Kids Clay Tool Sets Creativity Street

These sets of extruders, cutters and tools offer a creative and versatile assortment of creative shapes and designs. The wooden clay rolling pin set comes with four rolling pins each with a different pattern and coated to help keep clay from sticking. The plastic clay and dough tool sets are durable and brightly colored. Set A has eight plastic cutters including a square, rectangle, triangle, diamond, circle, heart, strawberry and snowman. Set B has eight plastic cutters in the shapes of a cow, person, car, house, turkey, elephant, alligator and train. The dough cutters set has the shapes of a truck, dolphin, tree, seal, butterfly, airplane, bell and star. The plastic dough tools set of seven has a variety of cutting and shaping tools. The extruder set has four tools to manipulate dough into various shapes and lengths.

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4-piece Wood Rolling Pin Set
Kids' Art & Face Painting / Modeling / Kids Clay Tool Sets
4-Piece Wooden Clay Rolling Pin Set $12.89 $12.89 Warehouse only
Kids' Art & Face Painting / Modeling / Kids Clay Tool Sets
7-Piece Clay Tool Set $4.79 $4.79 Warehouse only