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Abstract Liner is a 3D paint liner in a squeeze bottle with an applicator tip, ideal for reliefs and contours using heavy body abstract paint. Creative effects will appeal to both professional and beginning artist alike. Abstract liners can be easily refilled.

Clearance! All Abstract Acrylics are 45% off list price while supplies last. (If you order colors or quantities that are not in stock, that portion of your order will be cancelled and refunded. No special orders are available at this time.)


Item No. Description List Sale In Stock
SEN-10-121301-029 Iridescent Silver $4.95 $2.72 In stock
SEN-10-121301-211 Burnt Sienna $4.95 $2.72 In stock
SEN-10-121301-250 Flesh Ochre $4.95 $2.72 In stock
SEN-10-121301-252 Yellow Ochre $4.95 $2.72 In stock
SEN-10-121301-314 Ultramarine Blue $4.95 $2.72 In stock
SEN-10-121301-320 Azure Blue $4.95 $2.72 In stock
SEN-10-121301-502 Fluorescent Yellow $4.95 $2.72 In stock
SEN-10-121301-574 Primary Yellow $4.95 $2.72 In stock
SEN-10-121301-613 Cadmium Red Light Hue $4.95 $2.72 In stock
SEN-10-121301-615 Cadmium Red Orange Hue $4.95 $2.72 In stock
SEN-10-121301-654 Fluorescent Pink $4.95 $2.72 In stock
SEN-10-121301-658 Quinacridone Pink $4.95 $2.72 In stock
SEN-10-121301-671 Deep Magenta $4.95 $2.72 In stock
SEN-10-121301-701 Neutral Grey $4.95 $2.72 In stock
SEN-10-121301-871 Bright Yellow Green $4.95 $2.72 In stock
SEN-10-121301-895 Fluorescent Green $4.95 $2.72 In stock
SEN-10-121301-028 Iridescent Gold $4.95 $4.46 Out of stock, special order
SEN-10-121301-116 Titanium White $4.95 $4.46 Out of stock, special order
SEN-10-121301-341 Turquoise $4.95 $4.46 Out of stock, special order
SEN-10-121301-759 Mars Black $4.95 $4.46 Out of stock, special order