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Medea Body-Art paints are alcohol based. This means that they will not wash off in water and will last 2 to 5 days or sometimes longer. These paints are for spraying through an airbrush. Available in 0.5oz bottles.

Item No. Description List Sale In Stock
IWA-NBD321 Yellow $10.50 $8.99 In stock
IWA-NBD322 Red $10.50 $8.99 In stock
IWA-NBD323 Henna Brown $10.50 $8.99 In stock
IWA-NBD324 Blue $10.50 $8.99 In stock
IWA-NBD325 Green $10.50 $8.99 In stock
IWA-NBD327 White $10.50 $8.99 In stock
IWA-NBD328 Pink $10.50 $8.99 In stock
IWA-NBD329 Violet $10.50 $8.99 In stock
IWA-NBD330 Oriental Red $10.50 $8.99 In stock
IWA-NBD331 Tangerine $10.50 $8.99 In stock
IWA-NBD332 Electric Blue $10.50 $8.99 In stock
IWA-NBD333 Jade Green $10.50 $8.99 In stock
IWA-NBD334 Lemon Yellow $10.50 $8.99 In stock
IWA-NBD335 Outline Black $10.50 $8.99 In stock
IWA-NBD326 Black $10.50 $8.99 Out of stock, special order