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Artist Marker Pads Bee Paper

This crisp, bleed proof, ultra smooth 110# (180 gsm) sheet is especially designed for detailed work. Acid free, natural white sheet with excellent erasing qualities. Designed for use with illustration markers and ink, Artist Marker paper has an excellent surface for use with pen and ink, crow quill pens, technical pens, water-based and permanent markers. These tape-bound pads contain 30 sheets.

Bee Pen Sketcher Pads Bee Paper

This smooth surface, natural white sheet, 70# (114gsm) heavyweight sketch paper is an excellent choice for pencil and ballpoint pens. Recommended for use with Prismacolor Illustration Markers. 50 sheets per double wire side bound pads.

Stipple Paper Pads Bee Paper

Uniquely textured, pebble like surface for shading and blending. Use with dry media: soft pencil, crayons, charcoal or pastel. Excellent for detailed cartooning, sketching and drawing. 132 lb (216 gsm). Acid free.

Graphics 360 Marker Pads Bienfang

A classic, the Graphics 360 Marker Pad has been the “go to” marker pad for artists demanding a highly translucent, ultra-smooth, paper that will not bleed. Whether making fines or bold marks using permanent or watercolor markers, colors glide smoothly and remain true. Pad contains either 50 or100 sheets of acid-free paper.

#234 Paris Bleedproof Paper for Pens Pads Borden & Riley

Paris Paper pads contain sheets with a hard bleedproof surface, ideal for all pen and ink work. A favorite among illustrators and designers, this pad is an inexpensive, brilliant white alternative to bristol board.

Eco White Drawing Pads Fabriano

This 100% certified recycled, bright white art paper made of 100% post-consumer waste, by 50% hydro-power production with no chlorine bleach. Its production saves one tree per every 80 pads, prevents 9,000 tons of CO₂ per year and spares 14,000,000 m³ of methane annually. It is excellent for the earth and for drawing and sketching needs.

EcoQua Dot Grid Note Pads Fabriano

These glue-bound note pads contain 90 sheets of off-white, environmentally-friendly, FSC certified 57 lb. (85g/m2) paper featuring a grid made up of evenly spaced dots. They are made in Italy, and are ideal for writing and drafting in pen, pencil and marker.

ArtCreation Pastel Paper Royal Talens

To get the most out of the pastel color attributes, the color of the paper must be carefully chosen. It can capture, enhance, or soften the colors in the work. The paper can become part of the work. The structure of the paper is also important. Pastel will fall directly from the paper if it has no grip and will not give off any color if there is too little resistance from the paper. These pads include 50 sheets of 48 lb. (90gsm) paper.

Toned Color Mix Pads Royal Talens

This beautiful paper is of very high quality. It is 15% cotton, 20% recycled paper, 180gsm/120 lbs and is suitable for: pencil, pastel, gouache, ink, acrylic, and charcoal. The inspiring artwork on the covers encourages you to pick up a pad of your own and complete the unfinished work. It also subtly hints at the types of media you might use on it. Each pad has fifty sheets in a variety of colors.

Charcoal Paper Pads (Series 300) Strathmore

Intended for use with charcoal or pastels, but also excellent for use with pencil or oil crayon, these acid-free sheet pads are ideal for use by students and professionals.

Charcoal Paper Pads (Series 500) Strathmore

This acid-free, 100% cotton fiber paper has a traditional laid pattern and provides the proper resistance for precise shading with charcoal and pastels. The raised texture makes it a fascinating paper for all mediums. Twenty-four sheets per spiral-bound pad.

Drawing Paper Pads (Series 300) Strathmore

An economical, 70 lb., white, acid-free drawing paper with a regular surface. Ideal for crayon, pencil, pen and ink, charcoal, watercolor or felt marker.

Drawing Paper Pads (Series 400) Strathmore

Versatile sheets of cream colored drawing paper for sketching and most finished work. The Medium surface readily accepts pen and ink, pencil, charcoal, crayon and markers. The Smooth surface, with its non-reflective finish and uniform formation, is especially suited for line drawing and technical work. Twenty-four 80 lb., acid-free sheets per spiral-bound pad.

