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Architectural Chip Board Art Alternatives

Sturdy and rigid with a smooth finish, these boards are ideal for framing or as a base for mounting architectural models. Available in three architectural thicknesses in 30" × 40" sheets: single- (.03), double- (.06) and triple-weight (.13) as well as two thicknesses for framing in 32" × 40" sheets: (.04) and (.08).

Modeling Pulp Board Art Alternatives

This versatile, cream-colored, neutral pH board is ideal for architectural model making and sculpting. It cuts like soft butter at any angle allowing for precise detail work. The edges and surface can be sanded to correct mistakes or add texture and it accepts a variety of media for realistic effects. The board can be easily bent using steam or water and will regain rigidity once completely dry. It works well with adhesives for adding coverings or to laminate it to additional boards. Size: 30" x 40" x 1/32".

Super Black Presentation & Mounting Boards Art Alternatives

Super Black presentation boards are ph neutral and have an extremely rich matte black surface and core. The durable 14-ply thickness is perfect for all mounting and presentation projects. Available both in bulk packed cartons and individually bar coded packages of five ready-cut boards in our most popular sizes.

Illustration/Manga Board Canson

Illustration sheets mounted on two-ply, 1.2mm white, acid-free, lignin-free, archival conservation board. Great for illustrators and Manga artists, these boards are durable, enduring and ready for framing without mounting. The board is buffered, without optical brighteners, and treated to resist mold. Compliant to ISO9706, the standard for permanent paper.

White 100% Recycled Backing Board ClearBags

White 100% Recycled Backing Board is intended for use with matted prints, photos, artwork, or anything that needs additional support. This double-sided super smooth illustration board is also pH buffered. They come in packs of 25 boards.

Art Poster Board Crescent

Also known as showcard, this heavy-duty, 14-ply poster board has a laminated middle for extra strength and rigidity. It is clay-coated on one side with gray imprinted backing. The quality clay coated surface is bleed- and fade-resistant and accepts all sign painting media and vinyl lettering. Intended for use with tempera or acrylic paints, pen and ink, markers, air brush, silk screen and other printing mediums. Sheets measure 28" × 44".

Chipboard Crescent

Economical choice for craft, model-building, and much more. 100% recycled post-consumer waste. Solid color throughout. Buffered non-conservation millboards for backing and mounting. Previously known as Gray News Mounting Board. Color may vary.

Marker Board Crescent

Professional quality boards for marker are a rigid alternative to marker layout paper. Marker ink won't feather and the color remains brilliant on this acid-free surface. The smooth hot press surface is now a brighter white on a whiter core. The #215 Medium Weight is a sturdy and durable substrate for general use, and the #205 Heavy Weight has extra strength, suitable for rigorous layering techniques.

Photo Mount Board Crescent

This double-sided, single-thick mounting board has buffered acid-free core and backing paper with a smooth surface. One side is black, the other is white. Also available with one side in white and the other in cream.

Professional Grade Cold-Press Illustration Board Crescent

Best for pencil, colored pencil, pastel, and ink. Great for airbrush, washes, and wet media. Also good for light collage. Warp resistant. Professional grades are thicker and have a more premium surface than student-grade board, and the surface paper is adhered to the cream-core backing board using a water-proof paste.

Student Grade Illustration Board Crescent

The textured surface of this cold pressed illustration board is preferred when working with a drawing medium that requires some tooth to the surface, such as charcoal, crayon or pastel. It also works well for brush applications of watercolor or gouache where smooth blending of washes is required. Constructed with a gray core and a surface that allows the medium to be applied without fast absorption.

Ultra-Black Mounting Board Crescent

Ultra-Black mounting board is single-thick, intense solid black throughout and both sides are useable. It cuts cleanly and is excellent for mounting transparencies, model making, storyboards and other art and photographic presentations. Dual surface boards are smooth on one side and textured on the other side. Smooth surface boards are smooth on both sides.

Watercolor Board Crescent

Pure 100% cotton rag, premium grade, heavy-weight watercolor paper mounted to an extra heavy-weight middle. Uniform surface sizing and internal sizing provides maximum durability for wet on wet techniques, reworking and erasing. The convenience of an extra-thick, stable board eliminates soaking and stretching of watercolor paper. The surface is acid-free.

