Thick acrylic gel mediums containing ultraviolet light filters and stabilizers (UVLS) to protect materials from fading and deterioration caused by exposure to UV radiation. These gel topcoats dry to a permanent, flexible, non-removable coating. Available in a gloss finish that dries with great clarity and a highly reflective surface, and a semi-gloss finish that dries to a translucent, wax-like finish.

UV Topcoat


Item No. Description List Sale Availability
GD3746-5 8 oz. $24.89 $14.93 In stock
GD3746-6 16 oz. $41.99 $25.19 Special order
GD3746-7 32 oz. $64.19 $38.51 Special order
GD3746-8 128 oz. $180.69 $108.41 Special order


Item No. Description List Sale Availability
GD3747-5 8 oz. $24.89 $14.93 In stock
GD3747-6 16 oz. $41.99 $25.19 Special order
GD3747-7 32 oz. $64.19 $38.51 Special order
GD3747-8 128 oz. $180.69 $108.41 Special order