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For a variety of textural and impasto effects, use these texture gels alone, mix them with acrylic colors and mediums, or intermix them. Formulated for maximum flexibility, they can be applied to any material suitable for heavy acrylic painting. Each medium can be thinned with water and becomes water-resistant when dry. Gel Medium or Heavy Gel Medium should be added when using additional substances (like sand) to avoid brittleness, and results should be varnished to avoid foaming or clouding.

8 oz. Bottles

Item No. Description List Sale In Stock
LQ6508 Natural Sand $16.79 $13.43 In stock
LQ6608 Resin Sand $16.79 $13.43 In stock
LQ6908 Glass Beads $16.79 $13.43 In stock
LQ7108 Black Lava $16.79 $13.43 In stock
LQ7308 White Opaque Flakes $16.79 $13.43 In stock
LQ6408 Ceramic Stucco $16.79 $13.43 Out of stock, special order
LQ6708 Blended Fiber $16.79 $13.43 Out of stock, special order