Gray Scale Paper Pads Strathmore

Each of these tape-bound pads feature 80 lb. sheets in white, black and three tints of gray with very good lightfastness. They are ideal for tonal studies. Textured for use with charcoal, pastel, chalk and crayon. Each pad contains 15 sheets.

Heavyweight Drawing Paper Pads (Series 400) Strathmore

These pads contain versatile, cream colored drawing paper for sketching and most finished work. The paper is ideal for working with pencil, colored pencil, charcoal or sketching sticks to achieve a great depth of tone and uniform areas of half tones. It features the same cream color as the top-selling 400 Series Drawing papers, however the medium surface of this extra heavy-weight 100 lb. (163 gsm) paper has slightly more texture than the 80 lb. sheets found in the 400 Series Drawing pads. Each spiral-bound pad contains 24 perforated "actual size" sheets.

Layout Pads-400 Series Strathmore

Bright white, acid-free semi-opaque paper made especially for designers. The soft surface responds well to all dry drawing mediums. Also doubles as an excellent light-weight drawing paper. Fifty 16 lb. sheets per tape-bound pad.

Marker Paper Pads (Series 400) Strathmore

Super smooth, heavy-weight, marker paper for fine artists. Markers glide easily over the silky smooth surface, aiding blending and supporting vibrant color and subtle hues. The acid-free, heavy-weight sheet is bleed- and feather-resistant, so artists can apply layer after layer of color. Convenient, glue bound pads with flip-over covers allow pages to tear out cleanly. Proudly made in the USA.

Mega Newsprint Pads Strathmore

On every drawing class list! 18" x 24" rough newsprint in 60- or 120-sheet pads.

Newsprint Pads- Series 300 Strathmore

The most economical paper for those who draw and sketch a lot. Newsprint offers a workable surface for any medium used in drawing and sketching. Fifty 35 lb. sheets per tape-bound pad unless otherwise noted.

Premium Recycled Sketch Paper Pads Strathmore

These recycled 60 lb. paper pads follow environmentally sound specifications and maintain premium quality. Ideal for pen, pencil and a variety of other media. One hundred sheets per spiral-bound pad unless otherwise indicated.

Sketch Pads (Series 400) Strathmore

This is a general purpose, 60 lb. sketch paper for classroom, experimentation or perfecting technique with pen, pencil and a variety of other media. Each spiral-bound pad is acid-free.

Student Sketch Pads Strathmore

This lightweight 45 lb. drawing paper is excellent for on-location sketching and practicing techniques. Use with pencil, pen and ink, charcoal, pastel and markers. 100 acid-free sheets per pad unless noted otherwise.

Toned Sketch Pads (Series 400) Strathmore

This sketch paper has been toned specifically for use with light and dark media. The pads contain 80 lb. (118 gsm) medium-surface sketch paper appropriate for graphite, chalk, charcoal, sketching stick, marker, china marker, colored pencil, pen and white gel pen. The paper is 100% recycled and acid-free with kraft and bark fiber inclusions for visual interest. Each pad contains 24 sheets with the exception of the 5½" × 8½" and the 9" × 12" which contain 50 sheets per pad.

Vision Drawing Paper Pads Strathmore

This medium-tooth drawing paper provides easy blending, shading and a strong surface for clean erasure. It is the ideal choice for dry media studies. All sizes feature high sheet counts, sturdy chipboard backing and tear-off top sheets with customizable, steel blue mixed media covers below.

Vision Sketch Paper Pads Strathmore

These pads feature lightly textured sketch paper that is ideal for quick, dry media sketches. Use with pencil, charcoal, sketching stick, and pastel. All sizes feature high sheet counts, sturdy chipboard backing and tear-off top sheets with customizable, steel blue mixed media covers below.

Pigment Marker Pads Winsor & Newton

The specially coated paper in this pad is designed specifically to produce optimum results with the Winsor & Newton White Blender Pigment Marker. Achieve maximum blendability, along with creating new hues and shades. The pads contain 50 sheets of acid-free 20 lb. paper.

