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Masking Fluid Daniel Smith

This masking fluid features an easy-to-use application system including a bottle applicator and five fine-point applicator tips. It can also be applied with a brush. The fluid creates an impervious barrier to protect and preserve white areas of paper by blocking washes from flowing into unwanted areas. It applies off-white, dries to a transparent caramel color for visibility during painting and leaves crisp, clean edges when removed.

Frisket Mask Liquid Dr. Ph. Martin's

Dr. Ph. Martin's formula peels off clean without tearing the paper and seals well on most any surface. It's AP approved non-toxic and conforms to ASTM Standard D-4236. In a 1 oz. bottle.

Fineline Applicator Fineline

This masking fluid features a cap/wire system for non-clogging, air-tight and steady flow of fluid for smooth, endless lines. Ideal for use with acrylics, inks, gutta, watercolors, oil paints, silk dyes, stains, henna, water-based glues, glazes and other liquid media. The long stainless steel needle offers an easy-to-use, precise placement, free-flow, non-clogging masking fluid pen system. Available in packs of two 1.25 oz. bottles with 18- or 20-gauge needles.

Incredible White Mask/Liquid Frisket Grafix

For use with all water-based media to protect large or small detail areas. Non-staining and easy to remove it is also quick drying and tintable. Available in jars or a complete kit. The Kit includes: a jar Liquid Frisket, a Grafix, Inc. Liquid Frisket remover pad and an Incredible Nib.

Iridescent Medium Holbein

An artist-grade medium designed to facilitate iridescent (pearlescent) effects when used with water based media. In a 60ml jar.

Gum Arabic Jacquard

Use as a binder medium, emulsifier and film former. Combine with pigments such as Pearl-Ex and water to make transparent water colors. It will produce a glossy, easy brushing or stamping solution and is easily mixed and cleaned up with water. Prepared solutions can be stored for convenience.

Grafx Art Masking Liquid Pump Markers Molotow

The Masking Liquid Pump Marker contains a special masking liquid for rub down in a manufactured application tool.

Drawing Gum Markers Pebeo

This Drawing Gum Marker uses either a latex-free or natural latex masking fluid that is extremely elastic and flexible, leaving a homogeneous film once dry. Applications may be peeled off up to several days later by rubbing with fingers or using an eraser. The Drawing Gum marker features the same properties as the Drawing Gum bottles within a convenient tool designed for quick and precise applications.

Lift Aid QoR

A fluid medium for water color surfaces to improve the lifting of watercolors. Lift Aid may be applied to paper before painting or between washes.

Masking Fluid QoR

QoR Masking Fluid is a latex based medium for masking areas of paper prior to applying color washes. The consistency is perfect for masking finely detailed areas, and it removes easily once dry.

Synthetic Ox Gall QoR

A wetting agent that improves the flow of watercolors, 2-5 drops added to water makes paints easier to apply and blend when creating washes. Wetting paper with a water and Synthetic Ox Gal mixture assists in creating clean, uniform washes and improves wetting on hard sized papers.

Watercolor Medium QoR

This general-purpose medium is used to increase the transparency and flow of watercolors. When it is used in larger amounts it also increases the gloss and saturation of colors.

Art Masking Fluid Winsor & Newton

A colorless or pale yellow liquid for masking areas of work to be protected from subsequent washes of color. Dries to a removable, water-impervious film. Colorless contains no pigment, eliminating the risk of staining paper.

Gum Arabic Solution Winsor & Newton

A pale solution that increases the gloss and transparency of watercolors. In 2.5 oz. bottles.

Ox Gall Liquid Winsor & Newton

A pale, odorless liquid that increases the wetting and flow of watercolors. In 2.5 oz. bottles.

Gum Arabic Solution Daler-Rowney Special Order Only

Use this medium to increase the gloss and transparency of watercolors. In a 2.5 oz. bottle.

Masking Fluid Daler-Rowney Special Order Only

This indispensable medium is used to create striking white highlights or areas for overpainting at a later stage. It forms a fast drying water-resistant film on watercolor paper and board, and is easily removed when dry by rubbing. In a 2.5 oz. bottle.

