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Turn a wide range of surfaces into chalkboards with this non-toxic, water-based paint. It can be easily brushed on wood, canvas, table tops, papier mache, walls, poster board, terra-cotta, frames, message boards, cabinets, doors and most porous surfaces to create a memo board, canister labels, a menu board for kitchen, wall décor in the kids' room and more. It provides a durable finish and can be cleaned up with soap and water while wet. For best results, rough and/or porous surfaces should be sanded smooth and primed with multi-purpose sealer before application of paint. Apply one coat vertically, one horizontally and allow it to dry one hour between coats and cure for 24 hours before use. Lightly rub chalk over surface to condition. Recommended for indoor use only.

2oz of black will cover roughly five square feet, and 2oz of clear will cover roughly ten square feet.

Item No. Description List Sale In Stock
DCO-DS107-3 2oz Clear $2.28 $1.82 In stock
DCO-DS90-3 2oz Black $2.28 $1.82 In stock
DCO-DS90-62 4oz Black $3.98 $3.18 In stock