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These Extra Fine Watercolor half pan sets feature vibrant colors that have outstanding color strength and excellent brushing properties.

The Floral 6-Color Half Pan Set includes wisteria, lavender, moonglow, shadow violet and serpentine genuine.

The Earth Tone 6-Color Half Pan Set includes buff titanium, raw sienna light, bronzite genuine, Venetian red, burnt sienna light and lunar black.

The Colors of Inspiration 6-Color Half Pan Set includes quinacridone gold, Aussie red gold, quinacridone rose, quinacridone fuchsia, cascade green, and green apatite genuine.

The Blues 6-Color Half Pan Set includes cerulean blue, Mayan blue genuine, indigo, lunar blue, Payne's blue grey and sodalite genuine.

The Sketcher 6-Color Half Pan Set includes hansa yellow medium, quinacridone rose, transparent red oxide, cerulean blue chromium and Monte Amiata natural sienna.

The Ultimate 15-Color Half Pan Set includes buff titanium, hansa yellow medium, quinacridone gold, pyrole scarlet, pyrole crimson, quinacridone rose, ultramarine blue, cerulean blue chromium, pthalo blue (green shade), pthalo green (blue shade), Goethite (brown ochre), burnt sienna, Indian red, raw umber and Jane's gray.

Item No. Description List Sale In Stock
DJ285650001 Floral $55.31 $41.48 In stock
DJ285650002 Earth Tones $55.31 $41.48 In stock
DJ285650003 Colors of Inspiration $55.31 $41.48 In stock
DJ285650004 Blues $55.31 $41.48 In stock
DJ285650005 Sketcher $55.31 $41.48 In stock
DJ285650009 Ultimate 15-Color $114.60 $85.95 In stock