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These color-tinted and transparent base watercolor grounds are a great way to set the mood and atmosphere in artwork. They work best with paper, board or canvas.

Watercolor Grounds

4 oz.

Item No. Description List Sale Availability
DJ284055002 Titanium White $13.65 $8.19 In stock
DJ284055005 Buff Titanium $13.65 $8.19 In stock
DJ284055007 Mars Black $13.65 $8.19 In stock
DJ284055011 Transparent $13.65 $8.19 In stock
DJ284055012 Iridescent Gold $17.46 $10.48 In stock
DJ284055013 Pearlescent White $17.46 $10.48 In stock

16 oz.

Item No. Description List Sale Availability
DJ284055001 Titanium White $29.10 $17.46 Special order
DJ284055003 Buff Titanium $29.10 $17.46 Special order