Cream Drawing Pads Arches Special Order Only

These pads offer professional artists and students high quality paper to create on. The 100% cotton composition enhances durability and gives it a beautiful appearance that is soft to the touch. They work exceptionally well with pencil, pen & ink, charcoal, and pastel. Each pad contains 16 cream 123 lb. sheets that are erasable and smudge resistant.

White Drawing Pads Arches Drop Ship Only

These pads offer professional artists and students high quality paper to create on. The 100% cotton composition enhances durability and gives it a beautiful appearance that is soft to the touch. They work exceptionally well with pencil, pen & ink, charcoal, and pastel. Each pad contains 16 extra-white 110 lb. sheets that are erasable and smudge resistant.

Drawing Paper Pads Bienfang Drop Ship Only

Each pad contains 30 sheets of white, heavyweight (70lb / 114gsm), acid-free paper. The medium surface texture stands up against erasing and scraping, and is ideal for techniques utilizing pencil, charcoal, or pen & ink. Formerly known as #523 Raritan Heavyweight Drawing.

Lightweight Drawing Paper Pads Bienfang Special Order Only

Perfect for teaching all dry media techniques, this lightweight (55lb / 82gsm), acid-free, white paper has a light tooth and contains 50% recycled fibers. Each tape-bound pad has 50 sheets.

Newsprint Paper Pads Bienfang Drop Ship Only

Here' s a rough newsprint that' s suited for charcoal, pastel and sketching in tape-bound pads.

#10 Penny Sketch Drawing Paper Borden & Riley Drop Ship Only

Economical 100-sheet pads of acid-free, 60 lb. heavy-weight white sketch paper that is suited for finished renderings. Ideal for graphite, colored pencil and charcoal.

#116 Artist Drawing Pads Borden & Riley Drop Ship Only

Borden & Riley's heaviest (90 lb.) and most versatile drawing paper, this paper is recommended for dry media, watercolor, pen & ink, markers, pencil, charcoal and pastels. With a highly erasable smooth surface that is also ideal for permanent ink markers, this paper will not bleed-through or feather. Looking to explore watercolors or colorful prototypes? Apply a light wash and use this pad for inexpensive watercolor paper.

#15 Tuppence Sketch Bond Pads Borden & Riley Drop Ship Only

Heavy-weight, acid-free, white 70 lb. sketching and drawing bond with woven finish and good tooth for graphite, charcoal, pastels and colored pencils.

#214 Normandy Erasable Sketch Paper Pads Borden & Riley Drop Ship Only

These 50-sheet erasable sketch paper pads contain 70 lb., neutral pH paper with a soft white tone that lends softness to drawings. The smooth surface of the paper is specially coated to be reworkable after repeated erasures. For use with graphite, color pencils, charcoal and pastel.

#310 Optimum Drawing & Sketching Pad Borden & Riley Special Order Only

This 9" x 12" pad contains 35 micro-perforated sheets of acid-free, heavy-weight 90 lb. sketching and drawing paper that has superb tooth and excellent erasability. Ideal for use with watercolor, pen & ink, markers pencil, charcoal and pastel.

#37 Boris Marker Layout Pads Borden & Riley Drop Ship Only

These pads feature a true visual, bright white, semi-transparent sheet, with a smooth finish. The bond is well suited for felt tip markers. Eliminates bleed through and feathering. Its texture is also ideal for graphite, pastels or charcoal.

#420 Pastel & Charcoal Pads Borden & Riley Drop Ship Only

These pads contain 25-sheets of black, 80 lb. acid-free, chain-laid and medium-tooth paper. Excellent for use with charcoal, pastels, colored pencil and ink.

#840 Kraft Pads Borden & Riley Drop Ship Only

An inexpensive, heavy-weight all-purpose craft paper, good for temporary drawings and bold sketches. 50 sheets per pad.

100S Smooth Cotton Comp 100% Rag Marker Paper Pads Borden & Riley Drop Ship Only

These professional media pads feature vivid color retention, a smooth surface and are translucent for overlays. For use with markers and definitely favored by art directors, illustrators and graphic designers. In 50 sheet pads.

Mini Spiral Sketch & Drawing Pads Borden & Riley Drop Ship Only

A collection of popular Borden & Riley Sketch & Drawing paper pads conveniently sized for artist trading cards. Each pad is spiral bound and contains micro-perforated sheets allowing for a finished 2-1/2" x 3-1/2" ATC sheet size.

