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Children's Round Brush Princeton Artist Brush Co.

An inexpensive round, natural bristle brush with a large handle that makes it easy for children to hold. It is for use with acrylic, oil and tempera paint.

Art and Craft Brush Sets Crayola Special Order Only

A set of four reusable, and shed-proof multipurpose brushes. Made of natural hair for better paint pickup and shape retention. Ideal for use with watercolor, tempera and acrylic paint. Their all-purpose design makes them perfect for children's arts and crafts projects in school or at home.

Sidewalk Paint Tray Set Crayola Special Order Only

This fun-filled set includes three sidewalk paints, plus paint brush, paint roller, paint tray and even sidewalk chalk. Children can just pour the paint in the tray and use the brush or roller to create art, games, signs, and messages on their sidewalk, driveway or blacktop. Three fat sticks of chalk add to the artistic possibilities. To clean up, simply wash off the paint off with a garden hose.

Washable Kid's Paint Crayola Special Order Only

Washable watercolors for all the fun without the worry of clean-up. Each set contains 2 oz. jars. The six-color set includes blue, green, orange, red, violet and yellow. The ten-color set adds brown, magenta, turquoise and white. Ages 4 and up. AP certified non-toxic.

Washable Kids' Paint Pot Set Crayola Special Order Only

This pack of eighteen bold and classic colors of washable kids paint is a plentiful range for the creative imagination. Each color comes in a hinged lid plastic pot. The colors are: blue, yellow-orange, red, terra-cotta, yellow, black, green, turquoise, orange, red-orange, brown, fuchsia, white, violet, mahogany, magenta, yellow-green and peach. For children ages 4 and up. AP certified non-toxic.

Washable Kids' Paint Pot Sets with Special Effects Mediums Crayola Special Order Only

These paint sets allow kids to create brilliant designs on posters, school projects and other arts and crafts endeavors. Each set includes four colors, a brush and two special effect mixing mediums that can be mixed with the paint to offer a new take on creativity. The Glitter Set includes blue, green, purple and orange and two glitter mediums to add shimmery, glittery effects to paintings. The Pearl Set includes red, blue, green, yellow and two mediums to enhance painting with rich, pearlescent effects.

Washable Watercolor Sets Crayola Special Order Only

A watercolor formula created in response to parents' concerns, that retains the brightness of the standard colors, but adds true washability. The colors wash easily off skin and nearly all children's clothing. Each set includes a brush. AP certified non-toxic.

Kids Aprons Creativity Street Special Order Only

These durable kid-sized art aprons hold up year after year. They protect clothes during messy activities and feature two handy pockets for art supplies and tie-straps to secure the apron in place. The primary vinyl apron measures 15"w x 18"l and the denim apron is 17"w x 19.5"l.

Washable Watercolor Set Dixon Special Order Only

These semi-moist washable watercolor paints are perfect for young children. Soap and water washes paint from skin and most clothing. Set includes eight colors and a brush.

Assorted Brush Set Faber-Castell Special Order Only

This variety pack includes six different brush sizes that help young artists achieve various painting techniques. Triangular-shaped handles provide better control and brushes that do not roll.

Connector Paint Boxes Faber-Castell Special Order Only

These watercolor paint tablets can be detached and linked together again, creating various color combinations in the tray. This fun feature helps young artists learn about colors through play. The 12 bright colors and Chinese white, offer high paint coverage and they can be mixed together, making them ideally suited for all techniques and uses both in school and at home. Intended for ages 6 and up.

Young Artist Learn To Paint Set Faber-Castell Special Order Only

The Young Artist Learn to Paint Set includes everything a young artist needs to start painting. It contains six artist quality brushes of varying sizes, five colors of washable paint, ten sheets of paper, an easy-to-hold paint palette and fully illustrated instructions with a color mixing chart, tips and techniques.

Easy Wash Paint Micador Special Order Only

This set includes eight 60ml jars of assorted bright colors of Easy Wash washable paint. Made with washable premium pigments, the paint washes easily from skin and clothing.

Jumbo Watercolour Palette Micador Special Order Only

This 12-Color Set is encased in a sturdy, plastic tray with a snap-shut lid that doubles as a palette. The paint has a high pigment content for vibrant color. Includes a paintbrush.

Lotus Paint Palette Micador Special Order Only

This lotus-shaped paint palette includes two trays each with seven wells. The generously sized wells are great for mixing any water-based media. The palettes are made of strong, durable plastic. For ages 3-8.

Stuff for Painting Set Micador Special Order Only

This Stuff for Painting Set has everything children need to unleash their creativity. The kid-friendly and fun accessories include one flat Colorfun paintbrush, one round Colorfun paintbrush, one patterned foam roller (75mm), one foam brush (50mm) and one round stamp roller.

Watercolour Palette Micador Special Order Only

This stylish watercolor palette features 12 bright round pans of color and a paintbrush. The paint has a high pigment content and vibrant colors for hours of fun!

Chunkies Paint Stick Sets OOLY Special Order Only

Super easy to use, clean up and take on the go, Chunkies feel like you are painting with a crayon. Just uncap, twist and start painting. Chunkies are available in a set of 12 different colored paint sticks each in a thick barreled casing so that they are easy for little hands to hold. The paint colors are quick drying and won't smudge, and easy to mix colors to make even more colors.

Glitter & Metallic Washable Watercolor Sets Prang Special Order Only

Glitter blended and metallic finish semi-moist washable watercolors. The 8-color non-refillable box sets each include a #9 brush. The soft paint activates easily with water, so there is very little waste and extremely vibrant color.

Children's Flat Brush Princeton Artist Brush Co. Special Order Only

A inexpensive flat, natural bristle brush with a large handle that makes it easy for children to hold. It is for use with acrylic, oil and tempera paint.

Big Kid's Choice Deluxe Brush Sets Royal Brush Special Order Only

Kids will flip for the brightly colored translucent acrylic handles on these brushes. The Taklon bristles can be used with any type of paint.

Big Kid's Choice Toddler Brush Sets Royal Brush Special Order Only

Get young painters started with brushes that are designed especially for little hands. These sets feature three brushes with short, thick handles that are comfortable and easy for small hands to grip. They have color-coordinated handles and anodized ferrules with natural bristle filaments.