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Fabric Painting Medium DecoArt

When mixed with acrylic paint, this medium produces a washable, permanent paint for fabrics. It improves penetration and bonding to the fabric and helps to prevent cracking, peeling and fading. It will not dilute the color and it softens the finished design and improves the detailing and blending of colors. It is suitable for clothing and home décor fabric projects. Available in 2 oz. bottles.

Glazing Medium DecoArt

When mixed with acrylic or latex paint, creates a glaze that can be used for professional-looking faux finishes on walls, furniture, decorative accents, and other hard surfaces. Available in 2 oz. bottles

One Step Crackle Medium DecoArt

Achieve crackled effects over sealed or painted surfaces in one easy step. Simply apply with a brush and let dry for an old world effect or a newer trendy look. The crackle effect will vary by the thickness of application. A thin application will produce small crackled effects and a thick application will produce large crackled effects. Great for use on wood, plaster, tin, resin, ceramic bisque, papier mache, terra-cotta, plastic, glass, metal and other hard surfaces. Transparent when dry. Available in 2 oz. bottles.

Pearlizing Medium DecoArt

Mix with acrylic paint to create a pearlescent finish. Suitable for wood, canvas, Styrofoam, resins, polymer clay, walls, candles, metal, plaster, ceramic bisque, papier mache, paper and more. Available in 2 oz. bottles.

Pouring Medium DecoArt

A fluid additive specially formulated to enable paint to flow easily across a surface. It thins the paint to the ideal consistency for pouring, without sacrificing adhesive properties. Its flexible film will not crack or craze.

Staining/Antiquing Medium DecoArt

Mix equal parts with acrylic paints to make a stain or use for antiquing to increase the open time of the paint. For use on wood, papier mache, plaster or ceramic bisque. Available in 2 oz. bottles.

Triple Thick Gloss Glaze DecoArt

Add a glazed ceramic look to a variety of hard surfaces. Three times as thick as other finishes, it provides a protective, non-yellowing coat that dries quickly and evenly. It goes on smoothly with no stroke marks. The finish adds the illusion of depth and resists cracking. Suitable for wood, wicker, plaster, papier mache, resins, painted china, pre-primed metal, pinecones, jewelry, bisque, artificial flowers and more.

Weathered Wood Crackling Medium DecoArt

A quick-drying, non-toxic crackling medium which, when used with acrylic colors, will achieve an aged, cracked, antiqued or distressed wood finish on most hard craft surfaces. It can be brushed on to almost any surface that will hold acrylic color including wood, papier mache, plaster, ceramic bisque, cardboard, paper, resin and more. The thickness of the coat will affect the size of the crackled finish. The heavier the top coat, the larger the cracks. Available in 2 oz. bottles.

Absorbent Ground Golden

These acrylic grounds dry to a porous, paper-like surface. Apply over gessoed surfaces to prepare for stains or watercolor effects. They are permanent and flexible.

Acrylic Gel Mediums and Molding Pastes Introductory Set Golden

This introductory set of acrylic gel mediums and molding pastes offers the opportunity to experiment with a range of textures and sheens. The set includes one 2 oz. jar each of Soft Gel (gloss), Regular Gel (semi-gloss), Extra Heavy Gel (matte), Light Molding Paste, Coarse Pumice Gel and Clear Tar Gel. The set also includes product sample cards consisting of finished one-inch square samples of each product with a brief description.

Clear Granular Gel Golden

This extra-coarse granular gel offers excellent clarity and durability. It has a thick consistency and does not distort colors.

Clear Tar Gel Golden

Clear Tar Gel is designed to yield a pully, tar-like feel in a colorless gel. It is useful for generating fine detailed lines by “ dripping” it over surfaces. It blends well with all acrylic colors, especially Golden Fluid Acrylics.

Color Pouring Medium Golden

Mix Heavy Body, Fluid, or High Flow Acrylics into Color Pouring Medium Gloss for an almost opaque, glossy and level appearance. Color Pouring Medium Matte provides a low luster finish on color pours. Colors hold their edges when poured wet into wet.

