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Brand Product Available in Store
Bob Ross Oil Paint Medium
Daler-Rowney Linseed Stand Oil
Daler-Rowney Painting Medium
Daler-Rowney Purified Linseed Oil
Eco-House CoZiCa Drier Blend
Eco-House Damar Medium
Eco-House Damar Resin
Eco-House Linseed Standoil
Eco-House Refined Linseed Stand Oil
Gamblin Cold Pressed Linseed Oil
Gamblin Cold Wax Medium
Gamblin G-Gel Painting Medium
Gamblin Galkyd Lite Painting Medium
Gamblin Galkyd Painting Medium
Gamblin Galkyd Slow Dry Painting Medium
Gamblin Neo Megilp
Gamblin Oil Painting Mediums Set
Gamblin Poppy Oil
Gamblin Refined Linseed Oil
Gamblin Safflower Oil
Gamblin Solvent-Free Fluid
Gamblin Solvent-Free Gel
Gamblin Stand Oil
Gamblin Wax Pastilles
Grumbacher Alkyd Painting Medium
Grumbacher Cobalt Drier
Grumbacher Copal Painting Medium
Grumbacher Gel Transparentizer
Grumbacher Japan Drier
Grumbacher Linseed Oil
Grumbacher Oil Painting Medium I
Grumbacher Oil Painting Medium II
Grumbacher Oil Painting Medium III
Grumbacher Pale Drying Oil
Grumbacher Poppyseed Oil
Grumbacher Stand Oil
Grumbacher Sun-Thickened Linseed Oil
Grumbacher Zec for Underpainting & Textures
Holbein DUO Aqua Oil Painting Medium
Holbein DUO Aqua Oil Quick Drying Liquid
Holbein DUO Aqua Oil Quick Drying Pastes
Holbein DUO Linseed Oil
Holbein DUO Stand Linseed Oil
Holbein Lesolvent De Colore
Holbein Painting Oil
Holbein Quick Dry Medium
Holbein Spike Lavender Oil
Holbein Stand Linseed Oil
Holbein Sun Thickened Linseed Oil
Holbein Sun Thickened Poppy Oil
Jacquard Dorland's Wax Medium
M. Graham Walnut Alkyd Oil Medium
M. Graham Walnut Oil
Martin F. Weber Res-N-Gel Tube Medium
Martin F. Weber Turpenoid Gel Medium
Mona Lisa Mona Lisa Linseed Oil
Schmincke Medium W
Sennelier Venice Turpentine
Sunnyside Boiled Linseed Oil
Sunnyside Raw Linseed Oil
Williamsburg Alkyd Resin
Williamsburg Beeswax Block
Williamsburg Beeswax Pellets
Williamsburg Cold Pressed Linseed Oil 
Williamsburg Extender Medium
Williamsburg Linseed Oil
Williamsburg Stand Oil
Williamsburg Wax Medium
Winsor & Newton Artisan Water Mixable Fast Drying Medium
Winsor & Newton Artisan Water Mixable Impasto Medium
Winsor & Newton Artisan Water Mixable Linseed Oil
Winsor & Newton Artisan Water Mixable Painting Medium
Winsor & Newton Artisan Water Mixable Safflower Oil
Winsor & Newton Artisan Water Mixable Stand Oil
Winsor & Newton Artists’ Painting Medium
Winsor & Newton Blending & Glazing Medium
Winsor & Newton Drying Linseed Oil
Winsor & Newton Drying Poppy Oil
Winsor & Newton Liquin Fine Detail Medium
Winsor & Newton Liquin Impasto Medium
Winsor & Newton Liquin Light Gel Medium
Winsor & Newton Liquin Original
Winsor & Newton Oleopasto
Winsor & Newton Refined Linseed Oil
Winsor & Newton Safflower Oil
Winsor & Newton Stand Linseed Oil
Winsor & Newton Thickened Linseed Oil