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These gloss enamels have a glossy sheen, are intermixable and dry to a hard finish. They are perfect for painting glassware, canvas, ceramic bisque, foam core, glazed ceramics, hard plastics, MDF, metal, papier-mâché, terra-cotta, wall board and wood with no sealer required. Painted glassware may be baked for increased durability. Use soap and water to clean up when wet. Available in 2 oz. bottles.

Item No. Description List Sale In Stock
DCO-DAG01-30 White $2.48 $2.23 Out of stock
DCO-DAG09-30 Antique Gold $2.48 $2.23 Out of stock
DCO-DAG101-30 Dioxazine Purple $2.48 $2.23 In stock
DCO-DAG129-30 True Red $2.48 $2.23 In stock
DCO-DAG174-30 Milk Chocolate $2.48 $2.23 In stock
DCO-DAG227-30 Bright Yellow $2.48 $2.23 In stock
DCO-DAG228-30 Bright Orange $2.48 $2.23 Out of stock
DCO-DAG230-30 Festive Green $2.48 $2.23 In stock
DCO-DAG232-30 Vivid Violet $2.48 $2.23 Out of stock
DCO-DAG234-30 Calypso Blue $2.48 $2.23 Out of stock
DCO-DAG245-30 Rich Espresso $2.48 $2.23 Out of stock
DCO-DAG265-30 Tuscan Red $2.48 $2.23 In stock
DCO-DAG272-30 Purple Cow $2.48 $2.23 In stock
DCO-DAG276-30 Razzle Berry $2.48 $2.23 In stock
DCO-DAG292-30 Coral Blush $2.48 $2.23 Out of stock
DCO-DAG31-30 Baby Pink $2.48 $2.23 In stock
DCO-DAG311-30 Natural Buff $2.48 $2.23 In stock
DCO-DAG34-30 Lavender $2.48 $2.23 Out of stock
DCO-DAG36-30 True Blue $2.48 $2.23 In stock
DCO-DAG44-30 Desert Turquoise $2.48 $2.23 Out of stock
DCO-DAG65-30 Dark Chocolate $2.48 $2.23 In stock
DCO-DAG67-30 Black $2.48 $2.23 In stock
DCO-DAG70-30 Shimmer Silver $2.48 $2.23 Out of stock
DCO-DAG71-30 Glorious Gold $2.48 $2.23 In stock
DCO-DAG87-30 Indian Turquoise $2.48 $2.23 In stock
DCO-DAG164-30 Light Buttermilk $2.48 $2.23 Out of stock, special order
DCO-DAG201-30 Primary Yellow $2.48 $2.23 Out of stock, special order
DCO-DAG235-30 Citron Green $2.48 $2.23 Out of stock, special order
DCO-DAG269-30 Foliage Green $2.48 $2.23 Out of stock, special order