Crackle Paste Golden

Crackle paste is a white, light-weight ground made with a unique balance of solids and acrylic binders. It's use results in an intentional controlled failure that causes the material to develop cracks as it dries. This product allows the artist to introduce a random, cracked look which can imitate an aged surface, like that seen on old frescoes or antiques. The cracking is random but can be influenced somewhat by the thickness of the application. This ground can be tinted with acrylic color before application (up to 10% by volume) and can be painted, glazed or stained with color once dry. This product performs best on a rigid support which is primed with an absorbent undercoat such as gesso, high-load color, or even house paint. The directions on the package should be followed. Tools clean up with water.

Extra Heavy Gels Golden

This very dense gel is made for extending acrylics to a thick texture.

Extra Heavy Molding Paste Golden

Extra Heavy Molding Paste is a an acrylic texture medium. It dries to a satin, semi-opaque finish.

Fiber Paste Golden

This medium offers a dry film that has the appearance of rough handmade paper. Skimming the product with a wet palette knife can make a smoother surface. When dry, it has an off-white color and is very absorbent, making it ideal for use with acrylic and watercolor washes or inks. It has a thick, somewhat sticky feel in the wet state.

Fluid Matte Medium Golden

This liquid medium is useful for extending colors and decreasing gloss.

GAC 100- Universal Acrylic Polymer Golden

GAC 100 is a liquid acrylic polymer emulsion useful for diluting and extending colors as well as increasing flexibility and film integrity. Wets out solids more readily than other polymers and is useful for creating homemade paints.

GAC 200- Acrylic Polymer for Increasing Film Hardness Golden

GAC 200 is a liquid acrylic polymer emulsion that is the hardest and least flexible of GOLDEN acrylics, useful for increasing film hardness and reducing tack. Increases adhesion to non-porous surfaces; however some surfaces, such as glass and glazed tile, will not allow for a permanent bond. Used in its pure form, it is limited to applications on non-flexible supports.

GAC 400- Acrylic Polymer for Stiffening Fabrics Golden

GAC 400 is a liquid acrylic polymer emulsion which dries to a hard, stiff film. When applied over a fabric support, such as cotton, linen or silk, the GAC 400 will serve to dramatically stiffen the support. This allows the artist to transform a lightweight fabric into a free-standing form that will hold its shape.

GAC 500 Gloss Extender for Fluid Acrylic Colors Golden

GAC 500 Gloss Extender for Fluid Acrylic Colors is a unique balance of film hardness and flexibility offering increased leveling, Increases mar resistance and decreases dry film tack. GAC 500 is particularly useful for extending Fluid Acrylic colors with minimal property change. It can be mixed with Airbrush Transparent Extender for a fast-drying, sprayable isolation coat.

GAC 700- Acrylic Polymer for Increasing Film Clarity Golden

GAC 700 is a liquid acylic polymer emulsion offering excellent film clarity, gloss, and reduced shrinkage. Useful for glaze applications. Exercise care to reduce foaming during application.

GAC 800- Acrylic Polymer for Reducing Craze Golden

GAC 800 Acrylic is a liquid acrylic polymer emulsion that does not craze in pours/puddles. That is to say that it dries with the same uniform surface and dimensional integrity as when wet (other GACs will craze, developing shrinkage crevices running across the surface). Dries with good gloss and flexibility, but only moderate clarity. Useful to increase adhesion to chalky surfaces.

GAC 900 Fabric Painting Medium Golden

GAC 900 is a liquid acrylic polymer emulsion which when heat-set offers a very soft hand and laundering stability. This product is most useful to artists painting on clothing. GAC 900 can be blended with various acrylic colors to produce fabric paints that can be airbrush, hand brush or screen applied.

Glass Bead Gel Golden

A coarse textured medium with a heavy body viscosity that holds peaks. Made with genuine glass beads, its unique visual effect - like that of condensation on cold glass - is best seen in thin films that allow the mono-layer of glass beads to be illuminated on a light colored ground. Glass Bead Gel can appear very similar to Coarse Pumice Gel or Clear Granular Gel when mixed with enough paint to hide the appearance of the glass beads.

