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Extra-Fine Watercolors Daniel Smith

These watercolors span the color spectrum from the historical to natural earth and quinacridones. Outstanding color strength, extremely vibrant colors and excellent brushing properties make these paints desirable for any watercolor artist. The pigments are procured from every continent except Antarctica, and the paints are manufactured in Seattle, Washington.

Hydrus Fine Art Watercolors Dr. Ph. Martin's

Brilliant, lightfast, non-toxic, archival and AP approved liquid watercolors in 1 oz. dropper bottles. The dropper bottle allows for repeatedly mixing exact color shades by mixing the same number of drops each time. Great for calligraphy dip pens, technical pens and airbrush in addition to watercolor.

Modern Watercolors QoR

QoR (pronounced core) watercolors feature an advanced archival, water-soluble binder, Aquazol, that supports greater pigment loading than traditional watercolor binders. This allows QoR watercolors to provide more pigment strength and vivid depth of color in every brushstroke, while retaining the best qualities of traditional watercolors. The binder is used within the conservation community for painting restoration, and is more flexible and less brittle than traditional watercolor binders, offering improved flexibility and adhesion. The vibrant, intense colors flow well, produce incredibly smooth transitions and stay brilliant even after they dry. They also have excellent resolubility in water and have great glazing qualities. Available in 11ml tubes.

Van Gogh Watercolors Royal Talens

Watercolors for artists for whom cost is a factor. The most expensive pigments have been omitted, but the same top-quality raw materials used in the Rembrandt watercolors are used for these Van Gogh colors. Artists will appreciate the intensity, clarity, fineness and easy handling qualities. Available in tubes and half pans.

Koi Watercolor Sketch Box Refill Cakes Sakura

These Koi Watercolor half pan cake refills come in various colors, including fluorescent, metallic and pearlescent hues. These high pigment-based student grade cakes are formulated to blend easily to create an endless range of colors. The Koi cake colors produce vibrant and rich colors when wet and the pigments lift easily with a dab of water, perfect for painting on the go.

Extra-Fine Watercolor Sticks Daniel Smith Special Order Only

These watercolor sticks feature the same color intensity as Daniel Smith Extra-Fine Watercolors, and the same convenience and portability of half pans in a handy stick form. Each watercolor stick is packed with pure pigment and is highly reactive with water, producing vibrant, strong, rich and creamy colors when wet. They can also be used dry to help build texture, making them a great medium for sketching, developing color values and bold expressions. These extra-fine watercolor sticks are a great addition to every artist’s palette.

Metallic Watercolor Pans Finetec Special Order Only

These metallic colors are handcrafted in Germany and dissolve with water and a brush, just like traditional watercolors. They are lightfast, pigment-rich and can adhere to a variety of surfaces including paper, wood, cardboard, clay and stone. They work well with brushes and dip pens; simply brush the color onto a nib to use it as calligraphy ink. Each pan is about 1-1/6" in diameter.

Premium Watercolor Pans Finetec Special Order Only

These watercolors are made with premium pigments such as real silver, and are generally highly opaque, have great lightfastness, excellent solubility, and excellent resistance.

Academy Watercolors Grumbacher Special Order Only

High quality paints offered at a sensible price. These watercolors are ideal for students and price-conscious artists. The color disperses evenly and provides the subtle gradations of hue that characterize fine watercolor paints. In .25 oz. tubes.

Finest Artists' Watercolors Grumbacher Special Order Only

Rich, fully pigmented color, uniformly combined in a balanced medium designed to ensure fluid, even washes make Finest Artists' Watercolors the signature brand of this traditional medium. Available in 14ml tubes.

Artists' Watercolor Holbein Special Order Only

This extra-fine, European style transparent watercolor, known for its purity, permanence and brilliance, preserves the brush handling qualities inherent in Japanese watercolor techniques. Because it contains no oxgall, animal by products or other dispersing agents, Holbein watercolor moves slowly, allowing for greater color density and brush control. It has a creamy texture that remains smooth when dry and will not crack, crumble, chip or mold in the palette. To use, simply fill the wells of a palette with the desired color, permit to dry, then wet the color as if it were a pan color.

Semi-Moist Metallic Watercolors Jack Richeson & Co. Special Order Only

Highly reflective, semi-opaque, and semi-moist, these metallic colors are bright and luminous. The metallic colors add a fun and festive flair to any watercolor painting. Because they are semi-moist only a little water is needed.

Artists' Watercolors M. Graham Special Order Only

M. Graham watercolors are brilliant, highly pigmented and suitable for all traditional techniques with beautiful, even washes and no hard outlines. Made with exceptional amounts of pigment in an old fashioned binding medium of pure gum arabic and natural blackberry honey.

MaimeriBlu Watercolors Maimeri Special Order Only

MaimeriBlu features an absolute purity of pigments that, together with gum arabic, compose the totality of the mixture. Imperceptible, transparent, clean. No blending powders, and no additives. Nothing harmonises or synchronises the shift between the various shades. The real value lies in the transparency of its colours and in the freshness of its washes. It is the whiteness of the paper that illuminates this type of painting. The light is behind the colour.

Graphix Aqua Ink Marabu Special Order Only

Graphix Aqua Ink is naturally transparent with high lightfastness. Ideal for watercolor techniques with brush or drawing pen. Even when dried, can be dissolved completely with water. Shake vigorously before use. Available in 15ml jars.

Rembrandt Watercolors Royal Talens Special Order Only

Made with the finest pigments in pure quality gum arabic, these watercolors offer pure and intense colors with the highest degree of lightfastness. The high concentration of extremely fine-ground pigmentation results in an optimal tinting strength with a maximum degree of transparency.

Liquid Metals Metallic Watercolors Sargent Art Special Order Only

Add dazzling eye-catching embellishments to any watercolor painting or paper craft project. These acid-free watecolors offer glistening, shimmering colors that are great for details and accents, and can be used to create brilliant translucent or opaque metallic watercolor effects. Each rich color is individually packaged in a durable, clear plastic, clamshell storage container.

Watercolor Magic Washable Liquid Watercolors Sargent Art Special Order Only

These liquid watercolors add bold pigments to almost any watercolor painting or paper-crafting project. They are washable and AP certified non-toxic. They can be used with a paint or airbrush, and added to glues, water-based paint and glazes for dazzling effects. They can also be used to dye papers, sand, wood and more. Available in 8 oz. bottles.

French Artists' Watercolor Sennelier Special Order Only

These watercolors are vibrant, delicate in transparency and subtle in tonality. When dry they have a distinctive satin luminosity known as a "French finish." They are made of pure pigments, presoaked in distilled water to better fuse with the binder for flawless color washes. The secret ingredient, honey from the Alps, imparts a distinctive luster to the paint. Cold ground on traditional granite grindstones to ensure no alteration of a color's natural hue.

French Artists' Watercolor Half Pans Sennelier Special Order Only

Sennelier celebrates 125 years of producing the finest artist materials with a new line of watercolors, a bright and lively palette in the tradition of French Impressionists. Sennelier French Artists’ Watercolors feature 48 colors which evoke the timeless beauty and vibrancy of Southern France, all reformulated with increased honey content for enhanced brilliance and luminosity. The honey also acts as a preservative to extend longevity.

Half Pan Professional Water Colours Winsor & Newton Special Order Only

These professional watercolors use only the purest pigments and are known for their brilliance, permanence and strength of color. Assemble your own palette out of these 92 colors.