Artist Series Drawing & Sketching Pads Canson Drop Ship Only

These pads have a sleek design and feature a classic cream color heavy-weight drawing paper that has a nice tooth for drawing and sketching. The paper erases cleanly and is smudge-resistant. Good for use with graphite, colored pencils, and pen and ink. The microperforated sheets also allow for a true size sheet. These pads feature an innovative removal half-sheet that contains tips and techniques that can also be reinserted and used as a bookmark. The Drawing Pad features 90 lb. (147g) paper and the Sketch Pad 65 lb. (96g) paper, and each contain 60 sheets.

Biggie Newsprint Paper Pads Canson Drop Ship Only

Compared to standard newsprint, this high quality 30 lb. recycled newsprint is a little bit heavier, a little bit whiter and has a rougher, more consistent tooth. Each pad contains 50 or 125 tape-bound sheets.

C' A Grain Drawing Pads Canson Drop Ship Only

Fine-medium tooth paper with very good erasability. Smudge-resistant. Two-sided for broad and fine point media. Neutral surface tone. In wire bound, 20 micro-perforated sheet pads.

Classic Cream Drawing Pads Canson Drop Ship Only

Double wire bound for stability, with heavy-weight chipboard back and micro-perforated sheets. These creamy medium tooth 90 lb. sheets are good for charcoal, pastel, pencil or pen.

Plein Air Illustration Artboards Canson Drop Ship Only

These Plein Air boards feature ten rigid artboards that are laminated to Canson quality illustration paper that is ultra-smooth and extra white, with no optical brighteners. This board is brilliant for ink, marker, felt tip pen and pencils. These pads are glued on one side and have a convenient fold over cover. Each pad contains 10 artboards.

Pro-Layout Marker Pads Canson Drop Ship Only

A white, 18 lb. layout paper specially designed for quick sketches and layouts with pencil, technical pen or felt markers. Bleed-proof. Its smooth surface maintains true color and brilliance without fading or wrinkling. Fifty sheets per tape-bound pad.

Pure White Drawing Pads Canson Drop Ship Only

Travel light with this 24-sheet, wire-bound pad. Its pages are bright white with a fine tooth, well suited for fine detail drawing in pencil and pen. The 80 lb. sheets are micro-perforated for clean tears, and stand up well to constant erasing.

Universal Heavy-Weight Sketch Pads Canson Drop Ship Only

This 65 lb. sketch paper is chlorine- and acid-free. The surface is ideal for all dry media. Each spiral-bound pad has 100 true-sized sheets except where indicated.

XL Black Drawing Pads Canson Drop Ship Only

XL Black Drawing pads are perfect for creating distinctive artwork with colored pencils, acrylic markers, opaque pens and inks, gouache and pastels. The smooth side is ideal for felt and marker pens while the lightly grained side is good for pencil and pastels. Each spiral-bound pads has 40 sheets of 98 lb. black paper.

XL Drawing Pads Canson Drop Ship Only

Designed to appeal to students, these drawing pads combine performance with value. They feature heavy-weight, micro-perforated 70lb. sheets that offer superior blending and erasing capabilities.

XL Marker Pads Canson Drop Ship Only

This semi-transparent white 18 lb. paper is suitable for drawing or design, from rough sketches to finished form. Alcohol and solvent markers won't bleed through the paper, and it also works beautifully with pen or pencil.

XL Recycled Drawing Pads Canson Drop Ship Only

Manufactured using environmentally friendly, sustainable processes these recycled drawing pads are made with 30% post-consumer waste. They feature heavy-weight, micro-perforated 70lb. sheets designed to appeal to students. The sheet surface provides for superior blending and erasing capabilities.

XL Recycled Sketch Pads Canson Drop Ship Only

Made with 30% post-consumer waste, these recycled sketch pads combine performance with value. They were developed by professionals and designed to appeal to students looking for quality paper at an affordable price. They feature 50 lb. opaque sheets with medium tooth. Media can be easily blended and erased well on the durable paper surface.

