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Very Low Odor Spray-Fix Blair Sprays

Has practically no odor, ideal for studios and classrooms. Same uses and advantages as regular Spray-Fix.

PrintFix Jacquard

Jacquard PrintFix is a low odor aerosol spray that protects dyed fabrics, inkjet prints, and artwork from UV fading, moisture, fingerprints, and dust. Simply spray PrintFix over silk paintings, giclee & inkjet prints, watercolors, or any other painted, printed or dyed object to greatly increase UV resistance to fading. It increases scratch resistance, protects against smudging, and seals the image against moisture, dust and humidity. Also effective on wood, leather, epoxy, polymer clay, canvas, and more. Fast-drying and non-yellowing, PrintFix does little to alter the appearance of the original media characteristics, while providing long-term protection and stability.

Crystal Clear Krylon

An acrylic permanent protective coating for drawings, artwork, watercolors, charcoals and inks. Prevents smudging, fingerprints and fading. Goes on clear, stays clear. Dries in minutes.

Crystal Clear Glaze Krylon

This triple-thick coating produces a bright, glass-like finish for arts and crafts. Used as a non-firing glaze for bisque or plaster, it's also excellent for porcelainizing, decoupage, papier mâché, collage, artificial flowers, quilling and much more.

Dulling Spray Krylon

Effectively dulls the article to be photographed or televised including chrome. Simplifies lighting arrangements. Leaves no marks and wipes off easily. Only to be used temporarily. When camera work is completed, this coating should be wiped off. For a permanent dull finish use Matte Finish.

Kamar Varnish Krylon

Non-yellowing protection for oils and acrylics. Can be safely removed with mineral spirits or turpentine. In 11 oz. cans.

Matte Finish Krylon

Permanent, non-gloss finish that eliminates sheen and light reflection from any surface. For T.V and photo studios. Non-removable. In spray cans.

Pastel Premium Fixatif Krylon

This spray fixatif, also known as Fine Art Fixatif, offers invisible protection of artwork without dissolving pastel whites and light colors. Provides final and workable protection. It contains UV light absorbers and stabilizers. Safeguards pastel, charcoal, pencil and chalk from dusting, smudging and fading.

Satin Finish Spray Krylon

A clear, protective spray finish for all kinds of arts, crafts, and home décor projects. It is non-yellowing, moisture-resistant and provides a permanent, protective gloss finish. Great for use with wood, metal, wicker, plastic, glass, plaster, ceramic, paper, paper mache, dried/silk flowers, and more. In an 11 oz. aerosol can.

Super Clear Spray Varnish Krylon

This crystal clear spray varnish seals wood finishes and enhances surface grains. It makes an excellent protective coating for brass, bronze and other metals. The durable finish has an outstanding resistance to chemicals and abrasion. Available in 11 oz. (net wt.) spray can.

UV Archival Varnish Krylon

This spray medium offers advanced, non-yellowing protection against fading, dirt, moisture and discoloration. It contains UV light absorbers and stabilizers. Removable for conservation purposes. Protects acrylic, watercolor, oil pastel, colored pencil, oil and more.

UV-Resistant Clear Coating Krylon

Protects your valuable projects against harmful UV light rays. Protects against fading, is moisture resistant and smudge-proof. Can be used for photography, watercolor, fabric, pencil, charcoal, and more.

UV-Resistant Matte Finish Krylon

Enhance your projects with a soft matte finish while protecting them against harmful UV-light rays. UV-Resistant Matte Finish combines the low sheen and minimal light reflection of regular Matte Finish with special UV inhibitors that provide extra protection. Available in an 11 oz. can.

Workable Fixatif Krylon

A matte finish coating, especially formulated for use with pastel, charcoal and pencil. Acid-free and perfect for drawings, sketches and layouts. In 11 oz. cans.

Traditional Fixatives Sennelier

Sennelier Traditional Fixatives are the artists’ essential spray cans that dispense a very fine mist to surfaces, thus preserving them from the elements over time. Each of the fixatives has been specially developed for particular drawing mediums.

SpectraFix Spray Fixative Spectrafix

SpectraFix is a casein-based pastel fixative that utilizes milk protein and grain alcohol to provide a non-toxic, fully archival fixative for pastel, charcoal, conte, watercolor, gouache and multi-media techniques. It holds and protects media without darkening or dulling colors. It can also be used under oil paintings to hold a preliminary charcoal or pencil sketching and provide a barrier between the oil paint and the drawing. It is all natural, odor-free and can be sprayed indoors while without obnoxious odors or unhealthy fumes.

Fixative Spray Winsor & Newton

To preserve works for the long term, or momentarily to prevent smudges while working, this colorless medium can be applied to works of charcoal, pastel, pencil and chalk immediately. While the fixative is durable and protects the surface of drawings, it can also be applied while working, as a medium. Fixatives also enable the top of the surface to be continually worked by the artist. This transparent fixative will not affect the color of pastel, although it may darken the color tone, yet at the same time it improves the adhesion of particles to the surface and lightfastness.

Spray-Clear Blair Sprays Special Order Only

Plastic coating that seals out moisture and dirt. Clear, waterproof, fast drying and non-yellowing. Protects drawings, markers, tempera, non-fired ceramic stains, photographs, dried flowers, etc. Preserves documents, books, papers, leather, wood and metal surfaces.

Spray-Fix Blair Sprays Special Order Only

Clear, permanent, waterproof protection for pencil, charcoal, pastel, chalk, tempera, etc. Dries in seconds to a matte finish which may be reworked or worked over with any art medium. Formulated to minimize change in color values or curling and buckling when used on thin art papers. Safe for blueprints and Ozalid reproduction.

