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Birei Solid Core Origami Aitoh

This high quality paper is perfect for origami and all paper arts. The sheets and core are one solid color, and are smooth on one side, lightly textured on the other. Each pack includes 100 sheets.

Origami Value Pack Aitoh

This value pack contains 50 sheets of double-sided origami paper (colored on both sides) and 200 sheets of traditional origami paper, both in a range of solid colors. The sheets measure 5-7/8" square. Includes an instruction sheet covering basic folds and how to make a crane and angel fish.

Paper Nook Book Kit Aitoh

Make your own Paper Nook Book with this kit designed by Stacie Tamaki. You will be amazed by the organizer's 15 compartments, and the sections interlock without adhesive. The kit includes 15 precut handmade paper pieces, five practice sheets, and instructions.

Origami Squares & Circles Global Art

Made for the Japanese art of paper folding, this vivid and bright paper is ideal for beautiful origami creations. The 500-sheet packs contain 50 sheets each of: yellow, orange, magenta, red, purple, light blue, dark blue, light green, dark green and brown. The 100-sheet packs contain 100 sheets each of: yellow, orange, magenta, red, purple, light blue, dark blue, light green, dark green and brown. Available in circle and square shapes.

Alphabet Origami Yasutomo

Super easy fold-by-number alphabet origami set is a great way for little ones to learn their letters! Set includes 30 sheets. Letters match up to models for a fun and educational activity. Makes great party banners or room decorations.

Color² Origami Yasutomo

Designed for coloring, this unique origami paper uses stunning original artist designs printed on high quality origami paper. Each package contains 4 each of 6 designs which is perfect for parties, sharing and modular folding. The finished papers can be folded or used in other craft projects and look great, colored in or not. Instructions included.

Fold ' ems Origami Paper Project Packs Yasutomo

Using a simple fold-by-number system, these origami packs make paper folding easy and fun for kids ages 3 and up. Each package comes with twelve 5-7/8" square sheets of colored origami paper, enough to make four each of three different animal characters.

Fold 'ems Origami Paper Yasutomo

These convenient packs feature 5-7/8" square origami paper in assorted beautiful patterns. Origami paper is not just for folding, it's also used as decorative paper, gift wrap and even an educational tool to help teach math to children.

Harmony Origami Paper Yasutomo

These brightly colored sheets are the perfect weight for holding sharp creases. The large pack comes with 35 6" square sheets- seven sheets each of five different colors. The small pack comes with 50 4-5/8" square sheets- ten sheets each of five different colors.

Kaleidoscope Series Origami Yasutomo

Designed to line up at every crease and turn! Created by an origami artist, these unique patterns are colorful and fun to fold. Available in three packages full of unique and artistic designs. The 6" square paper is lightweight but strong for all types of models, simple to complex.

Origami Japanese Prints Yasutomo

Embrace Japan' s colorful tradition of paper folding with paper printed in authentic, historical Japanese folk art designs. The assortment contains 5-7/8" square sheets in a variety of unique patterns.

Origami Paper Sets Yasutomo

Made expressly for the origami art of paper folding, these sheets are brilliantly colored and non-toxic. Each set contains fifty-five square sheets- the small set contains twenty-nine 3-1/2" sheets, eighteen 4-1/2" sheets and eight 5-7/8" sheets; the medium set contains twenty-nine 4-1/2" sheets, eighteen 5-7/8" sheets and eight 8" sheets; the large set contains twenty-nine 4-1/2"sheets, eighteen 6-7/8" sheets and eight 9-5/8" sheets. Instructions are included in all sets.

Origami Paper Stacks Yasutomo

This light-weight student origami paper is great for practice. The strong authentic paper is perfectly square, folds sharp and won't crack. The reverse is white and the stacks include an assortment of colors. Paper is made in Japan.

Origami Papers Yasutomo

Perfectly cut 5-7/8" squares of paper that will not crack when folded. Origami folding is a great way to get elementary level children to learn geometry without realizing that they are learning. Origami paper can also be used as decorative paper or even as wrapping paper for small gifts, collage artwork or to create wonderful paper sculptures. There are endless possibilities.

Traditional Origami Paper Yasutomo

Traditional origami colors and patterns come to life when you create creatures and objects by folding paper. These origami paper packs contain 100 sheets of square folding paper unless noted otherwise.

Yuzen II Origami Paper Yasutomo

Specially selected for arts and crafts, these 5-7/8" squares allow for complete versatility and creativity. The Yuzen II pack contains twenty-four total sheets-three sheets each of eight different floral patterns.

Yuzen Origami Sheets Yasutomo

These beautifully decorated 5-7/8" square sheets will give your paper folding creations a touch of elegance. Each pack contains 24 sheets: four sheets each of six different styles.

Ancient Art of Origami Kit Aitoh Special Order Only

Discover the fascinating art of paper folding. Using the supplies and instructions found in this kit you can make up to sixty-eight colorful creations. Ages 3 and up.