Glazing Liquid Golden

When mixed with acrylic colors, Glazing Liquid (formerly Acrylic Glazing Liquid) dries slowly, allowing sufficient working time for a wide variety of glaze and faux finish techniques. Available in gloss or satin finishes.

Gloss Medium Golden

This general purpose liquid medium is useful for creating glazes, extending colors, enhancing gloss and translucency and increasing film integrity. It is oil-like and resinous in nature, promoting flow and leveling. Formerly known as Polymer Medium (Gloss).

Heavy Gels Golden

Heavy Gels are thicker than Heavy Body Acrylics and may be blended with colors to increase body.

High Solid Gels Golden

These gels blend with colors and make them feel more oil-like by retaining brush strokes. The gloss offers less shrinkage than the matte which dries to a cloudy, waxlike finish.

Matte Medium Golden

Gives a matte transparency when mixed with colors.

Molding Pastes Golden

These pastes dry to a hard, opaque film. Although still flexible, they are more rigid than the gels and able to hold stiff peaks. The Light Molding Paste offers significant weight reduction when building thick layers. It is soft, very flexible and dries to an opaque, matte finish. The Hard Molding Paste provides the hardest opaque, matte finish. It blends well with color and is useful for creating tough, durable finishes. The dried film can be carved.

OPEN Acrylic Gel Golden

Formulated with100% acrylic polymer dispersion and engineered to have the same optimized working time as OPEN Acrylic Colors, this medium will stay wet on the palette for extended periods without skinning over. It can be used to extend paint, regulate transparency, create glazes, reduce viscosity or improve adhesion and film integrity. It is the same consistency as OPEN Acrylic Colors and is ideal for extending the paints while maintaining working properties.

OPEN Acrylic Medium Golden

Formulated with 100% acrylic polymer dispersion and engineered to have the same optimized working time as OPEN Acrylic Colors, this medium will stay wet on the palette for extended periods without skinning over. It can be used to extend paint, regulate transparency, create glazes, reduce viscosity or improve adhesion and film integrity. It is formulated to a lower viscosity than OPEN Acrylic Colors and is used to maintain properties when a more fluid mixture is desired to increase flow.

OPEN Acrylic Thinner Golden

OPEN Thinner is a water-based additive designed to thin the consistency of OPEN Acrylics without altering open time, as well as maintain and adjust the workability of colors on the palette. It can also function as a thin-bodied retarder when used with heavy body or fluid acrylics. It contains no binders, does not form a film and should never be used alone.

Pastel Ground Golden

This acrylic ground is used for preparing supports for pastels, graphite, pencil, charcoal or chalk. It provides a tooth similar to pastel paper. Blend with acrylic colors to achieve colored grounds.

Pumice Gels Golden

Pumice Gels with various grades of gritty textures which dry to hard films.

Regular Gels Golden

These gels are creamy like Heavy Body Acrylic colors and are ideal for extending paint and regulating transparency.

Retarder Golden

Retarder is an additive used to increase the drying time of acrylic paints. Useful for “ wet-in-wet” techniques and reducing skinning on the palette.

Self Leveling Clear Gel Golden

Designed to produce a clear even film, this gel dries to a flexible, high gloss film while imparting a leveling quality to acrylic colors.

Silkscreen Medium Golden

Silkscreen Medium is designed to blend with acrylic colors for silkscreen application. It increases the working time and retards paint from drying in the screen. Note: Silkscreen Medium is not designed for clothing application.

Soft Gels Golden

These pourable gels produce brilliant glazes when mixed with color. They can be used as a base for wet blending of color or as a glue for collage work. Soft Gel is recommended as a nonremovable isolation coat before adding removable topcoat varnishes.

Super Matte Medium Golden

A pourable medium with a very high content of matting agent. When mixed with acrylic colors, the result is a high degree of gloss reduction. It is also suitable as a primer instead of gesso. Formerly known as Super Loaded Matte Medium.

UV Topcoat Golden

Thick acrylic gel mediums containing ultraviolet light filters and stabilizers (UVLS) to protect materials from fading and deterioration caused by exposure to UV radiation. These gel topcoats dry to a permanent, flexible, non-removable coating. Available in a gloss finish that dries with great clarity and a highly reflective surface, and a semi-gloss finish that dries to a translucent, wax-like finish.

