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Americana Acrylic Colors DecoArt

Americana is a highly pigmented, all-purpose acrylic paint used for decorative painting, home décor and general craft painting projects. It is water-based, non-toxic and easily blended. The rich colors are smooth and creamy and dry to a durable matte finish that can be varnished to create various sheens. It can be used on a variety of surfaces including wood, canvas, plaster, resins, papier mache, candles, walls, fabric, leather, Styrofoam, ceramic bisque, polymer clay, paper, poster board and metal.

Americana Gloss Enamels DecoArt

These gloss enamels have a glossy sheen, are intermixable and dry to a hard finish. They are perfect for painting glassware, canvas, ceramic bisque, foam core, glazed ceramics, hard plastics, MDF, metal, papier-mâché, terra-cotta, wall board and wood with no sealer required. Painted glassware may be baked for increased durability. Use soap and water to clean up when wet. Available in 2 oz. bottles.

Dazzling Metallics Acrylic Colors DecoArt

Made with finely ground metal flakes, these bright, water-based, non-toxic acrylic colors are ideal for adding metallic accents to most projects. They offer vibrant, glittering colors from delicate translucent pastels to deep, rich shades. They can be used on wood, canvas, plaster, metal, resins, ceramic bisque, papier mache, Styrofoam, paper, poster board frames, lamps, vases, figurines, candles, candle holders and fabric. Great for painting, sponging, faux finishing, and adding metallic accents to art, craft and home decor projects. Available in 2 oz. bottles.

Extreme Sheen Acrylics DecoArt

Offering an advanced, finely-pigmented formula, Extreme Sheen is a bright, water-based, acrylic metallic paint. Whether you prefer jewel tones or traditional metallic colors, you are guaranteed a uniform, durable metallic shimmer from the ultra-fine, reflective pigments.

Glow in the Dark Paint DecoArt

This non-toxic medium will add luminescence to most surfaces when charged with light. It may be used alone or mixed with lighter acrylic colors. Ideal for Halloween crafts, adding stars to the walls of kids' rooms and decorative painting highlights. It can be used on wood, papier mache, walls, glass, ceramics, candles, Styrofoam, poster board and fabric. When using on fabrics, add DecoArt Fabric Painting Medium. Available in 2 oz. bottles.

Fluid Acrylics Golden

These highly intense, permanent colors have a consistency similar to heavy cream. They are produced from lightfast pigments, not dyes. No fillers or extenders are added. Fluid Acrylics contain high pigment levels suspended in an acrylic polymer vehicle.

Fluorescent Colors Golden

These intense, brilliant colors are produced from dyes surrounded by a polymer coating. They are not lightfast.

Heavy Body Acrylics Golden

These 100% acrylic, smooth, thick colors are offered in a large assortment of unique pure pigments. There are no fillers, extenders, opacifiers, toners or dyes added. They render excellent permanency and lightfastness. Each color is formulated differently depending on the nature of the pigment. Colors that tolerate higher pigment loads dry to a more opaque, matte finish. Colors that are more reactive and do not accept high pigment loading dry to a glossy finish and tend to be more transparent.

High Flow Acrylics Golden

These acrylic paints have an ink-like consistency that lends itself to a wide range of techniques. From fine line detail work to broad strokes, these acrylics are suitable for many different applications including calligraphy, mixed media, airbrush, refillable markers, technical pens and brushes. Designed for artists who want to achieve fine line detail, standing effects and level colors. The line includes natural earth colors, core colors, iridescent colors and fluorescent colors.

Interference Colors Golden

Interference Colors offer a unique “ interference flip” when viewed from different perspectives. They flip between a bright opalescent color and it's opalescent complement when applied over white surfaces. Over darker surfaces, the bright opalescent color is very noticeable, but the effect is not evident. Combine with Gloss Gels and Fluid Acrylics for an endless variety of colors and effects.

Iridescent Acrylics Golden

Iridescent Acrylics may be used alone or with other colors, gels and mediums. "Coarse" colors employ a larger reflective particle size in comparison to "Fine" colors.

