadyNail Picture Hanging Kit OOK Special Order Only

This kit offers a quick and easy way to hang picture frames. It contains five ReadyNail picture hooks, two ReadyNail sawtooth hangers, two ReadyScrew ring Hangers and picture wire. The included supplies can be used to hang up to five pictures with a maximum weight of 30 lbs.

Screw Eyes 50-Piece Assorted Set OOK Special Order Only

Fifty assorted zinc-plated screw eyes ideal for attaching picture wire to the back of picture frames.

Suction Cups with Hooks OOK Special Order Only

These medium clear suction cups with metal hooks hold tight on appliances, windows, mirrors, tile and virtually any smooth non-porous surface. They have a release tab making them easy to remove. Holds up to 5lbs. Recommended for light-weight items. Four suction cups per package.

Valu-Pak Professional Padded Picture Hanging Set OOK Special Order Only

This set contains a variety of padded picture hangers and nails. The padded hangers allow you to hang pictures, mirrors, plaques and more without damaging your walls. The backs of these hangers are padded to prevent scratches to the wall and also have an adhesive backing making hanger placement easy. The adhesive back will not leave sticky reside on walls. It includes hangers that can accommodate up to 10, 20,30,50,and 100 lbs. It also includes bonus round, clear rubber bumpers that can be used to protect the frame and walls.