XL Sketch Pads Canson Drop Ship Only

These sketch pads feature 50 lb. micro-perforated, opaque sheets with medium tooth. Media can be easily blended and erased well on the paper surface. Combining performance with value, they were designed to appeal to beginners and students.

Graf It Sketch Pads Clairefontaine Drop Ship Only

Simple and modern, this pad can be used as a sketchbook or a notepad. It includes 80 sheets of acid-free 90g white Clairefontaine paper with a matte texture and feel. The colorful covers are glued and stapled on top with sturdy cardboard inside the back cover. The sheets are micro-perforated for easy and clean removal.

PM Pads COPIC Special Order Only

These white paper pads are made especially for use with markers. They also work great with pencil making it easy to rough sketch. Each pad contains 50 sheets.

Wire-Bound Sketch Books COPIC Drop Ship Only

These wire-bound sketch books are made with smooth textured, acid-free, uncoated, medium weight paper. The 157gsm paper is slightly off-white in tone, great for blends and special effects. Suitable for manga, general illustration, design and crafters. Each sketchbook contains 30 sheets.

Sketch Pads Faber-Castell Drop Ship Only

Ideal for home or school, these 9" x 12" sketch paper pads were developed with the young artist in mind. Each pad contains 60 sheets of sketching paper that is excellent for crayon, marker or colored pencil. Available with bright white or black paper.

Drawing Fat Pad Fabriano Drop Ship Only

The Fabriano Drawing Fat Pad features 150 sheets of 70 lb. (120gsm) high-quality lignin- and acid-free cellulose paper, guaranteeing long conservation over time. The paper is also FSC certified from responsibly managed forests. Its internal and external sizing render it resistant to repeated erasures, and its slightly textured surface makes it ideal for all sketching and drawing applications. The pad is top spiral-bound.

Drawing 160 Artist Paper Pad Global Art Special Order Only

These top-spiral micro-perforated drawing pads have 24 sheets of 100 lb. paper that is ideal for dry media, pen and ink and light washes.

33 Series Pads Holbein Special Order Only

These spiral-bound sketch pads contain 28 sheets of superlative all-purpose 80 lb. NpH pulp paper that accepts watercolor, ink, pastel, pencil and chalk equally well. The heavy cardboard cover flips to give double support while in use and the tie ribbon closure protects against loss and damage of sheets.

Lenox Cotton Pads Legion Paper Drop Ship Only

Made in the USA of 100% cotton, this fine art print paper has a textured finish and is ideal for silk screening, offset lithography, etching, embossing, pastel, charcoal and pencil. It is pH neutral and has cut edges without deckles. 15 sheets per pad.

Stonehenge Light Pads Legion Paper Drop Ship Only

Stonehenge Light is a 100% cotton rag, neutral pH, acid & chlorine-free, light-weight paper that is machine-made in the USA. The paper can accept multiple layers of wax-based and oil-based colored pencil without buildup, allowing colors to penetrate and be absorbed into the sheet. It is also excellent for use with graphite, charcoal, pastels, and watercolors. There are 30 sheets of 50 lb. (135gsm) paper per pad.

Stonehenge Warm White Pads Legion Paper Drop Ship Only

Stonehenge Warm White is a 100% cotton rag, acid-free, heavy-weight paper that is machine-made in the USA. This versatile fine art paper offers a smooth, even surface with a slight tooth that resembles vellum. Ideal for a variety of media including etching, silkscreen, drawing, watercolor, printmaking, pen & ink, pencil or pastel. There are 15 sheets of 90 lb. (250gsm) paper per pad.

Montana Marker Pads Montana Cans Drop Ship Only

The Montana Marker Paper contained within these pads is coated for optimized use with alcohol and water-based markers. The coating provides a short ink drying time that is ideal for designers and graphic artists alike. To fix acrylic marker artworks Montana Cans recommends that the artist lightly iron their piece under moderate heat and between two clean sheets of paper. Each pad has 36 sheets of 82 lb. paper.

Comic Sketch Book Pacon Corporation Drop Ship Only

This wire-bound pad contains 40 sheets of 9" x 12" 94g/m2 acid-free heavy-weight sketch paper. The pad has a pocket folder for storage plus four sheets of chipboard stencils that can be used for drawing comics. The stencils included are five panels, nine panels, three panels, speech and thought balloons. The inside front cover includes general information on how to draw expressions and common symbols.

