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Graham fine art gouache is pure color—crafted with high-performance, lightfast pigments, each with its own natural opacity. There's no added chalk or adulterants that would degrade the appearance of the color when dry. By mixing white when, where, and how you want it, you’re in control of achieving the colors you imagine. The base of Northwest blackberry honey protects the color’s brilliance and offers direct, smooth application.


Item No. Description List Sale Availability
GRM-36-010 Alizarin Crimson $10.55 $6.33 In stock
GRM-36-018 Azo Yellow (Spectrum) $10.55 $6.33 In stock
GRM-36-020 Burnt Sienna $10.09 $6.05 In stock
GRM-36-030 Burnt Umber $10.09 $6.05 In stock
GRM-36-038 Cadmium Orange $21.89 $13.13 In stock
GRM-36-040 Cadmium Red $21.89 $13.13 In stock
GRM-36-050 Cadmium Red Light $21.89 $13.13 In stock
GRM-36-060 Cadmium Yellow $21.89 $13.13 In stock
GRM-36-070 Cadmium Yellow Light $21.89 $13.13 In stock
GRM-36-080 Cerulean Blue $21.89 $13.13 In stock
GRM-36-090 Cobalt Blue (Spectrum) $21.89 $13.13 In stock
GRM-36-100 Dioxazine Purple $14.45 $8.67 In stock
GRM-36-105 Gamboge $10.55 $6.33 In stock
GRM-36-107 Hansa Yellow (Primary) $10.55 $6.33 In stock
GRM-36-108 Hooker's Green $10.55 $6.33 In stock
GRM-36-110 Ivory Black $10.09 $6.05 In stock
GRM-36-112 Lamp Black $10.09 $6.05 In stock
GRM-36-120 Naphthol Red (Spectrum) $10.55 $6.33 In stock
GRM-36-128 Payne's Gray $10.09 $6.05 In stock
GRM-36-130 Permanent Green Light $10.55 $6.33 In stock
GRM-36-140 Phthalocyanine Blue (Primary) $10.55 $6.33 In stock
GRM-36-150 Phthalocyanine Green $10.55 $6.33 In stock
GRM-36-153 Prussian Blue $10.55 $6.33 In stock
GRM-36-154 Pyrrol Red (Primary) $10.55 $6.33 In stock
GRM-36-155 Quinacridone Red $14.45 $8.67 In stock
GRM-36-156 Quinacridone Rose $14.45 $8.67 In stock
GRM-36-158 Quinacridone Violet (Spectrum) $14.45 $8.67 In stock
GRM-36-160 Raw Sienna $10.09 $6.05 In stock
GRM-36-170 Raw Umber $10.09 $6.05 In stock
GRM-36-174 Sap Green $10.55 $6.33 In stock
GRM-36-180 Titanium White $10.09 $6.05 In stock
GRM-36-190 Ultramarine Blue $10.55 $6.33 In stock
GRM-36-195 Viridian $14.45 $8.67 In stock
GRM-36-200 Yellow Ochre $10.09 $6.05 In stock
GRM-36-205 Zinc White $10.09 $6.05 In stock


Item No. Description List Sale Availability
GRM-37-110 Ivory Black $18.19 $10.91 In stock
GRM-37-112 Lamp Black $18.19 $10.91 In stock
GRM-37-180 Titanium White $18.19 $10.91 In stock