Wetting Agent Golden

Wetting Agent (formerly Acrylic Flow Release) is used to increase the slickness and flow of the paint. It is effective for achieving rich stains on porous surfaces such as paper and canvas.

Acrylic Texture Gels Liquitex

For a variety of textural and impasto effects, use these texture gels alone, mix them with acrylic colors and mediums, or intermix them. Formulated for maximum flexibility, they can be applied to any material suitable for heavy acrylic painting. Each medium can be thinned with water and becomes water-resistant when dry. Gel Medium or Heavy Gel Medium should be added when using additional substances (like sand) to avoid brittleness, and results should be varnished to avoid foaming or clouding.

Flexible Modeling Paste Liquitex

This thick, matte and opaque gel painting medium is a 100% polymer emulsion that dries more slowly than other modeling pastes to a hard yet flexible surface. It can be used to build three-dimensional forms and heavy textures on supports that may be subject to flexing or movement. It adheres to most non-oily, absorbent surfaces. It can be applied with palette knife, trowel, paintbrush, cake decorating tips and more to create a variety of effects. When mix with acrylic colors, will act as a weak tinting white, while increasing thickness and rigidity. It should be varnished with care to avoid foaming or clouding.

Flow Aid Additive Liquitex

Increases the flow of acrylic colors on all surfaces. This handy additive will give more even lay-down in flat brushing techniques (i.e., hard edge painting), and it allows better, deeper staining techniques (i.e., color field painting.) Also produces a fluid spray when mixed with acrylics in airbrushes or air guns.

Glazing Medium Liquitex

For brilliant, jewel-like glazes with acrylic colors, this Glazing Medium is a great choice. Excellent leveling and brushability are an additional benefit of mixing this medium with acrylic paints. Any amount can be mixed with acrylic color. It is flexible, non-yellowing and water-resistant when dry.

Gloss Fluid Medium & Varnish Liquitex

A gloss medium that is mixed with colors for transparency and glazing. Can also be used as a final gloss varnish.

Iridescent Tinting Medium Liquitex

An ingenious medium which makes all acrylic colors iridescent while allowing the artist to control the intensity. Excellent for decoy painting, fabric painting and marbling. In an 8 oz. jar.

Liquitex Gel Medium Liquitex

This gloss medium has the same body and viscosity of tube color and may be used to add body to jar color. It extends the drying time of acrylic paints.

Matte Fluid Medium Liquitex

Mix this medium with acrylic paint to create a flat matte finish. It can also be mixed with gloss medium & varnish to vary the paint sheen from matte to satin.

Matte Gel Medium Liquitex

Reduces gloss of tube or jar acrylics and produces heavy matte or semi-matte glazes. Excellent matte adhesive for collage and other materials, as well as for applications on canvas.

Matte Super Heavy Gel Medium Liquitex

This super thick gel has a high surface drag used to create a stiff oil-like feel. It is ideal for creating high peaks and sculptural applications that hold shape when dry, with minimal shrinkage.

Mediums Trial Sets Liquitex

The Fluid Mediums Trial Set contains four 59ml jars of popular Liquitex fluid mediums: ultra matte medium, matte medium, glazing medium, and slow-dri blending medium.

Modeling Paste Liquitex

Light, airy and easy-to-use, this medium is perfect for acrylic applications where weight is a factor. It may be used to create impasto and 3D effects.

Palette Wetting Spray Liquitex

This fluid painting medium is made with an innovative, fluid acrylic resin designed to slow the drying of acrylic colors. It allows artists to keep their palette colors fresh longer and prevents them from skinning over. It improves color blending and can also be used to thin color while maintaining film integrity. It is also formulated with an anti-microbial agent to prevent mold. Spray on palette before applying paints and used repeatedly to re-wet palette.

Pouring Medium Liquitex

Designed not to craze in poured applications, this flexible, non-yellowing medium creates even poured puddles and acrylic sheets. It can be mixed with soft body acrylic color to promote drying with a smooth even colored film.

Slow-Dri Fluid Additive Liquitex

Use this acrylic additive to slow down drying time, create transparent colors and washes or to improve the paint flow in detail and liner work.

