Galkyd Lite is different from Galkyd because it is made from an alkyd resin that has a lower viscosity. The viscosity of Galkyd Lite is very similar to that of a traditional damar, refined linseed oil or turpentine painting medium. In addition to pleasing painters who prefer a lighter painting medium, the longer working time of Galkyd Lite (approximately three hours) will delight landscape painters and others who enjoy painting outdoors. Thin layers will be ready to paint over within 24 hours. Galkyd Lite thins with odorless mineral spirits. Because of its lower viscosity, Galkyd Lite will leave brush strokes in thicker layers. Glazes made with Galkyd Lite look slightly less glossy than those made with traditional mediums or Galkyd. However, like Galkyd, Galkyd Lite is formulated to thin oil colors and maintain strong flexible paint films. Galkyd Lite is ready to use and available in glass bottles.

Galkyd Lite Painting Medium
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