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24-color 22ml Heavy Body Acrylic Set Liquitex


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Product Description

Liquitex Heavy Body color has a buttery paste consistency that, when dry, retains the texture left by the brush or knife. Recommended when the artist wants the feel, pull and look of heavy-bodied paint.

The 6-color 22ml Set contains: mars black, titanium white, naphthol crimson, cadmium yellow medium hue, pthalocyanine green (blue shade) and ultramarine blue (green shade).

The 6-color 22ml Vibrant Set contains: hansa yellow light, medium magenta, vivid lime green, brilliant purple, light blue permanent and cadmium orange hue.

The 12-Color 22ml Essentials Set contains: yellow medium azo, ultramarine blue (red shade), napthol red light, yellow oxide, transparent burnt sienna, transparent raw umber, pthalo green (blue shade), cerulean blue hue, dioxazine purple, titanium white and ivory black.

The 24-color 22ml Set contains: yellow light hansa, yellow medium azo, cadmium-free yellow medium, cadmium-free orange, naphthol red light, quinacridone crimson, light portrait pink, brilliant purple, dioxazine purple, ultramarine blue (red shade), prussian blue hue, cerulean blue hue, light blue permanent, phthalocyanine green (blue shade), vivid lime green, yellow oxide, raw sienna, burnt umber, unbleached titanium, titanium white, payne's gray, ivory black, iridescent bright silver, and iridescent bright gold.

The 4-color 59ml (2 oz.) Mixing Set includes yellow medium azo, quinacridone crimson, phthalocyanine blue (green shade), and titanium white.

The 6-color 59ml (2 oz.) Mixing Set includes yellow medium azo, quinacridone crimson, phthalocyanine blue (green shade), ivory black, transparent mixing white, and titanium white.

The 6-color 59ml (2 oz.) Classics Set contains a basic palette of six colors - cadmium yellow light, mars black, naphthol crimson, pthalo green, titanium white and ultramarine blue.

The 12-color 59ml (2 oz.) Classics Set contains twelve colors: acra violet, brilliant blue, brilliant orange, brilliant yellow, bronze yellow, dioxazine purple, emerald green, ivory black, pthalo blue, pthalo green, scarlet red and titanium white.

The 6-color 59ml (2 oz.) Muted Collection + White Set includes muted violet, muted turquoise, muted pink, muted grey, muted green, and titanium white.

The 6-color 59ml (2 oz.) Iridescents Set includes iridescent black, iridescent white, iridescent bright silver, iridescent bright gold, iridescent rich bronze, and iridescent rose gold.

The 6-color 59ml (2 oz.) Fluorescents Set includes fluorescent yellow, fluorescent orange, fluorescent red, fluorescent pink, fluorescent blue, and fluorescent green.

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