Slow-Dri Mediums Liquitex

Slow-Dri Medium is available in both fluid and gel formulas for easy working under varying conditions. These unique formulations provide superior surface blending and increase working time by up to 40%. Any amount of medium can be mixed with acrylic color. Both forms of Slow-Dri Medium are clear, flexible, non-yellowing and water-resistant when dry.

String Gel Medium Liquitex

This self-leveling effects gel medium has a honey-like consistency and dries glossy and transparent. It is permanent, non-yellowing, flexible and water-resistant when dry. It is used to enhance depth of color and increase transparency and flow. This gel medium can be poured or dripped from above to create a long, string-like application. It can also be mixed with acrylic color and brushed to create long streaking effects.

Ultra Matte Fluid Medium Liquitex

This acrylic and gouache medium improves opacity and produces a matte quality finish without affecting the paint's color.

Ultra Matte Gel Medium Liquitex

A translucent white gel with a very high density and high solids. Produces an extremely viscous and oil-like drag. Great for obtaining crisp brush strokes and knife build-ups. Gelex can also be used to extend acrylics without diluting their color by mixing it 50/50 with the paint.

UVfx Black Light Mediums Tri-Art

UVfx black light mediums glow under black light while remaining almost undetectable in normal lighting. Layer on top of acrylic colors for accents, or mix with UVfx Black Light Poster Paints to create more transparent colors and different sheens.

Photo Transfer Gel Amsterdam Drop Ship Only

Transfer photo prints onto any ground with Photo Transfer Gel. Prepare the laser print or photocopy by brushing this gel on the print side of the paper, press the print side onto the ground and rub away any air from under the print. Leave to dry for at least 24 hours, and when dry, remove the paper by carefully rubbing it using a brush and water or a moist cloth. Can be painted over with acrylic paint.

Fusion Medium Chroma Special Order Only

This series consists of professional-grade coatings, grounds and varnishes. They are recommended for use with all Chroma professional paints, fine art paints, mural paints and other project mediums. These mediums are especially designed for outdoors use.

System 3 Acrylic Glaze Mediums Daler-Rowney Special Order Only

Gloss Glaze Medium can be mixed with paint to increase gloss effect. Matte Glaze Medium is ideal for producing a transparent neutral acrylic undercoat. System 3 mediums can be used with all Daler-Rowney acrylic colors.

System 3 Acrylic Pearlescent Tinting Medium Daler-Rowney Special Order Only

This medium creates a shimmering pearlescent metallic luster when mixed 80% medium to 20% System 3 acrylic color. Used on its own, the medium dries to an attractive off-white pearlized color. It works particularly well with highly transparent colors.

System 3 Heavy Body Medium Daler-Rowney Special Order Only

Thicken System 3 acrylic color with this heavy body medium for heavy impasto brush and knife work. In a 75ml tube.

Americana Brush 'n Blend Drying Time Extender DecoArt Special Order Only

A water-based medium that, when mixed with Americana Acrylics or Crafter's Acrylics, extends the drying and blending times. It can be used for faux finishes and transparent effects, and helps make blending and strokework easier. Available in a 2 oz. bottle.

531 Acrylic Transparentizer Gel Grumbacher Drop Ship Only

This full bodied acrylic painting medium is designed to transparentize opaque acrylic colors and increase the transparency of semi-transparent and transparent acrylic colors while maintaining the consistency of tube colors. It is ideal for creating transparent impasto effects and textured glazes. This medium dries completely clear. It can be mixed directly with acrylic colors or used alone for transparent surface effects. It may also be diluted with water. Not to be mixed with turpentine or oil colors.

Gloss Medium & Varnish Grumbacher Special Order Only

A glossy final varnish and painting medium for acrylic paintings. In an 8 oz. container.

Hyslo Acrylic Retarder Grumbacher Drop Ship Only

An acrylic medium used to slow the drying time of acrylic colors. Hyslo is colorless and full-bodied. It is especially effective for blending and wet-in-wet applications. Available in a 150ml tube.

