Our downtown store is temporarily closed due to the "Safer at Home" emergency order in Los Angeles. We are able to drop-ship a limited selection of products from warehouses in other states. Some of these products must be ordered in case quantities. We are not offering curbside pickup at this time. There is a $50 order minimum.

These sets feature collections of ultra-high performance, multi-surface airbrush paint suitable for any substrate from fabric to automotive applications. Ideal for t-shirts, automotive graphics, illustration and more, it is an extremely durable paint that withstands direct, prolonged exposure to outdoor elements without washing or fading. Made with a highly durable binder, they cure to a strong film with air-drying alone. Heat may be used to further assist curing and is recommended for t-shirts and fabrics intended for use with multiple washings. Heat is not required for automotive, illustration and most other applications. The primary colors set includes 2 oz. bottles of opaque white, black, yellow, red, blue and wicked reducer. The detail primary set includes 2 oz. bottles of detail white, detail black, detail yellow, detail cobalt blue, detail carmine and wicked reducer. The Steve Driscoll flesh tone set includes 2 oz. bottles of detail carmine, detail violet, detail moss green, detail smoke black, detail Driscoll tone and wicked reducer.

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Item No. Description List Sale Availability In Stock
CRW101-00 Primary Colors Set $34.95 $31.46 Drop-ship only Maybe
CRW110-00 Detail Primary Colors Set $34.95 $31.46 Drop-ship only Maybe
CRW111-00 Steve Driscoll Flesh Tone Set $34.95 $31.46 Drop-ship only Maybe