Sparkling down the runway or twinkling in your studio Fashion Pearl-Ex colors radiate style. These shimmering non-toxic, powdered mica pigments are ideal for interior, exterior and archival applications. They mix into any viscous medium or may be spread dry on any porous surface to produce deep-luster metallic effects. Pearl-Ex pigments are extremely colorfast and stable. Their temperature resistance allows them to be fired in a kiln up to 600 degrees. Available in .5 oz. jars.

Fashion Pearl-Ex Colors
Item No. Description List Sale Availability
JAC-JPX1683 Bright Yellow $6.29 $5.66 In stock
JAC-JPX1684 Flamingo Pink $6.29 $5.66 In stock
JAC-JPX1685 Spring Green $6.29 $5.66 In stock
JAC-JPX1686 Turquoise $6.29 $5.66 In stock
JAC-JPX1687 True Blue $6.29 $5.66 In stock
JAC-JPX1688 Misty Lavender $6.29 $5.66 In stock
JAC-JPX1689 Blue Russet $6.29 $5.66 In stock