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The right nozzle cap makes all the difference. Montana offers a wide variety of caps for different levels of precision and line width.

Skinny Banana: Classified as an outline cap, this has the cleanest spray pattern of all the banana caps. Pattern is a more pronounced circle with a dot in the center. Recommended for Hardcore only.

Fat Pink: Quickly produces wide clean lines, with less paint wasted. Fits all female valve systems. Recommended for use with Hardcore, 94, or Alien.

Super Fat (aka Level 4 Fat): Delivers a wide 7.5cm line. Does not give a crisp line. Recommended for use with all MTN lines.

Skinny Pro: Produces a smooth fine line great for detail work. This is the most precision cap available on the market. Produces a cleaner, thinner line than the 94 Skinny and Super Skinny caps. Works with all MTN cans, works best with low pressure cans such as 94 and Alien.

Astro Fat: The fattest cap in stock. Spray pattern is a large circle with a dot in the center and gives crisp clean lines. On thin colors like Silver Chrome, the spray pattern is as large as a volleyball.

Universal (Yellow Banana): Similar to the Banana yellow dot in that it produces real clean and crisp opaque lines but is able to be used on all can systems. Created primarily for use with low pressure valve systems. Can be used with: Hardcore, 94, or Alien colors. WARNING: When used with Hardcore 20% More Paint is released.

Red Needle: Is great for painting effects and for painting at a far distance. Nozzle shoots out paint in a thin stream.

Hardcore 2 Skinny: This cap has a constant and manageable way of flowing, and it is the perfect ally for Hardcore 2. The feel and touch of the cap allows you to make thin clean lines, and more blurred ones, depending on the distance you use it from. Compatible with all Montana Colors sprays.

Hardcore 2 Medium: Perfectly adapted to the necessities of the users of our Hardcore 2 range. The Medium Cap can be used as a "all-round" type of cap, both for filling surfaces as well as making wide and defined lines. Compatible with all Montana Colors sprays.

Hardcore 2 Fat: As the name points out, we are looking at the new standard fat caps for Hardcore 2. With its potential but optimized flow of paint, the Fat Cap lets you fill surfaces in no time, without emptying the can immediately. Compatible with all Montana Colors sprays.

Universal Transparent: The Universal is the most versatile cap for the Montana Colors lines, compatible with all spray products. The line varies slightly according to the pressure you apply. One of the most reliable caps for semi-thin lines. (This is the stock cap on MTN Water-based spray paint.)

NY Skinny: The traditional American outline cap. Produces clean, medium skinny lines. All the Banana caps spray like the NY Skinny which diffuses the paint in a mist for better control and surface coverage. Can be used for filling in, since the spray is larger on Hardcore Cans.

Rusto Fat: This medium Fat Cap is ideal for fast painting. It gives a certain old school vibe due to its unclean lines, so it's valued highly by certain writers.

Skinny Banana (White Dot): Replacement cap for the Banana Yellow. Circle is less strong than Banana Yellows.

Pocket (White Dot): This is the stock cap on the Montana Pocket can line. Produces a very fine line up to fat lines.

Super Skinny (Gold Dot): Produces ultra skinny lines for perfect details, as well as fading or blending in small areas. The line quality is ultra skinny but slightly fuzzy. Takes a great deal of can control for consistent use. Cap fits all female valve systems. For use with Low Pressure valve systems.

Water-based Transfer: Used for water-based products to pour the paint safely from a can into a small dish or on a palette to use with a brush for painting, or into a smaller bottle or vessel.

Item No. Description List Sale In Stock
MTMD1000204C Universal (Skinny Yellow) $0.45 $0.39 In stock
MTMD1000208 Skinny Banana (White Dot) $45.00
(100 pieces)
$39.00 In stock
MTMD1000211C Super Fat $0.45 $0.39 In stock
MTMD1000216C Super Skinny (Gold Dot) $45.00
(100 pieces)
$39.00 In stock
MTMD1000219C Skinny Pro $0.45 $0.39 In stock
MTMD1000222C Astro Fat $0.45 $0.39 In stock
MTMD1000223C Red Needle $0.45 $0.39 In stock
MTMD1000225C Hardcore 2 Skinny $0.45 $0.39 In stock
MTMD1000233C Hardcore 2 Fat $0.45 $0.39 In stock
MTMD1000234C Hardcore 2 Medium $0.45 $0.39 In stock
MTNYFATC NY Fat $0.25 $0.25 In stock
MTNYSKINNY NY Skinny $0.25 $0.25 In stock
MTMD1000210C Fat Pink $0.45 $0.39 Out of stock, special order
MTMD1000214 Pocket (White Dot) $45.00
(100 pieces)
$39.00 Out of stock, special order
MTMD1000235 Water-based Transfer $45.00
(100 pieces)
$45.00 Out of stock, special order
MTRUSTFATCAP Rusto Fat $45.00
(100 pieces)
$39.00 Out of stock, special order