Chiyogami Washi Paper Aitoh Special Order Only

Beautiful assorted Japanese patterns cover the faces of these square sheets. The multi-colored designs feature images such as flowers, fans, trees, etc.

Double-Sided Origami Sheets Aitoh Special Order Only

Create multi-colored folded-paper forms with these square sheets that have colors on each side. The foil sheets have a regular color on one side and a metallic foil color on the other.

Opalescent Origami Paper Aitoh Special Order Only

This unique origami paper is a treat for the eyes. Its opalescent properties combine with the paper's surface, color and iridescent light to give a vivid rainbow-like effect to the viewer. Each pack contains four each of blue, green, orange and pink sheets that are constructed in smooth or crinkled finishes. The sheets are 4½" squares.

Origami Foil Paper Sheets Aitoh Special Order Only

Use these shiny foil papers for traditional Japanese paper folding or add a unique touch to greeting cards, mats, frames and other art and craft projects. All colors are non-toxic.

Origami Paper Sheets Aitoh Special Order Only

Use these papers for traditional Japanese paper folding or add a unique touch to greeting cards, mats, frames and other art and craft projects. All colors are non-toxic.

Unfold The Secrets of Kirigami Kit Aitoh Special Order Only

Create exquisite paper decorations with this paper cutting and folding kit. Choose from fifty-eight sheets of brilliant solid-colored, rainbow swirl or opalescent paper, and over thirty different patterns. The twenty-page step-by-step instruction book has simple fold-and-cut instructions to make bright red cherry blossoms, shiny snowflakes, fluffy clouds and more.

Yuzen Kinzure Origami Paper Aitoh Special Order Only

In addition to the traditional use, origami paper adds a decorative touch to wrapped gifts, greeting cards, scrapbooks and more. Yuzen Kinzure paper comes in 5-7/8" squares and features a gold geometric overlay. Ten sheets per pack.

1,000 Cranes Origami Kit Yasutomo Special Order Only

The crane has long been a symbol of peace and longevity. Folding one thousand cranes is an expression of hope, goodwill and promoting peace for all of mankind. As a gift, 1,000 cranes is a powerful gesture of caring, devotion and love. This kit includes everything needed to create a beautiful decoration or gift. It contains 51 sheets of 20 brilliant colors for a total of 1,020 sheets of 3" square origami papers. It also comes with a string for hanging, 30 decorative beads and instructions. The finished hanging project is approximately 36" long.

Animal Pattern Origami Paper Yasutomo Special Order Only

Twenty-four non-toxic sheets of animal patterned paper, for sheets each of: elephant, tiger, zebra, giraffe, alligator and cow plus an instruction booklet.

Double-Sided Origami Paper Yasutomo Special Order Only

Sized perfectly for origami, card making and paper crafts, these colorful 5-7/8" square papers are printed with popular patterns on one side and solid color or pearlescent color on the back side. Each pack contains 20 sheets and ten designs.

Fold ' ems Origami Paper— The Wave Yasutomo Special Order Only

Intricate, hypnotic lines decorate this colored origami paper to giving the impression of flowing waves. Each package contains eighteen 5-7/8" square sheets of paper- three sheets each of six different colors.

Fold'ems Nature Origami Kits Yasutomo Special Order Only

These origami kits provide hours of folding fun in shapes that kids love, including dinosaurs, sea creatures, zoo animals, insects and animals from the polar world. Each kit includes fold-by-line practice papers, realistic animal print papers and a full-color instruction book. The papers measure 5-7/8" (15 cm) square.

Metallic Origami Paper Yasutomo Special Order Only

Metallic colors bring origami into the 21st century. Available in a variety of colors in 3" x 3" or 5.875" x 5.875" sheets. The 3" x 3" assorted pack includes red, green, silver and gold. The 5.875" x 5.875" assorted pack contains blue, gold, green, light green, orange, peony, red, silver, sky blue and violet.

Outdoor Origami Paper Yasutomo Special Order Only

Perfect for garden decorations, water fountains, celebrations and parties, window ornaments and more. This polyester film origami paper is fade-resistant, easy to fold and waterproof. The pack includes fourteen 5-7/8" square sheets in red, blue, purple, orange, yellow, white and gold.

Two-Sided Foil Origami Paper Yasutomo Special Order Only

Made expressly for origami art, these 5-7/8" square papers come in 18-sheet packs and feature a brilliant foil appearance. The Foil/Solid papers have either gold or silver foil on one side and solid color on the other. Packs contain three sheets each of gold/blue, gold/violet and silver/yellow, along with two each of gold/red, silver/green and silver/pink. The Foil/Foil papers have foil surfaces on both sides. Packs include three sheets each of aqua/magenta, blue/orange, green/gold and lime/violet, along with two each of gold/silver and violet/silver.