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Acrylic Mat Pub is an extra-fine acrylic paint with a low viscosity that comes in highly concentrated, covering and adhering colors with an ultra-matte finish. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor artistic and graphic applications, such as mural painting, covering dimensional textured surfaces, lettering, washes, and dilutions.

Applied in thickness, the paint retains its volume, making it a perfect medium for the dripping technique, while its highly-adhesive dry film is ideal for working in layers or using it as a base coat. Weather-resistant with excellent lightfastness (fluorescent colors excluded), Acrylic Mat Pub is suitable for all clean surfaces.

Clearance! All Pebeo Mat Acrylics are 50% off list price while supplies last. (If you order colors or quantities that are not in stock, that portion of your order will be cancelled and refunded. No special orders are available at this time.)


Item No. Description List Sale In Stock
PO256001 Ivory $12.95 $6.48 In stock
PO256002 Primary Yellow $14.75 $7.38 In stock
PO256003 Golden Yellow $12.95 $6.48 In stock
PO256005 Vermilion Red $14.75 $7.38 In stock
PO256006 Magenta Red $14.75 $7.38 In stock
PO256007 Carmine Red $14.75 $7.38 In stock
PO256008 Tyrian Pink $12.95 $6.48 In stock
PO256009 Cobalt Blue $12.95 $6.48 In stock
PO256011 Cobalt Blue $12.95 $6.48 In stock
PO256012 Cyan Blue $12.95 $6.48 In stock
PO256013 Turquoise Blue $12.95 $6.48 In stock
PO256014 Duck Green $12.95 $6.48 In stock
PO256015 Bright Green $12.95 $6.48 In stock
PO256016 Permanent Green $12.95 $6.48 In stock
PO256017 Bright Pink $12.95 $6.48 In stock
PO256018 Yellow Ochre $12.95 $6.48 In stock
PO256019 Raw Sienna $12.95 $6.48 In stock
PO256020 Burnt Sienna $12.95 $6.48 In stock
PO256021 Raw Umber $12.95 $6.48 In stock
PO256022 Burnt Umber $12.95 $6.48 In stock
PO256023 Warm Grey $12.95 $6.48 In stock
PO256024 Ivory Black $12.95 $6.48 In stock
PO256025 Permanent White $12.95 $6.48 In stock
PO256027 Fluorescent Orange $16.60 $8.30 In stock
PO256028 Fluorescent Pink $16.60 $8.30 In stock
PO256029 Fluorescent Green $16.60 $8.30 In stock