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These sets are a great way to get started in encaustic painting or expand your palette. These encaustic paints are made from quality pigments, the finest damar resin and United States Pharmaceutical Grade (USP) refined natural beeswax. The versatile square paint stick shape allows artist to easily use encaustic paints for encaustic painting, printmaking, rubbings and mixed media techniques. They can be melted directly on a hot palette to create a puddle of color for brush application or can be applied directly on a heated substrate. When applied to a heated substrate, they glide just like lipstick. The tip of the stick can be used to paint fine details or the stick can be swiped on its side to make bold strokes of color. Colors can be mixed directly on the painting or on a hot palette. The sticks can also be melted together in a large tin to create custom mixes. Each stick measures 2.5" x .56" x .56" and contains 13ml of paint.

Sets include the following:

4-Stick Set - Basic Colors: bone black, titanium white, XD Wax Medium & Wax Medium
4-Stick Set - Warm Colors: Naples yellow hue, raw umber, Sienna pink & raw sienna
5-Stick Set - Brights: cobalt aqua, nickel titanate yellow, French ultramarine light, citron green & Indian yellow
5-Stick Set - Earth Tones: mars terra-cotta, chromium oxide green, burnt umber, yellow ochre & light buff titanium
5-Stick Set - Glazing: quinacridone magenta, Italian golden ochre, quinacridone gold, Prussian blue & phthalo green blue
5-Stick Set - Jewel Tones: cerulean blue, vagone green earth, bohemian orange, ultramarine rose, & phthalo blue red shade
5-Stick Set - Light Tones: dioxazine purple light, cobalt blue light, sage green, brilliant yellow pale, & red earth pale
5-Stick Set - Metallics: antique gold pearl, antique bronze pearl, antique copper pearl, antique silver pearl & golden
5-Stick Set - Primaries: naphthol red, ultramarine blue, bismuth yellow, titanium white, & burnt sienna
5-Stick Set - Rich Tones: cadmium yellow deep, cobalt teal green, cadmium red light, cadmium maroon and midtone gray.

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EN16217 5-Stick Set - Jewel Tones $25.99 $23.39 Out of stock, special order
EN16224 5-Stick Set - Brights $25.99 $23.39 Out of stock, special order
EN16231 5-Stick Set - Light Tones $25.99 $23.39 Out of stock, special order
EN16248 5-Stick Set - Metallics $25.99 $23.39 Out of stock, special order
EN16255 5-Stick Set - Primaries $25.99 $23.39 Out of stock, special order
EN16293 Glazing Set $30.99 $27.89 Out of stock, special order
EN16309 Rich Tones Set $30.99 $27.89 Out of stock, special order
EN16361 4-Stick Set - Warm Colors $20.69 $18.62 Out of stock, special order
EN16477 5-Stick Set - Earth Tones $20.69 $18.62 Out of stock, special order
EN18693 4-Stick Set - Basic Colors $15.49 $13.94 Out of stock, special order