Spray-Var Damar Blair Sprays Special Order Only

This 100% pure damar varnish is for oils only. Available in gloss and matte finishes, the fine valve makes it possible to apply a thin, uniform film. It comes in an 11 oz. spray can.

Spray-Var Retouch Blair Sprays Special Order Only

Varnish for oil paintings. Can be used as sizing for canvas, for isolation of paint layers, for restoration of dull, flat places and temporary protection of un-cured paintings. In 16 oz. cans.

Damar Spray Varnish Bob Ross Special Order Only

Bob Ross Damar Spray Varnish is a quality, final varnish for the protection of completely dry oil paintings. It produces a uniform high gloss waterproof finish that protects paintings from dirt, dust or moisture.

Americana Spray Sealers DecoArt Special Order Only

This spray provides a clear, protective, non-yellowing waterproof coating and intensifies color while providing permanent protection for all hard surface painted finishes. Each spray can contains 12 oz.

Damar Varnish Spray Grumbacher Special Order Only

For use as a final protective varnish for oil paintings. Imparts an even finish. Dries quickly.

Final Fixatives Grumbacher Special Order Only

A final fixative for dry media including pencil, charcoal and pastels. It is non-yellowing and can be worked when dry. It is typically used on paper, but can also be used on photographs, printed materials and ceramics. In 11.75 oz. cans.

Hyplar Gloss Varnish Grumbacher Special Order Only

Crystal clear, high gloss final varnish for acrylic polymer colors and oil paintings. In a spray can.

Picture Varnish Spray Grumbacher Special Order Only

Use as final varnish for oil or acrylic paintings. Available in gloss or matte finish.

Retouch Varnish Spray Grumbacher Special Order Only

Clear varnish for protection of oil paintings until sufficiently dry for final varnishing. Makes a primed canvas less absorbent. Brightens dull or sunken in areas of color and facilitates color comparison between dried and freshly painted colors.

Workable Fixative Spray Grumbacher Special Order Only

A matte workable fixative and surface preparation for works on paper, acetate, foil and glass. It allows non-porous surfaces to accept water-based media without beading up. It also fixes lower levels of water-based media to enable over-painting or layering without lifting. Not intended as a final fixative. Available in a 11.75 oz. can.

Frosted Glass Finish Krylon Special Order Only

Create beautiful, frosted glass the easy way — just spray it on in one simple step. Transforms the look of any glass object quickly and easily, semi-transparent allows light to filter through. Use over colored glass for a unique look. Dry to touch in 15 minutes, dry to handle in three hours.

Looking Glass Spray Krylon Special Order Only

This decorative, fast-dry spray transforms glass into a highly reflective, mirror-like surface. It is easy-to-use just spray on the reverse side of glass. It dries to the touch in 5 minutes, and is dry enough to handle in one hour. In a 6 oz. can.

Low Odor Clear Coatings Krylon Special Order Only

Clear Gloss and Clear Matte coatings that enhance and protect your finished project. The first art and craft coatings formulated from true latex technology, the performance benefits are undeniable.

Fixativ Lascaux Special Order Only

This conservator-quality acrylic sealer is clear, non-yellowing, resistant to aging and non-matte. It is suitable for fixing drawings in pastel, pencil, charcoal, wax crayons, ink, gouache and watercolor. Makes photos, prints, lithographs, proofs, lettering, and gold leaf all scratch resistant. It is also a good initial sizing coat on rigid supports such as wood panels. It can fix, seal and protect almost anything, and prepare just about any surface for painting or drawing.

UV Protect Acrylic Varnish Lascaux Special Order Only

Help protect colors from the fading caused by UV light. This water-thinnable, 100% acrylic dispersion picture varnish is for finished works on wood, concrete, plaster, stone, pottery and most synthetic materials. Transparent, highly adhesive, scratch-resistant, weather and waterproof. Suitable for protective coats on objects, paintings and natural wood surfaces.

Patricia Nimock's Clear Acrylic Spray Sealer Plaid Special Order Only

Seal over paints, laquer, varnish, stains and prints with this all-purpose aerosol sealer. It offers a clear protective layer that is durable and non-yellowing.

HC10 Fixative Sennelier Special Order Only

A universal fixative whose uses and properties are just phenomenal. The concentration of acrylic resin is 10 times higher than conventional fixatives. Lightfast and permanent. Water resistant (can be used outdoor). Can be used as adhesive as well. 100% Neutral (does not yellow). Second swivel nozzles allows for precise vertical and horizontal fan spraying.Ideal for pastels, charcoal, watercolor, ink, acrylic, gilding, photos and surface preparation. Suitable for paper, canvas, wood, glass, ceramic, porcelain and wall surfaces.

All-Purpose Varnish Spray Winsor & Newton Special Order Only

Ideal for a variety of surfaces, including wood, plastic, metal, paper and modeling materials, this all-purpose varnish provides permanent non-removable protection to artwork. Its permanence makes this varnish particularly suited for use in general arts and crafts. It is not recommended for fine art purposes. When working with crafts, spray-on varnish helps seal and protect unusual surfaces and materials from dirt, grease and moisture.

Picture Varnish Spray Winsor & Newton Special Order Only

Recommended for adding depth and luster to paintings, this picture varnish is compatible with oils, alkyds and acrylics and protects without discoloring, even over time. Available as a spray that makes it easy to apply even coats of varnish.

Retouching Varnish Spray Winsor & Newton Special Order Only

For protecting a recently finished oil, alkyd or acrylic painting, Retouching Gloss Varnish offers an ideal, non-yellowing temporary solution. Because most paintings take months to dry completely, Retouching Gloss Varnish can be applied on touch-dry paint, to allow the inner layers to dry completely while protecting the surface from dirt and impurities. It dries in only a few hours.