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Galkyd Slow Dry is formulated to have strength and flexibility and to keep the surface of oil paintings open for several days. It dries more slowly than the other Galkyd mediums, but oil paints mixed with Galkyd Slow Dry will dry at their usual rate.

This is a good choice for those who blend or work wet into wet. Galkyd Slow Dry is fatter than Galkyd, so using large amounts may cause wrinkling. Galkyd Slow Dry is more fluid and less glossy than Galkyd Lite.

Use one part Galkyd Slow Dry and one part oil color to paint wet into wet. Do not dilute with Gamsol or other solvents, use as-is.

Galkyd Slow Dry has been discontinued by the manufacturer. As we sell out of our supplies, we will not be getting more. They suggest you can get the same working properties by adding Safflower or Linseed oil and a bit of Gamsol to Galkyd or Galkyd Lite. This will slow drying time and gives the fluid feel of Galkyd Slow Dry.

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