1000 All-Purpose Hot-Pressed Illustration Board Nielsen Bainbridge

An illustration board designed and priced for high volume mechanical work, 1000 Illustration Board offers a smooth white, hot-pressed surface that maintains its original quality even after erasure and scraping. Suitable for all media used in mechanicals and paste-ups, 1000 also works well with fluorographic work. The surface can be stripped off the backing board for laser scanning or repositioning sections of art. Available in single or double thicknesses.

Cold-Press Illustration Boards Art Alternatives Special Order Only

Bright white professional illustration board with a cold-press, medium-textured surface. Great for pencil, charcoal, pastels and all dry media. Also a great choice for watercolor illustrations. Sheets are available in both single and double thicknesses.

Hot-Press Illustration Boards Art Alternatives Special Order Only

Bright white professional illustration board with a hot-press, exceptionally super smooth surface. Great for fine line drawings and illustrations as well as marker renderings.

Canvas Texture Art Boards Canson Special Order Only

These boards are primed and ready for oil paint, oil sticks, oil pastels or acrylic paints without priming or preparation. The natural texture is treated with a high-performance barrier to absorb oil, bonding agents and water evenly.

Double-Sided Presentation Boards Crescent Special Order Only

Like two presentation boards in one, these double-sided presentation boards with solid black cores and high quality surface papers are highly versatile.

White Mounting & Backing Board Crescent Special Order Only

For backing and mounting of art, posters, graphics, photographs and needle art. These boards have a buffered acid-free core and surface papers, providing a conservation-grade surface and lining.

Chipboard Grafix Special Order Only

Grafix chipboard is a blank slate just waiting to be dressed up! Add dimension to any paper craft project, with these acid-free chipboard sheets. They are medium weight, and great for scrapbooking, cardmaking and home décor projects. Chipboard can be die cut with most die cutting systems and will stand up to painting, sanding, distressing, inking and more. Six sheets per package.

2000 Ruling Mechanical Board Nielsen Bainbridge Special Order Only

This illustration board offers a smooth super-white surface that produces crisp line work and exceptionally clean mechanicals. The 2000 board can sustain repeated erasing, scraping and tape-picking without compromising the quality of the finished work. Ink lines can be easily erased without affecting the original inking capabilities of the board. The surface can be stripped off the backing board for laser scanning or repositioning sections of art. Available in single or double thicknesses.

2200 Cold-Pressed Illustration Board Nielsen Bainbridge Special Order Only

This illustration board offers a medium tooth designed for wet or dry media such as gouache, watercolor, charcoals, pencils and pastels. Its rag content provides the strength and even absorption needed for better control in wet media work. The super-white surface enhances color intensity and fidelity. The surface can also be stripped off the backing board for laser scanning or repositioning sections of art. Available in single or double thicknesses.

Bainbridge No. 80 Medium Texture Cold Press Illustration Board Nielsen Bainbridge Special Order Only

Super white, cold press, rag content wet media board with medium tooth. Ideal for watercolor illustration.

Super Black 100 Presentation Mounting Board Nielsen Bainbridge Special Order Only

Here is a mounting or matting board that features two useable sides and a solid black middle that yields black bevels and black edges. The surface has a moderate amount of tooth that eliminates any distracting sheen and minimizes scuff marks. Super Black will enhance many presentations of artwork or photography. In single or double thicknesses. Accepts all types of wet or dry mounting techniques.

Black Presentation Board (Series 400) Strathmore Special Order Only

This acid-free, 55-pt. rigid board has a solid color throughout. It is excellent for business presentations, school projects, mounting photographs or artwork.

Illustration Board (Series 500) Strathmore Special Order Only

500 Series Drawing sheets are mounted to both sides of a high quality archival, lignin-free white board to create a balanced tension that resists warping. Lightweight boards are 42 pt, heavyweight vellum are 72 pt, and heavyweight smooth are 68 pt.

Illustration Board for Wet Media (Series 500) Strathmore Special Order Only

This professional quality board was designed to accept all illustration media. It has a strong durable vellum finish for traditional drawing techniques. It has also been internally sized to accept wet media and can be used for light washes up to wet-on-wet applications. One 100% cotton, acid-free, heavy-weight (78 pt) board per package.