Acrylic Medium Lascaux Drop Ship Only

These multi-use fluid mediums can be used alone or with acrylic colors to impart gloss, satin or matte sheen. They dry to a waterproof film that is flexible, colorless, non-yellowing, lightfast and age resistant. For glazing, increasing transparency, extending paint, color blending and thinning and collage. Also can be used as a sealer and ground.

Modeling Paste Lascaux Drop Ship Only

Opaque, ready-to-use modeling pastes available in unique colors, textures and weights. Use pure or mix with colors, colors will only be minimally altered. They are waterproof when dry and can be painted over. They are flexible with excellent adhesion properties and won't crack in thick layers.

Heavy Gel Medium Liquitex Drop Ship Only

Gives acrylic color a high degree of drag and density, and makes it look and feel more like oil. Dries glossy, giving depth to color. Great for impasto glazes.

Liquithick Additive Liquitex Drop Ship Only

This thickening additive is designed for water-soluble acrylic paint and mediums. It produces a matte surface sheen when dry. Used in small amounts, it produces handling characteristics very close to that of oil or encaustic paint. At higher concentrations it can thicken paint or mediums to sculptural consistency. Drying time will be between 24 hours to 7 days depending upon amount of thickening gel added to paint or medium.

Professional Acrylic Mediums Starter Set Liquitex Drop Ship Only

Discover Liquitex professional mediums. Intermixable acrylic gessos, mediums, effects, additives, and varnish. For every stage, every technique, every surface.

Professional Fluid Acrylic Mediums Set Liquitex Drop Ship Only

Reduce the viscosity of your acrylic color, extend volume, and tailor sheen and behavior with these professional fluid mediums. Each is fully intermixable with all Liquitex colors and mediums, with permanent archival results.

Slow-Dri Gel Additive Liquitex Drop Ship Only

This thick, archival gel additive is an excellent choice when working in low humidity, or whenever increased workability and blending time of acrylic paints and mediums is desired. It will retain brushstrokes and add body to lower viscosity colors.

Super Heavy Gloss Gel Medium Liquitex Drop Ship Only

Super Heavy Gloss Gel Medium gives a sculptural consistency to acrylic colors. It has a very low shrinkage rate when dry and is clear to semi-opaque, depending upon applied thickness. Super Heavy Gloss Gel Medium is a superior adhesive for collage and mixed media. It remains flexible, non-yellowing and water-resistant when dry.

Gloss Medium & Varnish M. Graham Special Order Only

Gloss Medium is a crystal clear, water-soluble, permanent final coating for acrylic paintings that will not crack or yellow. Used as a medium, it increases transparency, flow and gloss for traditional glazing techniques.

Matte Medium M. Graham Special Order Only

Matte Medium contains environmentally friendly matting agents which creates a low sheen effect.

Amsterdam Acrylic Gel Mediums Royal Talens Drop Ship Only

Artists and crafters can add volume and dimension to their artwork using these gel mediums. This range of mediums may be used with any brand of acrylic color to extend color and achieve a variety of effects. They may also be used with mixed media or craft projects to permanently adhere a variety of materials on virtually any clean, slightly absorbent surface. The mediums clean up easily with water and are non-hazardous.

Acrylic Binding Medium Sennelier Drop Ship Only

Used as a binder with pigments to make paint or as an adhesive for mixed media applications. Produces a permanent smooth, satin film. Can be used to seal slick (plastic & glass) and porous surfaces.

Gloss Gel Medium Sennelier Drop Ship Only

Improves transparency, depth and brightness of colors. With a similar consistency to acrylic paints, it can be added in any proportion. Can be used as an adhesive for collages and inclusion (mixed media).

Medium and Gloss Varnish Sennelier Drop Ship Only

Enhances luminosity, depth and adherence as a glossy medium (apply with a brush on dry surface). Creates glossy protective film against UV alteration and marks as a varnish. Permanent when dry, it also improves adhesion of paint.

Modeling Paste Sennelier Drop Ship Only

Thick white paste used to achieve texture & carved effects. Can be tinted by mixing with Sennelier Acrylics.

Galeria Heavy Structure Gel Winsor & Newton Special Order Only

This economical gel achieves a heavy impasto structure with strong peak retention. It increases transparency and body without added texture particles. In a satin finish.

