Try the Chelsea Classical Studios system of painting mediums in one convenient sampler pack, or different packs of two-item combos.

The eight piece sampler set has everything that you need for your painting mediums: oils, mediums, solvents, varnishes, and brush cleaners.

Oil Painting Medium & Cleaner Sets

Item No. Description List Sale Availability
CCS-88681 8-piece Sampler Set $80.00 $48.00 In stock
CCS-89281 Linseed & Walnut Oil $21.95 $13.17 In stock
CCS-89282 Linseed Oil & Lavender Spike Oil Essence $26.95 $16.17 In stock
CCS-89283 Fat & Lean Mediums $26.95 $16.17 In stock
CCS-89284 Damar & Retouch Lavender Varnishes $26.95 $16.17 Out of stock
CCS-89285 Lavender Brush Cleaner & Brush Soap $26.95 $16.17 In stock