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Tri-Art's UVfx black light poster paint glows under black light, creating spectacular visual effects. Made with 100% acrylic polymer emulsion with a fluid consistency, these are waterproof when dry and will not chip, crack or peel.

Glow in the Dark continues to glow for a short time after being exposed to light. Black is not fluorescent.

Available in 250ml bottles.


Item No. Description List Sale In Stock
TRI-0242507422 Blue $9.20 $7.36 Out of stock
TRI-0242507430 Green $9.20 $7.36 In stock
TRI-0242507438 Orange $9.20 $7.36 In stock
TRI-0242507454 Red $9.20 $7.36 In stock
TRI-0242507462 Tangerine $9.20 $7.36 In stock
TRI-0242507470 Violet $9.20 $7.36 In stock
TRI-0242507478 Yellow $9.20 $7.36 In stock
TRI-0242507486 Glow in the Dark $9.20 $7.36 In stock
TRI-0252607446 Pink $9.20 $7.36 In stock
TRI-0242507494 Black $9.20 $7.36 Out of stock, special order