ArtCreation Sketching Paper Royal Talens Special Order Only

This paper is suitable for pencils, colored pencils, and charcoal. The difference between sketching paper and drawing paper is that sketching paper is often lightweight and intended for sketching and experimenting. These pads contain 100 sheets of 48 lb. (90gsm) paper.

Le Maxi Block Drawing Pads Sennelier Drop Ship Only

A distinctive square sketch pad from Sennelier. The modish blue cover and graphic design has not changed since the 1960's, evoking the Paris art scene and the "happenings" of the Yves Klein era. Like the skirt, the large "Maxi" is an incredible value - 250 pages of machine-made white wove paper. Great for drawing, colored pencil, pen and ink and quick sketches. Top side glue bound with a European fold back cover.

Artagain Recycled Paper Pads Strathmore Drop Ship Only

As the name “ Artagain” implies, this dry media, acid-free drawing paper is made of recycled paper, including 10% post-consumer and over 40% pre-consumer recovered materials. Part of the 400 Series drawing papers, this 60 lb. cover stock is fiber enhanced for a flannel-like surface that is ideal for media such as pencil, charcoal or pastel. Pads contain twenty-four sheets, including four sheets each of beach sand ivory, desert rose, gotham gray, moonstone, steel gray and storm blue.

Colored Pencil Pads (Series 400) Strathmore Drop Ship Only

This heavy-weight, all-purpose white paper is excellent for practicing techniques or creating finished artwork using colored pencil. It also produces good results with markers and pen and ink. Each wire-bound pad contains 30 micro-perforated sheets that are actual size sheets when removed from the pad.

Marker Pads (Series 500) Strathmore Drop Ship Only

Made of 100% cotton, this smooth, semi-transparent, acid-free 13.5 lb. paper is designed to accept heavy coverage of felt tip markers without bleeding. It allows color to flow smoothly and stay vibrant without feathering. It was developed for designers and graphic artists to create layouts, rough comps and renderings. Excellent for use with permanent and watercolor markers; also suitable for pencil, charcoal, pastels, pens and ink. 50 tape-bound sheets per pad.

Pastel Pads- Series 400 Strathmore Drop Ship Only

A superb surface for a variety of dry media techniques. This 80 lb. paper is designed to provide a subtle, tasteful, luxurious background for oil pastel and soft or hard, dry pastel drawings. Twenty-four sheets per tape-bound pad.

Recycled Drawing Paper Pads Strathmore Drop Ship Only

Artists with concern for the environment will feel secure about using this drawing paper, made in acid-free surroundings with only acid-free recycled papers and virgin wood pulp. This 80 lb. paper offers the brightness, texture and durability of the regular 400 Series drawing paper. Each non-reflective, bright white sheet has a uniform surface, particularly suited to line drawings and technical artwork- great for pencil, pen and ink, charcoal, light washes and markers. Twenty-four sheets per spiral-bound pad.

Sketch Pads- Series 300 Strathmore Drop Ship Only

Use this 50 lb., regular surface, acid-free paper to try out ideas. Sketch on it with pencil, pen, crayon, charcoal, felt marker or watercolor pencil, wet or dry. One-hundred sheets per pad unless otherwise indicated.

Student Series Drawing Pads Strathmore Drop Ship Only

Pads of acid-free, heavy-weight white 70lb. drawing paper that is ideal for professional looking final drawings and sketches using pencil, pen and ink, charcoal or even markers.

Student Series Newsprint Pads Strathmore Drop Ship Only

Great for beginning and practice sketches, these pads contain natural-toned, rough surface 32 lb. newsprint for drawing and sketching with pencil, pastel, charcoal or markers. Each pad is tape-bound at the top. Each pad contains 100 sheets.

Bleedproof Marker Pads Winsor & Newton Special Order Only

The high quality bleedproof marker paper in this pad is great for roughs and visuals. It's designed for use with both Winsor & Newton ProMarkers and BrushMarkers. The pads contain 50 sheets of acid-free 20 lb. paper.