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These flexible gessos are ready-to-use liquid grounds for any commonly used painting surface. Apply in thin layers to conform to a variety of textured surfaces without cracking. Apply at least three layers of gesso for oil painting over acrylic gesso.

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GD3560-5 8 oz. $17.69 $12.38 In stock WARNING
GD3560-6 16 oz. $29.79 $20.85 In stock WARNING
GD3560-7 32 oz. $45.69 $31.98 In stock WARNING
GD3560-8 128 oz. $128.59 $90.01 Special order WARNING
Item No. Description List Sale Availability
GD3550-5 8 oz. $16.19 $11.33 In stock
GD3550-6 16 oz. $27.49 $19.24 Out of stock
GD3550-7 32 oz. $40.39 $28.27 In stock
GD3550-8 128 oz. $102.59 $71.81 In stock