Mica Flake Acrylics Golden

More of a medium than a paint, these colors create a shimmering faceted finish from mica particles suspended in a gloss acrylic medium.

OPEN Acrylic Colors Golden

OPEN Acrylics feature uniquely relaxed working characteristics and a remarkable ability to resist skinning and remain wet on the palette during long painting sessions. Working time varies according to how thickly the material is applied. Thin applications “tack up,” allowing additional layers to be applied and blended. Thicker applications may be worked for hours. They are versatile and can be used for techniques where acrylics are normally challenging to use including portraiture, plein air painting, monoprinting and screen printing.

Phosphorescent Green Heavy Body Acrylic Golden

Phosphorescent Green is a heavy-body acrylic paint that can be applied to various surfaces. The unique pigment used has the ability to absorb and store natural and artificial light. Once the light source is removed (i.e. when the lights are turned off or the painted object is taken into a dark area), a bright, greenish glow is emitted for up to 15 minutes. The glow steadily diminishes as the stored light energy is released.

SoFlat Matte Acrylics Golden

To brush out smooth, saturated color that dries to an even, glare-free surface, you need a paint that is more than just matte. It should have better coverage and more leveling properties. That combination of qualities makes SoFlat unique.

Mural & Theme Paints Golden Paintworks

Golden Paintworks Mural & Theme Paints are formulated using advanced, exterior pigments and resin technologies to create an array of clean, intense, lightfast colors for painting and enhancing a wide variety of projects from murals to themed façades, entertainment venues, and color branded commercial buildings.

Lumiere Acrylic Colors Jacquard

This stunning assortment of light-bodied metallic and pearlescent paints brush on smoothly and are formulated to last. They won’t crack, peel or chip, even on flexible surfaces like fabric, leather, vinyl or rubber. Soft to the touch and washfast on fabric, Lumiere paints also exhibit unparalleled adhesive properties, even on non-porous surfaces like ceramic and metal. Lumiere colors are lightfast and weather resistant and their high pigmentation provides excellent coverage, even on dark grounds.

Neopaque Acrylic Colors Jacquard

Neopaque Acrylic Colors share many characteristics with Lumiere Acrylic Colors but are not pearlescent. Formulated for maximum coverage on dark grounds, these highly pigmented opaque paints are durable, flexible and soft on a variety of surfaces, including fabric, leather, clay and canvas. To increase transparency, mix with 579 Extender.

Artists' Acrylic Lascaux

Lascaux Artists’ Acrylics are quite simply the premier professional artists’ quality acrylic paints. These have an exceptional pigment load, texture and feel normally reserved for oil paints. All colors dry to a uniformly matte satin-sheen. They have a smooth, rich and buttery feel and are never sticky. The Artists’ Acrylics are archival, extraordinarily lightfast and resistant to aging, suitable for exterior use and compatible with all Lascaux painting system colors and mediums. The colors do not oxidize, shrink, yellow or crack. The tubes’ hand-painted labels accurately show paint color.

Flashe Matte Artist's Color Lefranc & Bourgeois

Flashe is an extra fine, vinyl-based professional grade of matte permanent colors. It offers optical characteristics similar to gouache, old tempera paints and primitive painting grounds - the result is matte, velvety and opaque. Extremely highly pigmented, Flashe may be diluted with water to create a range of possible techniques - from dense, highly opaque application to transparent watercolor effects. Flashe is so versatile, it may be used inside or outside. The supple film offers good adherence and resistance to weather aggression - ideal for fresco and wall painting, faux finish, theater decoration, etc. It is also compatible with paper, canvas and other supports or for preparing grounds. Flashe colors may be applied using brushes, paint guns or sponges.

Heavy Body Professional Acrylic Colors Liquitex

Liquitex Heavy Body color has a buttery paste consistency that, when dry, retains the texture left by the brush or knife. Recommended when the artist wants the feel, pull and look of heavy-bodied paint.