Ox Gall Medium Daler-Rowney Special Order Only

This solution improves the wetting and flow of watercolor. Just a few drops are needed. In 75ml bottles.

Masquepen Accessories & Sets Fineline Special Order Only

Masquepen's masking fluid works just like a resist pen. Now you can create precise non-colored areas on projects with Masquepen. Simply apply Masquepen, allow it to dry and then apply your liquid media directly on top of the resist. Once the entire project is dry, use your fingers to remove Masquepen and reveal the non-filled areas! The Masquepen comes with a Supernib applicator and 1 oz. of liquid masking fluid. With Supernib's cap/wire system, Masquepen will never stop flowing, never need cleaning and allow for easy-to-make spider web thin lines.

Miskit Grumbacher Special Order Only

Mask areas of a painting from an overall wash with this lightly tinted liquid frisket. A natural latex, rubber-based emulsion, it is applied to the desired area by simply brushing on. It removes readily with an eraser, rubber cement pick-up or a ball of dried Miskit. In a 1.2 oz. jar.

Gum Arabic Medium Holbein Special Order Only

An artist-grade medium that enhances gloss and transparency when mixed with watercolors. Mixing it with opaque colors such as gouache and poster colors also increases transparency. In a 60ml jar.

Gum Arabic Paste Holbein Special Order Only

This medium results in an impasto effect when mixed with watercolors. It prevents wet colors from mingling each other by reducing the flow. In a 15ml tube.

Sizing Liquid Holbein Special Order Only

Artist-grade sizing liquid used to reduce the absorbency of paper. Dilute with warm water and apply with a broad brush. In a 60ml jar.

Liquid Masque Jack Richeson & Co. Special Order Only

Liquid Masque allows the artist to block out areas so that they do not want to accept color. Simply paint Liquid Masque on the areas where color is not wanted, use with your medium of choice, and remove dry Masque by peeling or rubbing with a soft eraser.

Masque Brush Cleaner Jack Richeson & Co. Special Order Only

Masque Brush Cleaner is used to clean the Liquid Masque out of your brushes. Clean your brushes easily and safely with Liquid Masque cleaner. It does an amazing job of keeping your watercolor brushes that have been used to apply masque in pristine condition.

Masking Fluid Liquitex Special Order Only

Masking Fluid lets artists temporarily block out areas of work so they can create sharp lines and defined effects. Paint it on to the areas to protect, leave to dry and apply acrylic color or spray paint. Once the color dries, simply peel away the masked area. Non-pigmented and non-staining, Masking Fluid lets the surface underneath show through. The latex-rich formula is super flexible and easy to remove.

Drawing Gum Pebeo Special Order Only

Pebeo liquid frisket for watercolor and airbrush is applied to a surface to mask areas where color is not desired. The low odor formula contains synthetic latex and is AP non-toxic certified, while the original formulation contains natural latex and a CL irritant warning. Either one may be applied with a brush or applicator bottle.

Aquapasto Winsor & Newton Special Order Only

A translucent gel medium that enable water-based colors to be applied in an impasto style. In a 2 oz. tube.

Blending Medium Winsor & Newton Special Order Only

Blending Medium slows the drying rate of watercolors to allow more time for color blending. Available in 75ml bottles.

Granulation Medium Winsor & Newton Special Order Only

This medium gives colors a granular appearance and is useful in all watercolor techniques. Available in 75ml bottles.

Iridescent Medium Winsor & Newton Special Order Only

Try this medium to give colors a pearlescent or glitter effect. Available in 75ml bottles.

Lifting Preparation Winsor & Newton Special Order Only

This preparation allows dry washes and enables the staining colors to be more easily lifted from paper with a wet brush or sponge. Available in 75ml bottles.

Permanent Mask Medium Winsor & Newton Special Order Only

This medium causes specific areas of paper to be water-resistant for masking effects. Available in 75ml bottles.

Texture Medium Winsor & Newton Special Order Only

This medium contains particles to give the impression of depth and structure to watercolor painting. Available in 75ml bottles.