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Used for modifying Golden Acrylic Colors and Gesso for spray application by decreasing clogging and tip build-up during spraying. Also useful as a general painting medium for blending and aiding brushability. Note: Airbrush Medium is not designed to be mixed with Airbrush Colors; use Airbrush Transparent Extender.

Item No. Description List Sale In Stock
GD3535-4 4 oz. $9.89 $6.92 In stock
GD3535-5 8 oz. $16.19 $11.33 In stock
GD3535-6 16 oz. $27.49 $19.24 Out of stock, special order
GD3535-7 32 oz. $40.39 $28.27 Out of stock, special order
GD3535-8 128 oz. $102.59 $71.81 Out of stock, special order