Fundamentals Acrylic Colors Raw Materials

Designed for the student or beginner with value in mind, Fundamentals Acrylic Colors are artists' quality paint at an affordable price. Great for the serious art student or the artist beginning to develop their painting skill, Fundamentals Acrylic Colors use lightfast pigments in 58 brilliant colors. With good brush mark retention that dries to a low-gloss finish, the emphasis is on color saturation and luminosity. Available in 75ml tubes, 200ml tubes, pints, quarts, and gallon containers, Fundamentals Acrylic Paints are great for when you want a little, or need a lot.

Amsterdam Standard Acrylics Royal Talens

A versatile and extensive range of acrylics with a thick consistency and a quick drying time. Amsterdam acrylics are highly permanent, have excellent lightfastness and mix well with other brands of acrylic paint. Tubes are recyclable. Proudly crafted in Holland.

Liquid Metals Acrylic Paint Sargent Art

These rich and lustrous faux-metallic colors give projects a touch of elegance with great coverage and durability. Perfect for signs, murals, sculptures, stage designs, and large-and small-scale art projects, these acrylics can create any metallic effect desired. They are acid-free and come in convenient clear, wide mouth 4 oz. and 8 oz. jars for easy access to paint.

Abstract Acrylics Sennelier

Highly pigmented, heavy body acrylic paints in an innovative flexible pouch! These fine quality paints come housed in an extra-sturdy, easy-to-transport squeezable pouch that features a transparent window that shows the exact color inside. Paint straight out of the pouch or use it as you would any acrylic paint. Made in France.

UVfx Black Light Poster Paint Tri-Art

Tri-Art's UVfx black light poster paint glows under black light, creating spectacular visual effects. Made with 100% acrylic polymer emulsion with a fluid consistency, these are waterproof when dry and will not chip, crack or peel.

Economy Acrylics Art Alternatives Special Order Only

These non-toxic and non-separating medium-bodied studio acrylics offer excellent mixing characteristics and dry to a water-proof satin finish. Ideal for large applications, schools, clubs, painting parties and other bulk needs. Colors come in pints (16 oz.) and half gallon (64 oz.) bottles. A lockable pump is available for the half gallon bottles.

Graduate Acrylics Daler-Rowney Special Order Only

Great for students and hobbyists, these acrylic colors feature good pigment strength and flow easily across paper and primed surfaces. The colors are bright, strong, and easy to brush onto surfaces. They are water-based, fast-drying, durable and contain no solvents.

Original System 3 Acrylics Daler-Rowney Special Order Only

System 3 acrylics offer students and beginners high-quality, water-based colors at an economical price. They are medium bodied and can be thinned with water or used directly from the tube. Either way, they dry quickly to form an insoluble film.

Crafter's Acrylic Paint DecoArt Special Order Only

This non-toxic, low-cost acrylic paint is ideal for simple base coating and craft projects. Designed to brush out smoothly and evenly, it covers in one or two coats and can be intermixed. This fast-drying, permanent paint can be used for general arts and crafts, stenciling, ceramics, school projects, home decorating and decorative painting.

Dazzling Metallics Acrylic Glazes DecoArt Special Order Only

A metallic, translucent glaze used for antiquing, glazing, staining and more. Great for faux finishing techniques, this non-toxic glaze provides a durable, rich metallic finish on canvas, ceramic bisque, metal, papier mache, plaster, resins, wallpaper, walls and wood. Available in 2 oz. bottles.

Fluid Art Pouring Acrylics DecoArt Special Order Only

Highly-pigmented, ready-to-pour paints that are the ideal consistency for creating unique and layered paint pours in one step. These paints are formulated to flow easily and don’t need to be mixed with any mediums or additives. Perfect for any level of artist to create custom artwork.

