Formulated specifically for airbrushing, these artist-quality, rich, water-based paints can be used on all surfaces including fabric, leather, wood, plastic and metal. Once dry, the paint is permanent, indelible in water and acid-free. A clear varnish can be used as a topcoat when added durability is desired on non-porous surfaces. Certified non-toxic. Each pack contains eight .5 oz. bottles of each color plus a .5 oz. bottle of clear varnish.

The Opaque Airbrush Exciter Pack contains opaque yellow, red, blue, green, violet, sepia, black and white inks. The Metallic Airbrush Exciter Pack contains metallic yellow, red, blue, true gold, solar gold, silver, copper and white inks. The Transparent Airbrush Exciter Pack includes transparent yellow, red, blue, green, violet, brown, black and white inks.

Airbrush Exciter Packs
Item No. Description List Sale Availability
JAC-JAC9935 Opaque Colors $16.79 $15.11 In stock
JAC-JAC9936 Metallic Colors $16.79 $15.11 In stock
JAC-JAC9937 Transparent Colors $16.79 $15.11 In stock