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Foam Board Story Foam

A soft, easy-to-cut foam core is sandwiched between two sheets of acid-free paper. Lightweight and strong.

GatorFoam Board Crescent Special Order Only

The original heavy-duty graphics art board, GatorFoam has a polystyrene foam center bonded between a wood-fiber laminate. It is rugged and durable, and resists dents and punctures. It works well for mounting photos or murals because of its flat surface and warp resistance. It can be directly printed or painted with no special preparation. The surface accepts both digital printing or screen-printing. It can be used for latex, oil-based or acrylic paints, and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor signage. Gatorfoam is 3/16" thick.

notFOAM Mounting & Art Board Crescent Drop Ship Only

notFOAM mounting and artboard is an eco-friendly replacement for foam board.

Acid Free Foam Board Elmer's Drop Ship Only

This foamboard provides an acid-free surface with a 5mm chemically inert core for mounting artwork, photographs and important documents. The facing paper on both sides of the board has a pH between 7.7 and 8.5 and is buffered to protect from pollutants. They come in a pack of two 20" x 30" foamboards.

Acid-Free Foamboard Elmer's Drop Ship Only

Unlike regular foam board whose surface has a pH rating of 6.5, this sheet has a pH rating in the 7.3 to 8.5 range. Each board has been buffered with an alkaline substance to maintain the pH level for years. Available in white and antique white.

Bi-Fold Foam Board Elmer's Drop Ship Only

This 3/16" thick foamboard folds in half for easy storage. It is lightweight, rigid and easy-to-handle. Great for signs, oversized cards, photo collages, school projects, and crafts. The 20" x 15" board unfolds to 20" x 30".

Cork Foam Board Elmer's Drop Ship Only

Light-weight and sturdy construction makes this a great alternative to heavy cork boards. Perfect for school related presentations, art and photo displays, memory boards, business needs and more. It is thick enough that push-pins or tacks will not show through the back of the board, and the white backing provides two sides for projects. The fine grain surface is reusable when decorated with push-pins or tacks This foam board also works well with adhesives for permanent displays and can be cut into smaller sizes.

Dry Erase Foam Board Elmer's Drop Ship Only

This light-weight, durable foam board has a smooth, reusable dry erase writing surface. It weighs only a fraction of traditional dry erase boards, making it portable and easy to hang. It can easily be cut into smaller sizes. Ideal for calendars, presentations, meetings and temporary signage. Includes 2 sheets per pack.

Foam Board Elmer's Drop Ship Only

This light-weight foamboard has a smooth surface that is easy to cut and resists denting and crushing. Double-clay coated paper on both sides with polystyrene core measures 3/16" thick. Accepts a wide range of mediums including paint. Perfect for crafts, school projects, framing and mounting. Each board measures 20" x 28".

Foam Board Multi-Packs Elmer's Drop Ship Only

This lightweight foamboard has a smooth surface that is easy to cut and resists denting and crushing. The resilient polystyrene core bounces back after cutting to keep the board uniform edge to edge. The smooth surface satisfies a wide range of mediums including markers and paint. Perfect for crafts, school projects, framing and mounting.

Foamboard Black on Black Elmer's Drop Ship Only

This foamboard has the same characteristics as white foamboard, but each sheet is black through and through- black surface and black core.

Foamboard Colored Elmer's Drop Ship Only

With the same characteristics as white foam, this board comes in bright colors for endless creative possibilities.

Foamboard White Elmer's Drop Ship Only

This rigid, warp-resistant foam board with its smooth, white, clay-coated surface is ideal for mounting, paints, markers or screen printing. When cut, the edge bounces back for a clean, sharp edge, and its resilient core resists dents. Low pH factor helps protect artwork from discoloring over time. CFC-free.

Quick-Stik Foamboard Elmer's Drop Ship Only

Perfect for mounting photos, prints, layouts, presentation comps, posters and virtually any type of artwork. One side of this 3/16" thick white board has a pressure-sensitive adhesive, to hold artwork securely. Quick Stik is available in two versions; a Medium-Tack which allows some repositioning and a stronger, permanent High-Tack.

Single Step Heat-Activated Foamboard Elmer's Drop Ship Only

This revolutionary time- and work-saving product is ultra-smooth, warp-resistant and has a unique heat-activated adhesive coating that makes mounting faster and easier. The foam core is pre-coated on one side with heat-activated adhesive developed by Seal. It is safe to use because it requires a low 180ºF operating temperature in a dry mount press. The heat and pressure activate the adhesive coating, forming a smooth, permanent bond. There's no measuring, cutting or tacking because no dry mounting tissue is needed. Ideal for mounting a wide range of materials, including posters, smooth paper artwork, photographs, clay-coated papers and a variety of fabrics.

Foam Board Flipside Drop Ship Only

Smooth and vibrantly colored, these versatile foam boards can be used for signage, framing, crafts and other projects. The 20" x 30" sheets are 3/16" thick.

Foam Project Display Boards Flipside Drop Ship Only

Great for presentations and art projects, the foam project boards have a finished edge and smooth surface providing a stunning and professional display background. They are 3/16" thick, with a two-sided white clay coated liner. The assorted colors pack includes four each of red, blue, black, green, yellow and sky blue.

Standard White Foamboard Nielsen Bainbridge Drop Ship Only

This foamboard is excellent for non-archival mounting purposes. It is conveniently light-weight yet sturdy enough to resist denting. It has been designed to facilitate clean, crisp cuts and edges. It is clay-coated for an extra-smooth surface and dual-sided with bright white surfaces. Boards measure 20" x 30" x .125".