Media Fluid Acrylics DecoArt Special Order Only

These fluid acrylics are highly pigmented and formulated to deliver professional artist performance for all skill levels. They are intermixable, durable, permanent and feature superior adhesion. They can be used on their own, mixed with mediums or white paint to create various tints, textures and unique effects. They are water-resistant and have a satin finish. The range includes traditional, metallic and interference colors that change in appearance depending on light angle and base color. The acrylics adhere to canvas, paper, Styrofoam, terra-cotta, unglazed ceramic, walls, wood and other surfaces with use of a medium. They are water-based, non-toxic and easy-to-clean.

Student Acrylics DecoArt Special Order Only

Paint simple crafts and beginner canvas paintings with DecoArt Student Acrylic paints, available in 27 intermixable colors. These value-priced matte-finish paints are ideal for meeting the needs of students and beginning artists in the classroom and at home. Water-based and non-toxic, these clean up with soap and water. Made in the USA.

Academy Acrylics Grumbacher Special Order Only

Like all of Grumbacher's Academy products that provide high quality at an affordable price, these non-toxic acrylics are ideal for students and price-conscious artists. Genuine pigments are used to produce smooth, consistent colors with excellent opacity.

Mat Acrylic Holbein Special Order Only

Holbein Mat Acrylic can be used directly as a painting medium or as a successful ground for acrylics, aqueous colors, oil color and tempera paints. It has a buttery consistency and unique texture that dries to a vivid matte finish. Each color offers outstanding lightfast qualities and exceptional covering power. Applicable to various materials, paper, canvas, fabric, clay, concrete, stone, leather and more.

Perlacryl Acrylics Lascaux Special Order Only

Capture the intense, deep brilliance of reflected light in your paintings. Perlacryl is a unique, artists’ quality iridescent acrylic that is based on a non-toxic formulation of synthetic mother of pearl. Fluid. Concentrated. With intense coloring strength and covering power. Compatible with all Lascaux painting system colors and mediums. Smooth handling characteristics. Colors are permanent, lightfast and archival. Dried paint film is flexible, scratch and water resistant.

Studio Acrylics Lascaux Special Order Only

Studio acrylic colors feature excellent light fastness, intensity and brilliance. These premier quality professional fluid acrylics are remarkably versatile. Use them on virtually any support. Highly concentrated. They offer quality and economy for large-scale artworks and murals. Colors flow smoothly, are non-sticky. Will not bleed or change hue when over painted. All colors dry to a uniform satin finish. Great for exterior applications.

BASICS Acrylic Colors Liquitex Special Order Only

Ideal for beginners, students, classrooms and community projects, this student quality acrylic paint delivers reliable results and excellent coverage. A wonderful introduction to the properties and qualities of acrylic paint, BASICS acrylic color allows you to explore color theory, create vibrant paintings or community murals at an affordable price.

Professional Soft Body Acrylic Colors Liquitex Special Order Only

Soft Body colors have a much smoother, more fluid consistency than Heavy Body colors. Especially applicable for watercolor or tempera techniques, 2-dimensional art, spraying, airbrushing, line work and where large areas of flat color are desired.

Artists' Acrylic M. Graham Special Order Only

M. Graham Acrylic Artists’ Color are made with the same devotion and craftsmanship that they use in their traditional media: small batches, quality ingredients, and the highest concentrations of color possible. The flow and delicacy of a gouache, with colors you’d expect from oil. The result is fine art acrylic paint with bold vitality and a creamy delicacy of touch that offers you a world of opportunity — from fine detail to broad, full-brushed applications.

Essentials Acrylic Paint Royal Brush Special Order Only

Vibrant color, a creamy consistency and smooth application are the hallmarks of this acrylic color.

Abstract Liners Sennelier Special Order Only

Abstract Liner is a 3D paint liner in a squeeze bottle with an applicator tip, ideal for reliefs and contours using heavy body abstract paint. Creative effects will appeal to both professional and beginning artist alike. Abstract liners can be easily refilled.

Galeria Acrylics Winsor & Newton Special Order Only

Carefully formulated to produce a free-flowing product at a reasonable price. Colors are strong, vibrant, easily diluted with water and suitable for a wide variety of techniques. The colors can be applied to most non-shiny, non-greasy surfaces.