Artists' Acrylic Flow Improver Winsor & Newton Drop Ship Only

This medium increases the flow of acrylic colors; allowing the application of areas of flat, even color without changing color strength. It is also effective for hard edge painting techniques. It maintains the stability of the color and slightly slows drying. This medium maintains no color shift from wet to dry when used with Artists' Acrylics.

Artists' Acrylic Glazing Medium Winsor & Newton Drop Ship Only

An ideal medium for glazing, it gives colors maximum transparency and brilliant, flowing color with good leveling. It dries to a completely clear flexible film with a high gloss finish. Can be mixed with color or used as a clear glaze. This medium maintains no color shift from wet to dry when used with Artists' Acrylics.

Artists' Acrylic Gloss Gel Winsor & Newton Drop Ship Only

This medium increases transparency, depth and gloss of color. It maintains the thickness of the paint, keeping good brush stroke retention. Dries to an even gloss finish with no color shift from wet to dry when used with Artists' Acrylics.

Artists' Acrylic Gloss Medium Winsor & Newton Drop Ship Only

This medium increases the depth, transparency and flow of color for blending or fine detail, and provides an even gloss finish. It maintains no color shift from wet to dry when used with Artists' Acrylics.

Artists' Acrylic Matt Gel Winsor & Newton Drop Ship Only

This medium maintains the thickness and brush stroke retention of the color, and dries to give an even matte finish. It causes no loss of color depth when used with Artists' Acrylics.

Artists' Acrylic Matt Medium Winsor & Newton Drop Ship Only

This medium improves the transparency and flow of the color for blending or fine detail, and provides an even matte finish. It causes no loss of color depth when used with Artists' Acrylics.

Artists' Acrylic Modeling Paste Winsor & Newton Drop Ship Only

This modeling paste is lightweight and flexible so it doesn't shrink or crack. It increases opacity, body and structure and is ideal for carving, sanding and building extreme textures. It can be used to build up depth in layers, and either overpainted when dry or mixed with color. Due to high opacity it may lighten certain colors. It provides an even matte finish.

Artists' Acrylic Slow Drying Medium Winsor & Newton Drop Ship Only

This medium slows the drying time of acrylic color to give you more working time of color for extended blending and manipulation. A ratio of 1:1 volume doubles the drying time (mix with color up to 1:1). It maintains paint viscosity and has no effect on the finished color when dry. This medium maintains no color shift from wet to dry when used with Artists' Acrylics.

Galeria Acrylic Mediums Winsor & Newton Drop Ship Only

These economical mediums give control consistency and unique finish properties to acrylic colors. The gloss version increases depth and adds transparency, flow and gloss. It can be used for glazing or collage, and is an excellent adhesive. The matte also increased flow and transparency, but with a matte finish.

Galeria Extender Medium Winsor & Newton Drop Ship Only

This acrylic paint medium economically increases and extends color volume. Colors maintain opacity. The finish becomes matte when used in large amounts.

Galeria Flow Improver Winsor & Newton Special Order Only

This medium increases the flow and workability on non-absorbent surfaces. It does not reduce color strength.

Galeria Fluid Retarder Winsor & Newton Special Order Only

This medium extends the drying time by up to 50%.

Galeria Heavy Carveable Modeling Paste Winsor & Newton Special Order Only

This heavy paste can be sanded or carved on rigid or flexible surfaces. It allows you to build depth in layers, and can be mixed with color or overpainted when surface is dry.

Galeria Iridescent Medium Winsor & Newton Drop Ship Only

Mix this iridescent medium with color or apply over dry color to add shimmer and pearlescent effects.

Galeria Modeling Paste Winsor & Newton Special Order Only

This fine texture paste has a soft, yet thick sculptural consistency. Depth is achieved by building up layers, allowing each to dry. Mix with color or overpaint.

Galeria Structure Gel Winsor & Newton Special Order Only

This thick gel allows you to create impasto structure with good peak retention. It increases gloss, transparency and body without added texture particles.

Galeria Texture Gels Winsor & Newton Special Order Only

Each of these texture mediums can be overpainted, combined with gloss medium to increase flow and applied with a brush or knife.