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Pre-Tested oil colors stand the test of time due to the rigorous testing to which they are submitted for meeting professional standards. They feature carefully selected pigments ground in refined linseed oil to create colors that offer the artist high tinting strength and brilliant color. These sets include assorted colors in 24ml tubes. The 6-color set includes alizarin crimson, cadmium yellow medium, yellow ochre, ultramarine, viridian and burnt sienna. The 10-color set includes burnt sienna, burnt umber, cadmium red light, cadmium yellow medium, ivory black, Thalo blue, Thalo green, thio violet, titanium white and yellow ochre. These are some of the most versatile colors in the Grumbacher palette, allowing for bright and accurate color mixing. Also included is a brochure containing general introduction to the basics of painting. The 12-color set includes alizarin crimson, Grumbacher red, cadmium yellow medium, yellow ochre, zinc yellow, Thalo green, viridian, Thalo blue, French ultramarine, burnt sienna, titanium white and ivory black.

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