Add a glazed ceramic look to a variety of hard surfaces. Three times as thick as other finishes, it provides a protective, non-yellowing coat that dries quickly and evenly. It goes on smoothly with no stroke marks. The finish adds the illusion of depth and resists cracking. Suitable for wood, wicker, plaster, papier mache, resins, painted china, pre-primed metal, pinecones, jewelry, bisque, artificial flowers and more.

Triple Thick Gloss Glaze
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DPTG01-20 8 oz. $6.98 $5.58 In stock
DPTG01-3 2 oz. $2.58 $2.32 In stock
DPTG01-10 4 oz. $4.48 $4.03 Special order
DPTG01-21 6 oz. Spray $9.98 $8.98 Special order