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These pastes dry to a hard, opaque film. Although still flexible, they are more rigid than the gels and able to hold stiff peaks. The Light Molding Paste offers significant weight reduction when building thick layers. It is soft, very flexible and dries to an opaque, matte finish. The Hard Molding Paste provides the hardest opaque, matte finish. It blends well with color and is useful for creating tough, durable finishes. The dried film can be carved.

Molding Pastes


Item No. Description List Sale Availability
GD3572-5 8 oz. $15.69 $10.98 In stock
GD3572-6 16 oz. $26.69 $18.68 Special order
GD3572-7 32 oz. $39.19 $27.43 Special order
GD3572-8 128 oz. $99.59 $69.71 Special order


Item No. Description List Sale Availability
GD3571-5 8 oz. $15.69 $10.98 In stock
GD3571-6 16 oz. $26.69 $18.68 Special order
GD3571-7 32 oz. $39.19 $27.43 Special order
GD3571-8 128 oz. $99.59 $69.71 Special order


Item No. Description List Sale Availability
GD3575-5 8 oz. $15.69 $10.98 In stock
GD3575-7 32 oz. $39.19 $27.43 In stock
GD3575-6 16 oz. $26.69 $18.68 Special order
GD3575-8 128 oz. $99.59 $69.71 Special order


Item No. Description List Sale Availability
GD3570-5 8 oz. $15.69 $10.98 In stock
GD3570-7 32 oz. $39.19 $27.43 In stock
GD3570-8 128 oz. $99.59 $69.71 In stock
GD3570-6 16 oz. $26.69 $18.68 Special order