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The same pure pigments used to make Gamblin Artist's Oil Colors are in this collection of dry pigments. There are no adulterants. Each color retains the unique characteristics of the pigment, including tinting strength, undertone, and texture. Offered in 4 oz. (118ml) jars. Select colors are also available in 16 oz. (472ml) jars.

You can use the pigments to make your own oil paint by mixing with linseed oil or other drying oils such as Poppy, Stand, or Safflower, or they can also be used to create other paint mediums using binders for acrylics, watercolors, egg tempera, and fresco. Additionally, the pigments can be mixed with Gamblin Oil Ground to provide a tinted base layer to work on top of.

You can achieve beautiful results when mixed with epoxy resin to fill in negative areas in wood grain or as a colored coating for surfboards. The pigments can also be used in grout for mosaic and tile projects. Pigments can be mixed with pouring mediums in conjunction with, or as a replacement to, acrylic colors.

4 oz. Jars

Item No. Description List Sale Availability
GB8060 Burnt Sienna $10.75 $8.06 In stock
GB8080 Burnt Umber $10.75 $8.06 In stock
GB8150 Cadmium Red Medium $37.00 $27.75 In stock
GB8180 Cadmium Yellow Medium $27.00 $20.25 In stock
GB8215 Chromium Oxide Green $19.00 $14.25 In stock
GB8220 Cobalt Blue $37.00 $27.75 In stock
GB8330 Indian Red $10.75 $8.06 In stock
GB8360 Ivory Black $10.75 $8.06 In stock
GB8410 Manganese Violet $19.00 $14.25 In stock
GB8430 Mars Black $10.75 $8.06 In stock
GB8432 Mars Orange $10.75 $8.06 In stock
GB8560 Prussian Blue $13.75 $10.31 In stock
GB8610 Raw Sienna $10.75 $8.06 In stock
GB8620 Raw Umber $10.75 $8.06 In stock
GB8682 Transparent Earth Red $19.00 $14.25 In stock
GB8683 Transparent Earth Yellow $19.00 $14.25 In stock
GB8700 Ultramarine Blue $13.75 $10.31 In stock
GB8740 Viridian $33.00 $24.75 In stock
GB8780 Yellow Ochre $10.75 $8.06 In stock
GB8810 Titanium White $10.75 $8.06 In stock
GB8820 Whiting $10.75 $8.06 In stock
GB8830 Zinc Oxide $10.75 $8.06 In stock

16 oz. Jars

Item No. Description List Sale Availability
GB9810 Titanium White $22.00 $16.50 In stock
GB9330 Indian Red $22.00 $16.50 Special order
GB9360 Ivory Black $22.00 $16.50 Special order
GB9430 Mars Black $22.00 $16.50 Special order
GB9700 Ultramarine Blue $29.00 $21.75 Special order
GB9780 Yellow Ochre $22.00 $16.50 Special order
GB9820 Whiting $22.00 $16.50 Special order
GB9830 Zinc Oxide $22.00 $16.50 Special order