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Montana Cans feature a cap system with a variety of interchangeable caps that allow artists to customize spray width on the same spray can to achieve different effects for different projects. Cap nozzle sizes range from ultra-thin, for detailed work, to extra-fat for covering large surface areas.

The leveled spray caps feature an easy-to-understand identification system based on both shape and color, and result in a varying spray output ranging from very skinny to super fat lines. The three skinny caps have an indented cap head and a black dot nozzle. The three fat caps have a rounded head, and pink or orange dot nozzle. Within both groups of skinny and fat caps, they range from narrow to wide spray widths based on the cap color - the green darkening as the spray width increases.

Green Level 1 Ultra Skinny Cap allows for an average spray width of .15" to .6".

Green Level 2 Fine Skinny Cap can produce lines from .25" to 1" and is great for fine work and fine fading.

Green Level 3 Skinny Cap can produce lines from .4" to 1.5" and is a good solid skinny cap for all products.

Green Level 4 Soft Fat Cap can produce lines from 1.2" to 4" and provides good fading for all products.

Green Level 5 Fat Cap allows for an average spray width of 1.5" to 6".

Green Level 6 Ultra Fat Cap can produce lines from 2" to 9.75". (All widths approximate.)

Gold/Beige Skinny is the stock cap on Low-Pressure Gold cans.

Black/Orange Fat are the stock caps on the High-Pressure Black spray cans.

Calligraphy Cap can make lines ranging from .5" to 3", and is great for filling in and producing fuzzy-edged lines.

Orange Fat Cap has an average spray width of 3" to 4", and gives nice, clean lines.

Skinny Cap Black/Black can produce lines from .4" to .6", and is excellent in details with metallic colors.

Standard O Cap is a classic skinny cap with a average spray width of 0.4”. Due to its hard and scruffy outcome the lines get a nice “old school” look.

Soft Cap Gray/Blue has an average paint width 1.75". Excellent for fading with Bombing cans.

Needle Cap is an effect cap with an average spray width from .2" to .5".

Ultra Liner has a round, rough, fire extinguisher-like output that varies from 2' to 4' in width, depending on the distance from the surface. This cap only works with the Montana Ultra Wide cans.

Fat Cap Gold/Black is a wide fat cap, with an average spray width of approximately 8".

Flat Jet Caps offer a flat spray trajectory making them idea for application on objects as well as sealing with varnish. Both can be adjusted to a vertical or horizontal output and are perfect for use with Montana varnishes and crackle sprays, or for use in calligraphy related artwork.

Fat Cap Pink allows for an average spray width of 4" to 5".

Montana Outline Cap is a skinny cap for a fine average spray width from 0.4“ to 1.6“.

Ma'Claim Cap can produce lines as thin as .5", and is great for fine fadings with clean cut-offs.

Skinny Cap Beige can also produce lines as small as .5", but produces a strong spray output and is good for details.