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High-Gloss Epoxy Resin Clear Coat ArtResin

ArtResin is an extremely clear, safe, 1:1 epoxy resin coating formulated for art and creative applications. It has no VOCs, no fumes, and no respirator is needed. The UV + HALS light stabilization means superior clarity and longevity. 8 oz. is enough to cover approximately two square feet.

ResinTint Liquid Pigment Colorants ArtResin

ResinTint premium liquid pigment colorants are crafted for compatibility with ArtResin for rich saturation and glorious wonderful hues.

Envirotex Lite Kits & Mixing Cup Set Environmental Technology

Each kit includes one bottle each of Envirotex Lite casting resin and casting hardener. The size shown indicates the total volume of the set.

Gedeo Bio-Based Glazing Resin Pebeo

The Gedeo Bio-Based Glazing Resin is transparent with a glass-like finish. As it dries the resin creates rounded edges, allowing artists to apply the resin to any flat and level surface, without it spilling over the edges.

Gedeo Glazing Resins Pebeo Special Order Only

These kits of two-part transparent resin are used for molding and creating a clear, hard finish on paper, cards, photos, cardboard, canvas, wood inclusions and more. After 24 hours the resin forms a hard, non-yellowing and transparent coating. This product may also be used for magnifying effects on canvas and to add dimension to flat surfaces. When applied to flat surfaces the resin levels out to form rounded edges that are controlled by the size and shape of the surface. Ideal for securing found objects and small items into a flat vessel and solidifying them into the clear resin coating.